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Introducing an epic tale of love, betrayal, and redemption: Elizabeth Douglas, a young heiress, finds herself falling for her father's driver, Ethan Haynes. But there's a twist - Ethan is already engaged to Stella. Just when Lizzy decides to walk away, she uncovers a shocking betrayal that changes everything. Get ready for a story of untold secrets, broken ties, new alliances, romance, revenge, and a love that refuses to be forgotten.

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18 Chapters
I watched Ethan from across the streets, my heart sank at the sight of him holding hands with another woman. The pain of betrayal I felt was almost unbearable. “Maybe she was just a friend or a distant relation,” I said to myself trying so hard not to be judgmental. I wonder why I was getting So worked up about him being with another woman when I knew it was a one-sided affection. Ethan knows nothing about my feelings for him and Today of all days, was meant to be the day I confess it to him. It was his birthday today. I had rehearsed the words I would say a hundred times, but now, seeing him with someone else, it felt like all my efforts had been put to waste. I couldn’t help but reminisce about the first day I met Ethan at Douglas Mansion, all dressed in a fitted dark suit enhancing his masculinity. His eyes pierced deeply through me like it was longing for something different, something missing. I had mistaken him for the lawyer Dad had asked me to come get the documents from
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CHAPTER TWO It was a brand new day. I woke up feeling sore and tired, my eyes swollen from all the crying I did the night before. I needed to snap out of this state quickly—I had a meeting with Dad and couldn’t afford to wallow in my emotions any longer. I headed to the bathroom to take a long, hot shower, hoping it would soothe my nerves. Afterwards, I brewed some mint tea, trying to calm the throbbing in my head from the previous night's drinking session with Matilda. As I descended the stairs, I was greeted by a messy sitting room. “Argh… The least she could have done was help me tidy up,” I sighed, shaking my head at Matilda’s usual antics. I decided it would be best if I hired a cleaner to deal with this mess later. I was done with my regular morning routine, and was ready for work. Ethan was outside already, punctual as ever. I walked towards the car, trying my best to act normal and cool. Seeing him felt like rubbing salt on my wounds, but I couldn’t let my emotions sho
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ETHANI had just received an anonymous message, and the urgency in the words set my nerves on edge. "Come over to Emeraldo Hotel right now, a life lies in whatever decision you make." My mind raced, trying to decipher who could have sent such a text and why. I didn't need a fortune teller to tell me; someone dear to me was in trouble, and I had to find out who it was.I looked over at my friends in the club, who were obviously lost in getting drunk. "Guys, I need to go," I said abruptly, grabbing my jacket."Oho, your hot boss is calling again," Mike teased, winking at me. "I bet you can’t say you aren’t attracted to her, huh?”"Oh, please, we all know Ethan is faithful as f*ck to Stella. What hold has that b*tch got on you, man?” Dave shook his head, irritated at the mention of Stella’s name.Dave and Mike had never liked Stella, not even once. They claimed she wasn’t the type of lady a man should settle for and often complained about the weird negative aura she emitted any time sh
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“Dad, here are the documents you requested,” I said, handing over the documents.“Are you done with all the paperwork?” he asked flipping through the pages.“Yes, I have. The Miners are demanding a 15% increase in work wage, hence they won’t release their signatures until it’s resolved.” I alerted him of the problem at hand, not waiting for him to notice the missing documents and question my competency.“Okay, let the head of finance handle that. Good job Elizabeth. You will make a good C.E.O.” he let out briefly.My eyes widened in shock. I was startled by the sudden compliment from my father. As much as he loved me, he had never been one to be expressive about it, especially after my mother’s death. He had kept to himself more often. I wasn’t offended by his actions, I didn’t know what it felt like losing a loved one and having her lookalike as a daughter.I tried to understand his pain, I was a replica of my mother whom he loved dearly and looking at me brought back memories he w
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"Ethan, come with me," I urged, pulling him along. We both struggled to keep moving as he leaned heavily on my shoulder. At that moment, I was grateful for my morning exercise routine.We finally made it to the car, and I drove to my apartment. I didn't have access to his place and couldn't ensure his safety there."Ethan, are you listening to me?" I asked, glancing over to see if he had passed out."Uhmmm.""Good. We're almost at my place. You need to rest.""Are you going to make my favorite pasta for me?" he mumbled, giving me a puppy-eyed look.I chuckled, amazed at how cute he could be even when drunk. How could Stella hurt someone like Ethan? The thought of her made my stomach churn. She was still a problem I had to deal with.In less than seven minutes, we reached my apartment. The bar wasn't far, and I might have driven faster than usual. Once inside, I switched on the light and guided Ethan to my room."Stay here, Ethan," I said, gently laying him on the bed. He was consciou
