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Kola never expected that the week that he decided to stop loving his brother girlfriend who also happened to be his best friend was the week he would meet Stella and Stella was nothing like he had expected. She had an attitude a mile long with her own personal problems. Yet he couldn't help but fall, no matter how much she didn't want him to.

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Nice story.
2023-06-02 04:01:49
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Good one , light though
2021-05-15 02:02:25
42 Chapters
   Everybody have their definition of what love is and how it feels like and all the emotions and expectations that follows it, I don’t.  I used to think that love was Tomi, it was as simple as that for me.  Tomi was the girl of my dreams, her unblemished ebony face that needed no make up to enhance her beauty. Deep brown eyes that never fails to capture my heart anytime she looks at me, and a sinful figure that didn’t fit her innocent personality. Tomi was my best friend, Tomi was the girl I loved and Tomi was my brother girlfriend. Before you start judging me like my countrymen who always leap before looking, Tomi was mine first. I was just too scared to say anything. We w
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   For the first time in my life, I felt alone, lost and didn’t know what to do now or in the future, I was lost without my guide and best friend Tomi but I refuse to be second place if I do go back. Being second and the spare heir all my life got to me, I thought that she would understand, that she would know better than putting me second to the same person who had made me feel inferior all my life.  My phone dings with a notification and I glanced at it only to see that it was a WhatsApp message from Tomi, this time instead of an endless message explaining her words and pleas for me to look at it from her angle, it was a voice note. I decided to play it and a voice which I haven’t heard in ten days started talking. “This is ridic
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  On getting to the night club, I headed to the V.I.P lounge as I waited for Victor to arrive and he did in Thirty minutes time, walking in with all swagger like he hadn’t kept me waiting. When he finally sat down opposite me, he apologize.  “Sorry man, you know how Lagos traffic dey be.”  “I do and that is the only reason why I am still sitting here. Let’s order…” “No, let’s hear your story on how there is trouble in thy kingdom first besides, I want to be able to still drink later when I am dancing.” “okay.” I took in a deep breathe. “I like Tomi more than a friend.” 
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   “I said I was sorry na, what do you want me to do.” My cousin from the night before said as I continue to glare at her. “I was slapped because of you and you are still throwing shade at me.” I griped at her.  “Not throwing any shade oh, just calm down na.  Please Stella, I am sorry!” Ivy said with a roll of her eyes which proves that her words were as insincere as before even if she managed to infuse sobriety in them. “One day, you will enter gbese. The kind of one which I will not be able to help you out of.” I said tiredly then moved towards the bathroom. “Why do you do
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 He is so arrogant, how could I have thought that first impression for him didn't matter. At least his first impression is way better than the second one, I mean who takes someone he had just met to his investment office to show her his investments. If he was hoping that I would just jump into bed with him after I have seen how much he has, he is going to be so surprise when he sees how off marker he is.  "Hello, good afternoon Mr. Adeyemi, can I get something for you to drink?" the same girl who has been yapping around him since he stepped into the building asked, this time she had popped a button on her top and was leaning towards him, giving him an eyeful... or would have if he was looking but he barely glanced at her which meant he was used to this kind of scenario happening often.  
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Best friend
I was in my office reminiscence on how well I and Stella clicked, that was last week but I still couldn’t stop thinking about that day. After my boring investment talks with Victor which surprisingly was not boring to Stella, I learnt that she was a business management student and also not as bitchy as she had acted, she did have her moments when her character threatened my patience but she did apologized later and we spent a wonderful time together. And she also chose to call it a non-date, that girl is very hard headed and that was what was keeping me interested in her. Her stubborn attitude has it’s uses because I think if she had been like every other girl, she won’t be in my passing thought but she somehow got hold of my thought process and I couldn’t even think of Tomi as usual which was a first in history because I had always thought about that girl. 
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Networking“Tell me you are joking. Kola, I am supposed to start my I.T next two weeks at Ojo and sons ventures.” I raged stomping around in Kola office showing my disagreement with his decision. “You cannot change it with a snap of your fingers.”“Yes I can’t do that but I can with a phone call.” Kola replied as I sent a glare his way, my glares seem to have stopped working because he just still look at me with his calm face on. “Come here babe.” Kola adds as I glared more at him.“No, I don’t want to be with arms reach of you, I might rip your hand off and beat you with it.” I retorted and Kola just smiled at me, it has been two months since we first met and we are still friends or I think we both know that we are more than friends already, we already act like we are dating but I wasn’t so certain about my reply if he does ask me out, I think h
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Friends only
“So is your rich and well connected boyfriend picking you today?” Jess, a girl who works at the company Kola placed me in, said spitefully. “I have told you that he is not my boyfriend.” I sighed, she will just continue to attack me, and she hates the fact that I didn’t work as hard as she and her friend did to get a job here, well the rumors said she slept with one of the senior officers in charge of recruitment to give her and her friend acceptance letter but then an order came from the owner of the company that I am to be placed on the team so her friend was dropped. “So friends with benefits then. All these girls that won’t keep their legs closed and using their bodies to get to places where the rest of us got with our brains.” Jess said a little too loudly as the rest of the students who were sharing an office with
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Mixed feelings
  I didn’t lie when I said that me and Stella are just friend but that word has been ringing in my head and it felt wrong, I even started to feel more out of place when Kevin handed his personal card to Stella, the only reason why I didn’t punch Kevin for that bold move was because I knew Stella will never use the card for anything other than the business. “What’s wrong? You have been quiet since we entered your car.” Stella glanced at me. “Nothing.” I replied as my mind races for an excuse, Stella is like a dog with a bone, she won’t let go until she is satisfied with the answer which was given. “You need to learn how to lie better my dear.” Stella repeated the words I said to her barel
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Meet the family
    “You do know that you are not supposed to outshine the celebrants.” I teased Stella as she entered my car. Her lace material fitted her shape to perfection and at the same time it wasn’t too much. Her face had minimal make up but still highlighted her soft features, I already felt proud that she was going to be on my arm today. “Shut up” She turned her head away from me embarrassed. “Honestly though, I think my mother will not be too angry since you will be on the arm of her son. You are beautiful.” “Thank you, you are not so bad yourself. Your Abgada look nice.” Stella complimented me too
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