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SYNOPSIS Billionaire Michael Verrati was never ready for marriage. Neither did he like the thought of commiting to one person all his life. But he had to grant his mom's wish for grandkids. And there was only one way to do both he assumed. He'd get married just long enough to grant her her desires. It'd just be for one year. He thought he had it all figured up until he met her... She was never his first choice, probably wouldn't have made his first hundredth. But is one year enough to satisfy this passion burning in him amidst different adversaries?

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2022-09-29 14:33:05
30 Chapters
Chapter one
MY CONTRACT WIFE (It's just for one year... right?) 💕💕💕❤️❤️😍😍Michael knelt with one knee on the Persian purple rug on the floor. In his right hand was a gold ring he held in an offering kind of position. He flashed his best "Mr sexy" smile. A smile that had always come through previously in his various escapades with women. He was dressed to "kill". He wore a purple silky suit customized just for him. His long black hair was weaved stylishly and beautifully all back. He was dripping with jewelries. A purple diamond earring on his left ear, a glittering golden ring on the index finger of both hands, a hundred carat golden chain round his neck with a red diamond as pendant. One could easily mistake him for a refined Italian version of Nipsey Hussle. His Italian shoes shone brightly on the expensive rug. His eyes fixed on her. He began speaking. "My love. From the first day I set my eyes on you. I knew it. I knew something left me. You stole my heart. You fixed a puzzle in my life
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Chapter two
Damnit! she swore tiredly, using the back of her palm to rub her sleepy eyes. It was one of those rare moments he said he loves her but she'd screwed it up this time. She wiped off the coffee spill and sat back before her laptop. Sam was not just her boyfriend. He was her boss. He owned SAM EVENT PLANNERS. The company she worked for. She was grateful to him for giving her the job. And also assigning her to take charge of the contract. When he asked her few months ago to be his girlfriend. She accepted. Thinking about it now, she realized she had accepted based on gratitude not really that she loved him. Done, she shut the laptop, undressed and entered the bathroom. She took her time, washing herself back to normalcy. She stood before the mirror above the bathroom sink, admiring herself. She was 6 ft tall, with a long flowing, jet black hair that stopped close to her enormous well shaped buttocks. Her boobs stood firm in front of her with her pink nipple
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Chapter three
Earlier that day.... SAM EVENT PLANNERSMr Sam Hilton sat relaxedly. He was in a good mood. He looked around at his new looking office. Liking that it penetrated only peripherally- ocean green walls, heavy brass lamps, dark leather sofas and chairs, the wooden smell of furniture polish synonymous with new furniture and sweet aroma of cherry tobacco hanging in the air. It looked like a place for everything and everything in it's place. He had drawn the shades close, giving the room the feeling of twilight. The mood of the room was exactly what he needed. His phone rung as expected. He smiled cheekily at the caller ID. Exactly who he had wanted on connect. "Good afternoon boss," a huff voice sounded. "Zino. This is no time for pleasantries. Have you done all I ordered?" He asked standing up, walking towards the plasma Tv set on the adjacent wall. "Yes boss. Everything is set for tomorrow. Everything is exactly as you ordered boss". "Good Zino," He said as he poured himself a g
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Chapter four
Everyone joined him in the toast, glasses clattering, renting the air. Zach was the owner of ZACH TECH. The largest tech company in the state. His gadgets were in high demand. He was Michael's best friend. A wiry short guy in his early thirties. Michael chuckled and nodded in appreciation. When everyone had had enough with the casinos, they returned to the energetic strippers, raining the dollars from the casino table on their asses as they twerked and wined rhythmically. This was a congregation of the who-is-who in the city. Companies and conglomerates owners, politicians, award winning blockbuster actors, multi award winning musicians, distinguished personalities and millionaires. Everyone reeked of successes. Everyone had met success early. This was his clique. This was those he kept for company. Like minds like him. Success stories like him. They had set principles that guided them to where they were presently. But that night, all those principles were susp
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Chapter five
As expected, she looked nervous. Standing clumsily, trying to straighten a dress that obviously didn't need straightening. She tried as much as possible to avoid his gaze, instead, eyeing her reflection on the mirror-like window. But he cared less about all that. He was Michael Verrati afterall. Who wouldn't be nervous around him? But he was loosing patience with her muteness. He hoped she didn't just come to stare at him. As if Zach noticed his growing impatience, he coughed to draw her attention. "Yo! you ain't dumb right? why the fuck are you here?" His rudeness was just the perfect tongue loosener because she caught herself and spoke. "Mr Verrati. The wedding is about the begin. But your bride hasn't arrived. All plans to reach her too, has proved abortive." It took him a while to understand. Then he stood up abruptly. "What d'you mean? She hasn't arrived?" She nodded fearfully. He checked his watch. It was almost time to process in. "Odogwu!" he called loudly. The gi
