It isn’t enough

Today was the day. I breathed out heavily, hoping to release the tension I was feeling but it didn’t help. I was going to attend Tomi Traditional marriage, the white wedding was tomorrow but I wasn’t sure I could get the chance to have a private chat with Kola then.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Bode asks.

“Of course, she will so be worried about my presence, I want her to feel uncomfortable a little bit.”

“But it is Kola brother who is getting married, why will the bride feel that way?” Bode asked again as I smiled at him. He doesn’t know the full story and no matter how much I was upset with Tomi and Kola, I wouldn’t tell another soul what happened since it can affect her happily ever after. I didn’t get mine because of her but that doesn’t mean that I will repay evil with evil.

“Okay oh, let’s go.” Bode said as I smiled and came down from his car the same time he did and rou

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