Loved by the Mafia Boss

Loved by the Mafia Boss

By:  Yui Ismutomo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dwyne, a self-supporting medical student, has just joined the hospital as the youngest intern. But she met with an unexpected situation on her first night shift alone--she’s targeted by a handsome man who looked very dangerous. Is he a gangster? Dwyne thought, judging him by his demeanor. He always wore a black suit and sunglasses. Sometimes even at night. And he's got a gunshot wound on his body. A gunshot! It terrified Dwyne.  She wanted nothing more to do with such a dangerous man, but it looked as if the man was haunting her. She began to meet him frequently. Or rather, he was literally everywhere! The hospital where she works, the coffee shop where she has a part-time job, the bar where she helps out on a temporary basis... And it seemed like everyone knew him. Is he famous?  It's not just outside Dwyne met him everywhere. Her home was no longer a sanctuary for her alone either. The door to her apartment seemed to be a useless decoration to him. She sometimes finds a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table in her house, while a couple of times she's even found himself suddenly showing in her room. Yes, whenever he wanted to see her, he never made an appointment. It absolutely wasn't a funny joke or a pleasant surprise for her. Dwyne was tired of the boring banter, she just wanted to get through her internship and become a qualified doctor, but she was always surrounded by a gang of menacing men in black suits. Annoyed, she blurted out that she didn't have any feelings for him and she didn't want to see him anymore. She didn't expect that, her wish came true. For the next week, month, and then until a year, she never saw the man in her sights again. Her life went back to the way it was. Though, it was ever so slightly boring. Until that day... When they meet again, it's him lying bloody and dying in the operating room. Dwyne realized that she had never forgotten him. During the time she took care of him, she learned his name and got to know him a little more. Geez, it turned out that he's not only a gangster, but a formidable Mafia Boss! However, when Dwyne moved to this town three years ago, she also hid her true identity. This, after all, is not a life that belongs to her...