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I watched as Ethan sat up lazily, obviously still recovering from last night’s drunken state. “Ethan,” I began, “about last night…”“Lizzy, I’m sorry about last night.” He interrupted, his eyes filled with regret. “I know what happened shouldn’t have. I regret my actions and I promise to take full responsibility for it.”My skin tightened at his sudden apology; this was far from what I was expecting. I didn’t need any of it. It wasn’t wrong for two people to confess their feelings. I guessed he was scared I was going to get at him for sleeping with me. I wanted him to see me for the woman I am. Not his boss at work, not his friend, just two individuals in love.“Ethan, I don’t need an apology. Moreover, what happened was consensual,” I stated slowly, hoping he’d understand.“Ethan,” I called out, moving closer toward him. My hand reached for his face while I spoke. “what happened yesterday didn't suddenly happen. I love you, Ethan. I have always loved you. I just didn't know how to le
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I stood up, my spirit unwavering. I had come too far to give up now. Picking up my phone, I dialed my office number. Janet answered after a few rings.“Hello, Janet speaking.”“Janet, it’s Miss Douglas. I need you to find someone to cover my responsibilities for next week. I’m taking a break,” I said, keeping my voice steady despite the turmoil inside me. “And don’t forget to inform my dad.”“Is everything okay, Miss Douglas?” Janet asked, her concern evident.I knew Janet loved to gossip. I couldn’t afford to be the next topic of discussion. “I just need some time to sort things out. Please handle it,” I replied, my tone cold, not wanting to give her more to talk about.“Of course, Miss Douglas. Take care.”I hung up, feeling a slight relief. I needed time away from the office and all the reminders of Ethan. As I was contemplating my next move, my phone buzzed with a message from my best friend, Matilda.Matilda: Hey babe, I need the scoop. You haven’t explained how Ethan ended up in
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About an hour later, Janet arrived with the envelope. I thanked her and quickly closed the door, ripping it open. My eyes scanned the letter, my breath catching in my throat. It was from the private detective I had hired to file a case against Stella, using the proof my private investigator had provided. Lizzy, I reviewed the evidence provided by your investigator regarding Stella’s activities. Unfortunately, the proof isn’t sufficient to file a solid case against her. Without stronger evidence, pursuing this case is not advisable. I recommend putting this matter aside unless more substantial proof can be obtained. Sincerely, Detective Harris My hands trembled as I read the letter again. So, despite everything, there wasn’t enough to bring Stella down legally. Frustration bubbled up inside me. I had hoped this would be the breakthrough I needed, something to finally open Ethan’s eyes. I stared at the documents, my mind racing. What should I do now? How could I get more proof?
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ETHAN I sat on my comfy chair in the sitting room, staring at the two letters on the table before me: the promotion offer letter on the right and the resignation letter on the left. This promotion was a fantastic chance, a huge step up in my career, and something I had always wanted—but it came with strings attached. Memories of that night with Lizzy kept flashing in my mind, making my decision even harder. I sighed, rubbing my temple, an act I do whenever I was indecisive and stressed. I needed to make a decision quickly. Today marks the end of the submission deadline for the promotion. Uncertain of what to do, I decided to reach out to Mike for advice. I picked up my phone, dialing his number. After several rings, it connected, and I could hear his husky voice behind the phone. "Hey, Ethan! What's up?" Mike answered, sounding like I had just woken him up from a deep sleep. "Hey, man. Got a minute? I need your advice on something," I said, trying to keep my voice steady.
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LIZZY POV What did you say? I hear my father's voice, calm yet commanding. There was no time to back down now; I had started a lie, and I had to keep up with it. "I said I'm pregnant with Ethan's child." I repeated, but this time confidently. I stared at Ethan's face, hoping for a reaction from him, but his face was blank, with no iota of emotion. He stood there like a log of wood struck by lightning. I averted my gaze back to my father. I watched as he rearranged his seat, relaxing further. For the first time in what felt like forever, my father raised his head to look at me, not with the soft, loving eyes I had wished for but with disappointment. My heart sank in shame. I wonder what must be running through his mind right now. I sighed, waiting for one of them to say something or ask questions at least. It was not like I had an answer prepared; this was all a facade. Something I had blurted out foolishly, the same way I requested that Ethan marry me. "So, where's the pregnancy r
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