Mafia Blood

Mafia Blood

By:  Larissa  Completed
Language: English
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When Gracelyn Belmonte finally ran from her abusive father, she ran right into the arms of the Italian Mobster, Giovanni LaRosa. Faith took a different turn, but was it a good one?

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30 Chapters
I was running down the streets as hard as I could. My legs hurt like they were being stabbed every second, and believe me, I knew how that felt. My lungs felt like they were on fire, and couldn't get any more oxygen in them. My breath came out fast and formed little clouds in front of my face. I felt the air leave my lungs as my body fell to the floor. My knees banged against the floor and my head felt with a loud thud onto the floor. My sight became blurry and my hands shot out to try and find something to steady myself with. I felt leaves and little stones on the tips of my fingers but didn't find anything useful.
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I was here for two days. Locked in a room with a bed and a fucking toilet. So, if I had to take a shit, I had to do it next to my bed. And god, that isn't an amazing smell. So, I tried to get someone's attention by banging on the door, and ask them if I could go to the toilet. But no one responded.They didn't give me any food. Or anything else. The night the men found me they knocked me unconscious, and the next morning I was in this little room, with a bed that felt like I was lying on needles
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I woke up to a door slamming close, it looked to the door and saw that it was closed like it was every time I looked at that damn piece of wood. I looked around the room and looked for something that might be different from yesterday, I really hoped for some food.I looked at the little table that was in front of the couch and saw a huge pile of food. I literally jumped out of bed and ran over to the food. There were different kinds of fruits, meat and bread. I simply was in heaven.
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I was still stuck in the bathroom and the green-eyed man was still on the other side of the door. He stopped banging but was still there. I knew it, I heard his breathing on the other side. His breaths were soft and steady, but I could still hear him.I think it has been ten minutes from the moment he stopped banging. I was still sitting in the corner of the bathroom but my breaths were steady again and the tears stopped flooding down my cheeks.
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It has been over three days since the man stepped out of the doorway. I always wondered what his name would be. Maybe it was short but strong, or long and sexy. I hoped on the last option of course, who wouldn't?I sat on the floor on a soft carpet thinking about the event that happened three days ago. I wondered who it was, who was now dead and no more in this world. And I know that the bullet which the green-eyed man shot was pointed on the other man's body. I know that the man who was shot is
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After I showered I put on some clothes I found in a dresser. I wore a gray tank top and black jeans. They felt like my seconds skin.I became bored.I had absolutely nothing to do here. I couldn't go out of this room because the door is locked. The
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'My name?' He asked with a shocked expression.'Yes.'He frowned and looked me in the eyes. 'Giovanni, my name is Giovanni LaRosa.'
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I looked at him as if he had grown a second head. Was he serious? Or was he kidding me? God, please let this be a joke. I mean, it would be amazing to meet new people. But I'm not good at meeting new people.This one time my mom brought a friend home with her. I was in the kitchen decorating a cake with sparkles. They came into the kitchen. And you know what I did? I fucking sprayed the sparkles over their heads. I don't know why? I don't know how? But I did it. And may I ask? WHO THE FUCK DOES
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G R A C E  P O VI was cleaning the bathroom as my father walked in. The smell of alcohol invaded my nose as he came closer.
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Did you ever have that feeling that you felt out of place? That you didn't belong. You rather jump in front of a train then stay there a minute longer. You rather jump off a building then speak one word again. You rather slice your own throat then breath the same air they breathe.I had that feeling.
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