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Chapter six
A third sense told him to beg or plead persuasively. But he hadn't used the "please" word in decades. "C'mon. Let's just get married. It's just for a year. I really need to be married. I'm ready to accept any terms or demands you give. Whatever it is. After a year, I'd settle you with any amount you need and you'd go back to your life." First of all, she was shocked at the offer. It was totally unexpected. Secondly she was pissed. He was asking her with such arrogance as if he knew she can never say no. Common sense told her to tell him to fuck off and leave him to deal with his mishap. But here she was, rooted to the spot. Her tongue heavy to speak. She was shocked that she was actually considering the offer. she just couldn't help it. Of course, any lady on earth would jump at the offer with her both hands and both legs too. He is, afterall, everything a woman would ever want in a man. But she had always prided herself that she wasn't jus
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Chapter seven
"No! No!! That's not true!!! He screamed, rushing to the table to retrieve his phone. He dialed a number, pacing around the TV set as the number rang for a while. "Pick up! Pick up Goddamit!!" He shouted at the phone. "Good morning boss." Zino's happy voice sounded. "What's good about the morning Zino? Huh??" He wished he could punch someone. "Boss," Zino sounded confused, "I don't understand what you're talking about. What's wrong?" Sam held tighter to the phone, imagining it was Zino's neck he was squeezing. "Zino are you kidding me right now?!" He shouted angrily. "I gave you a simple job to do. A very simple job. Kidnap Amanda Fortune. So that the wedding wouldn't take place. And you couldn't deliver? I'm disappointed in you Zino. I can't believe you'd fail me like this!!" He shouted. He felt his eyes turning sore and red. Zino went quiet in obvious shock. Hasty footsteps was heard as he rushed and kicked open a door noisily. He was breathing heavily. "Boss.
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Chapter eight
Sam woke up and squinted his eyes. The room was unrecognizable. It actually felt too bright for his eyes. He tried to use his right hand to wipe his eyes, but his hand felt different. He looked to see a line of drip connected to it. That was when he noticed he is on a hospital bed. He was even in patient clothes. How he got there, he couldn't remember. He sat up, glancing around to study the room, trying to remember what happened last. Then he remembered. The whole events chronologically flashed back. At that moment, he wished it was all a dream, but it was to real, he was seeing the scenes play before his eyes again. "Savannah!!!" He screamed. The door opened. Jenny stepped in. "Boss. How're you feeling?" She asked, concern printed on her face. He frowned at her. He actually wished it was Savannah that walked in. "What am I doing here? How did I get here?" His head weighed a ton. He was beginning to feel dizzy. "Sir I found you lifeless on the floor at your office
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Chapter nine
Her husband. He was shirtless and well tattooed around his left hand and shoulders. Looking like something out a fantasy. Of course she knew he was handsome, but she never knew he was this hot. He had a broad shoulder. With few freckles of black hair strewn deliciously on his well toned chest. He was tan with well-defined muscles, a belly that looked hard and ridged like a farmland. His waist was slim, with a line of silky-looking hair curled around his bellybutton like a question mark and disappeared into the low riding waist of the blue shorts he wore, as if beckoning on her curious eyes to wonder about the territory that lay beyond. She tried to hold herself, but she couldn't help drool. His hands left her waist and she jerked off her revelries. He was smiling knowingly at her, his dimples appearing deeper. She took her gaze off him in a vain attempt to hide the blush that bloomed instantly on her cheeks. "Lunch is ready." He said and turned away, leading the
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Chapter ten
"No.. No it's fine." She recollected herself. Although he had said he'd settle her, money had not been the primary reason for accepting. She wasn't also expecting the sum to be this much. He was remitting 100 million dollars as if it was nothing, offering even double. Are all billionaires this extravagant? She wondered. She decided to go through the rest of the details. It was indeed a detailed one. A part of the contract states that, she is free to walk away from the marriage whenever she wants, if he breaks any of his vows to her. She signed the contract and returned it. He smiled. "You have a curious history. How long have you been a wedding planner?" "It's been a year now. All thanks to my boss that employed me and helped me maximize my skills. On the day I came for the interview, I lost all hope seeing the qualifications of others that also came for the job. Sam event planners is one of the best in the country and you can imagine the competition to get in. I
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