Mafia's Arranged Love

Mafia's Arranged Love

By:  Tassel  Completed
Language: English
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Vayden Bevine, the King of the Gladiolus Mafia, had only ever wanted one thing his whole life: to rule the underworld. But things went bizarre when his parents arranged his marriage with the woman he had been annoying since their childhood: Viana Nivekle. Viana Nivekle is the Queen of the Blemish Mafia, a circle her father, Mr. Nivekle, happily handed over to her. Being twenty-five and yet already running a mafia group is a huge achievement for Viana. However, some things had been haunting her. Like some concealed memories linking between her finger and a trigger. Still, Vayden couldn't deny his parent's marriage proposal. Not when both his and Viana's parents are business associates and extremely close friends. Besides, ruling the Blemish Mafia would be a bonus for him. Plus, he loves annoying Viana. So, Vayden decides to marry Viana despite their bickering. Even though their marriage was anything but related to love, they pretended to be lovey-dovey in front of their respective gangs in order to protect their honor. What happens if they profess their love to the world when in reality, they love everything but each other?What if the Mafia's Arranged Love leads to the massacre of both Vayden and Viana's lives?

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44 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Gunpoint Annoyance
Chapter-1VAYDENA satisfied smirk pla
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Chapter 2 - Shocking Announcement
Chapter-2VIANAI never wanted to go to the stupid post-coronation party of that stupid guy, just to be clear.
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Chapter 3 - Contract Marriage
Chapter-3VIANAWhen I saw the movie '2012' for the first and the last time, I got so scared of the way that everything collapse
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Chapter 4 - New Home
Chapter-4VIANAUsually, I would get excited while entering my room. But today was differe
Read more
Chapter 5 - First Night Together
Chapter-5VIANAI stepped inside the familiar beige-colored mansion. Even though I basically grew up in the Bevine mansion, it s
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Chapter 6 - Is She Jealous Already?
Chapter-6VIANA"How could you be so careless? This one time that I didn't come to the port in the middle of the night as usual
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Chapter 7 - Dating Outside Marriage?
Chapter-7VIANAHulk was my favorite. It was because he was the strongest avenger according to me. That didn't mean I wanted to
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Chapter 8 - Hangout Ruined
Chapter-8VIANAI didn't have insomnia. It was just that I slept less. Simple.
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Chapter 9 - Sudden Visitor
Chapter-9VIANAFirst, I was afraid of the darkness. Second, Vayden said 'Crap it!', which he says whenever there's something wr
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Chapter 10 - Al's Truth
Chapter-10VIANAI talked with many dangerous people in my life, but the woman I was with now had a different aura that put me o
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