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35 Chapters
One - First Encounter
"Quick, we need help! If he dies, none of you can get out of here on your feet!" A group of men dressed in black suits shouted violently in the emergency room carrying one injured man and seating him on the nearest empty chair. That man...I exclaimed inwardly and recognised the injured man in the middle, whose clothes soaked through with large swaths of blood. I studied his off-color face the second time...Yes, It's him. I had helped him on the street a few weeks ago. Forced. Then he disappeared like a ghost after that. I did not expect him to show up in such an appalling manner again. "HURRY!!!" The same man shouted when he saw no movement from either the doctor or the nurse. Judging from his movements, it seemed like they were all dangerous people. "HEY, ARE YOU ALL DUMB?!" Hold, Dwyne... Hold on… Don’t react, I told myself. "HEEEYYYYY..!!!!" One of the members kicked the chair… And I finally couldn't stand it either "Noisy!!! If you want to ask for help, say it nicely,
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It's been the fourth day, but there is no sign of him coming to my apartment, yes, since I got that horrible message in front of my apartment door, I can be said to be hiding with the excuse of working hard by constantly being in this hospital and returning only to change clothes without wanting to linger there.Scared, not just scared but I still loved my life, not knowing who he would come with to my apartment, saying he wanted to check I didn't know what he could do to me, a woman who lived alone in an apartment with a gangster, nope never knew something good will happen about that.So I'd rather avoid it than be in the news for losing my life the next day.Hopefully, when he realizes I'm not around, he'll think of going somewhere else to help him open the stitches on his stomach.Click…"Wow, Dwyne, are you still here?" Dr. Patrick who was on morning duty greeted me as he walked into the doctor's room, I guess to check who the interns were.I smiled, "Do you need anything doctor?"
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Oh my god... oh my god, help me. I hope that he's not in front of my apartment. I prayed when I finished the night watch and had to go back to rest in my apartment before starting another part time job at the cafe 4 hours from now. I slowly stepped towards my room after turning from the stairs and looked around that there was no one around. I quickly stepped into the room at the far end of my apartment and hurriedly unlocked it. Luckily this time there was no paper attached with a knife. I had to put a tape on my door so that it wouldn't look like a hole caused by the knife. Blam.... Letting out a long sigh, I entered my room and stopped when I saw a colorful bouquet of tulips, which is my favorite flower, on the kitchen counter. But instead of being happy to see the bouquet, my heart ached to know how it got there? My. God! I’m doomed…. I said weakly and slumped to the floor staring at the bouquet of flowers. ****** .. 4 hours later .. "Hello Dwyne..." Greeted Kate who
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"I'll take care of it, you clean up in the back." Kate interrupted me and stood in front of the man with a smile and I released a relieved breath.Thank god..!"Hello, sis."My eyes widened in surprise and stared at the two people in front of me.What? Sister?Kate is this horrible man's sister?!"3 years of not seeing each other and this is what you're doing? Scaring my staff?" I tried not to hear their conversation but it was difficult and I could only pretend to go to the cashier counter and calculate today's income."Nice decorations, I like the flowers." I tried not to wince at the man's sarcasm.D*mn, so it was really him who sent, no, not sent but put the flowers in my room?!How could that be?Isn't my apartment locked?!I heard Kate let out a long sigh, "Leave her alone." She said and I hope he listened to his sister's words.God, help!Kate, help!"I'm sorry, it can't be that easy. I owe her my life." He replied and startled me.Huh? Owe me a life?What does that mean?Then
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Since then I never heard of or met the men in black suits again, Kate was right, they wouldn't bother me anymore.Even Richard came to the cafe whenever I was already home or just when I didn't have a shift at the time, as if to give me some distance.It's been a week since I returned to my life, only less burdened where I used to have to set aside money to be able to pay educational debts, now I can pamper myself a little with the extra money.Bbrrttt..!!The vibration of the mobile phone from inside informs me that there is an incoming text and I take it out to read it from my old part-time place at Equinox bar, yes, I am currently only working part-time at Kate's place and stopped bartending.'Dwyne, can you help cover for Ed at the bar Friday night? He fell down the stairs yesterday and I haven't found anyone who can bartend Friday - Louis' Louis is the owner of the bar where I used to work.I thought I could rest tomorrow night, but I couldn't say no to the owner of the bar beca
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I tried to hold back my emotions and smiled sweetly at the man in front of me, Benjamin, Gilbert along with the others around us looked surprised to see him recognize me, "Happy Birthday, it's free for you." I said casually then thrust a glass of Jagerbomb towards him.He laughed but drank it in one quick gulp as if the drink had no effect on him.Sh*t!He's capable of holding alcohol, I muttered to myself."I didn't know you worked here." He asked as if we were old friends, but when someone ordered something and I took my eyes off him, I gasped in surprise to see the person being pulled by a man dressed in black which made me look back at the horrible man."I'm working right now." I sighed in annoyance and saw him raise an eyebrow before looking to my right."LOUIS!!!" My eyes widened as I heard him call out to my boss who was currently in the corner helping with the cashier.Louis looked in his direction before walking over and standing next to me, "What's wrong? Not enough drink?"
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"Here," Louis handed me an envelope containing my wages for the day which I happily accepted,"Sure you don't want to come back to work with me? Just look how popular you are tonight." He added kindly. I laughed but shook my head, "If my tuition hasn't been paid maybe I'll stay, but for now just call me if there's anything urgent." I said as I yawned and a little tipsy. Ben and Gilbert came in, "You're very popular today." Ben said as he took his bag from his locker. "One guy in particular can't take his eyes off you and is guarding you like a hawk." Gilbert added with a laugh and made me raise a confused eyebrow. "Huh?" Seeing my confusion, the three men laughed as if there was something funny that I didn't realize. "She doesn't seem to notice." Louis chuckled amused but I was still confused about the direction of their conversation. "It's 5am, I'm going home then." I said and grabbed my bag from my locker, "Bye guys, thanks Lu." I waved before walking out through the back door
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  Ugh.. I’m so tired… My whole body hurts all over... No.. I loved my job.. I loved my job.. I loved my job… Yes, I loved my job. The perks were few and far between but they were still there. First, I got the chance to help people, who could beat that? Secondly, You will never be unneeded anywhere, hey, who doesn't need a doctor? I can work anywhere. and finally, of course, the doctor's fee exceeds the tuition fees I've paid. Even though sometimes the shifts are horrible, but hey, that's part of the process, right? One day I will definitely be great like those senior doctors. After a week of non-stop work at the hos
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The bane of my existence was trying to get me to throw myself against him. But no, I wasn’t drunk enough for that.I tried to walk away but his hands were firmly situated where I couldn’t move anywhere. So, I simply stood there, frozen, trying to ignore how uncomfortably close he was to me. So close I could feel his breath on my face.“You.. You know her, Brad?”Visibly annoyed, Bradley raised his head and looked in the direction the voice came from then raised a questioning eyebrow at Vernon."Is there a problem if I know her?" He asked coldly and I was taken aback by how different the way he spoke to me before was to this moment.Then he looked back at me, "You know him, Cara?”Huh? What did he call me?!Although I was confused as to why he was calling me that way, I nodded my head, “This is Vernon and Maya, my friends." I introduced them before anything terrible happened after I saw his horrifying reaction.“Noted.” He nodded like it’s something he needed to remember or something.
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I tried not to look up and stare into his eyes, kept trying to ignore him as I finished my beer. A million thoughts swirled in my head, why is he here? Why is he not leaving? Is he truly the mafia boss?"Why did you f*cking sneak away that day?" I was surprised to hear his question and looked back at him who was looking at me challengingly as if he wanted to see me lying.What? Is he serious?!D*mn it, is he really going to talk about that... here?!I wanted to say that my stomach didn’t flip in strange feeling when I saw him, looking handsome in the dangerous ways that I know could make every woman swoon whenever see him wearing black long pants with a black shirt rolled up sleeves which shows the tattoo on the back of his arm and the thick muscles of him.Yes, muscles…I know how thick his muscles truly are.F*ck!Stop thinking like that!He lift his eyebrow, becoming all serious, “I will bend you to this counter if you keep f*cking staring at me like that” His comment is like a sla
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