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Coincidence is a gamble, a deck of cards with loads of probabilities. Coincidence leads them into an experience that haunts them still after so many years.Coincidence drags them into decisions that scar their consciences forever.Coincidence drags them into the drama that ensues as a resultant effect.But no, it is not the regular drama.For the country is on fire, the government is burning and lives are in chains, ravaged by the demon of their past - Medusa.But lo, Medusa is not a demon.It is not an ancient Greek myth.It is not a god or goddess.It is not a religion.It is not alive.BUT IT IS HERE!

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28 Chapters
Chad He looked up to the deep blue color that embraced the clear evening sky as the dry harmattan weather of the Nigerian December descended on him and he inhaled deeply, smiling at the memories it brought him.It had been seven years since that cold night of a thousand events and boys were now grown men. He marveled at how much he had changed since he left the country years ago and how one eventful day had changed the course of his life forever, changing even the good to somewhat mediocre, it's all life; life is the funniest joke in all of history, he thought.He inhaled the humid air again with his eyes shut this time and it had that stink of corruption, insincerity, and dust lurking somewhere behind the humid odorless mess. He smiled because that was truly the smell of the home he knew, Nigeria, in all her glory.
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Uche  What did he mean by the question "what?” Chad had always been a smart ass right from those good old high school days. He was the role model then, the "good student", athletic and cute with those 'mickey mouse' glasses. Well, he was definitely not the best in terms of luck.  Why would he come back at this time? When It's all fucked up. "Well, I am fucked up too" Uche thought. His life had taken another turn after that fateful night and he was not to blame for it because he had just seen and experienced what many people spend their whole lives not experiencing together - love, fear, and death, all three in the same
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After an hour of driving, they finally got to the city, the big city it was, big indeed.How long had it been since Chad last entered it? It was past 10pm and people were still moving about like it was 9am.The street lights were yellow and the buildings tall. The people were busy, as always, selling everything! with lamps and rechargeable touch lights. Hawkers running about with their goods in their hands, as agile as ever.The city was alive, as always. It brought back memories too, memories of how the three of them used to trek long distances just to get to the 'aboki' man's kiosk where that 'abacha' and 'boleh' women always were.They loved 'abacha!' - the African salad. And the way the woman used to bring them back every day with her magic 'abacha' was a mystery.The spice was so traditional and hot, mixed with that tasty 'ogbe' and lots of veggies and pepper.The roa
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ChadHe could hear himself breathe weakly and gently, his senses were coming back to him.He didn't know where he was though, all he could see was a bright white light shinning into his eyes.He could perceive that mild antiseptic smell that was peculiar to hospitals, he hated it.Soon everything became clearer, the sounds became sharper. He felt so weak and tired and didn't even know why.He couldn't move for a while but although all he saw and heard was not clear yet, at least he remembered.He remembered the last thing that happened - he fell! And didn't know what Happened next.But here he was, lying on something soft in a place smelling like a hospital."Where am I?" he heard himself weakly speak."Husshhh..." he heard some feminine voice say. He felt some soft tender palm touch his hard hand.*
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Maggie.She pressed the button as her white Mercedes Benz responded with a beep sound signifying it had been locked.Maggie nodded in satisfaction. She had clearly done her job excellently again. She is 'the Calvary', hasn't she always been?Many years ago, after her lone six years old daughter died of cancer and her husband deserted her she had dedicated her life to working for the Olukoyes. She literally owed the family everything she had and was.She had always been a petty street hacker living off people's carelessness. She used to somehow manage to steal people's ATM cards, hack their passwords and steal money from their accounts.She basically did nothing much with all that money. She would just use it to pay off all her debts because she was always in debt.She was an addicted gambler and would always loose but, was it not the environment that suited her hustle?
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Uche"Maggie! Maggie!" Uche called, gently tapping her left shoulder and she slightly jerked back to life."Oh sorry. I was just... was just..." she paused and looked into uches eyes which were filled with so much worry and care."Never mind, I'm okay..." she patted his muscular chest slightly and walked away.He watched as she slowly walked into the doors of her restaurant. It was clearly labelled 'Maggie's Dishes'.It was almost totally constructed with glass. You could see the beautiful yellow and pink interior clearly from the outside.It was 7 am in the morning and the air was still fresh and cool.She'd been standing there staring at her white Mercedes Benz sports car in the parking lot for over ten minutes.'is she getting that old?' he wondered.He still remembered Maggie seven years ago - all fresh and sporty. Alw
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RomaShe simply watched as the guy looked around the facility in awe. She was still admiring him or so – at least, still stealing stares and glances at him.He wasn’t all muscles and curves like Uche, but he wasn’t bad either. He was looking around, inspecting the computers and hardwares in the large room. It must have surprised him as it did her on her first day. All these complicated technology in one large room?It was really large and well lighted, filled with super power computers placed on several desks and some pretty large monitors lined up on the walls. It’s screens showing some coded languages of zeros and ones.There were glass walls separating the space into different compartments. And the central compartment was just composed of some giant hardware with tiny wires running all over it’s body, and tiny bulbs of electric light attached by
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Uche  He was clearly having a head ache and had just recovered from a state of unconsciousness which was kicked off by the several heavy blows he’d received on his face.  His body ached. They’d been tied up on separate chairs for some questioning, Maggie and himself. “we are the princes, others are bastards” he heard one of them say. “Don’t touch her please, I’ll give you whatever you want” he pleaded with a coarse voice. He could taste his blood in his mouth.“Really? “ another voice  asked as another heavy blow landed on his jaws and he suddenly saw heavenly stars.The chair was metal and strong, and his hands taped together along with his whole body, glued to the chair. He couldn’t move. He could not help himself let alone, Maggie. It weakened his mind as it slowly recovered fr
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ChadThe interior of the white range Rover sport was so comfy and brown.The cool air from the air conditioning system nullifying the effect of the hot Harmattan sun outside!But the vehicle;' It is too masculine for the hands controlling the steering' he thought.They'd just exited a magnificent boutique - House of Colors, and he was clearly feeling confident with himself again.They had dressed themselves up good, and for once she was looking like a feminine, and beautiful!She was clearly fun to be with. Always smiling and happy - at Least for the past hours he'd been with her.It was so fluid between them, the conversations weren't forced and the arguments, another story.He was happy and comfortable with her.'must be a rub - off of Uche, he thought.This wasn't really what he could say of his
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RomaShe shrugged. “I mean, who doesn’t?”But could she be romantically involved with him? This is a question she was yet to answer.“Can I use your phone?” She heard Chad ask“Sure” she nodded ,and then, he gently took one of her hands away from the wheel of her moving car and, smoothly and sensually run his fingers through the length of her femur, so quickly that one would think his intentions were innocent.“thank you love” he smiled and let go of her hand.'damn!' she cussed in her heart.'was he doing this on purpose? Was he flirting with her?' because if he was, it was working. She didn’t even know why she smiled shyly to herself. He was making her feel like a girl again.Her smile slowly faded away to a plain face when she heard him say;"Hey honey, it's me. Sorry, I've not called ever since, but I'
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