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Her grave sin was her spellbinding allure that blurred the blood-tie line for him, and his grave mistake was obsessing over a girl he was supposed to exterminate. The vicious King of Evil, the one who didn't have a heart, now finds himself trapped between vengeance, and the irresistible burning desires for the only remaining enemy he has left - and she, oblivious of the abysm of the evil he exudes, is determined to liberate herself from the cage of the monster at all costs. But her desires are inconceivable. Absurd! invalid dreams- or so did everyone thought, until things started taking a turn. What transpires when the vicious heartless monster finds himself at the feet of his culprit? What more miseries await Ella when the truth of her connection with the monster and the mystery besieging her get revealed?

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Author dimple
very intriguing book. would recommend this to my friends for sure
2023-03-18 23:55:02
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A great read
2023-03-14 20:57:42
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It's amazing Jossy. Very interesting!
2023-03-12 01:18:18
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Please tell me what you think of the book.
2023-03-01 18:13:02
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I watch as the door of this dark cage flow ajar. Before I delude myself that it's Joy who has slinked in to check on me, the familiar ominous compelling scent of the monster fills the room, conjuring the familiar adrenaline rush in me. Panic spews in me, and I curl myself up under the sheets, stymieing any contact with my face so as not to irritate the bruises.These abrasions that the monster has inflicted on me, and he is getting a kick out of giving me all these tortures for the reasons that I don't know. How I got here a week ago without a single memory from my past still remains a puzzle that I have no way of cracking. "Get up!" His icy tone echoes, adding more terror to the aura I am gasping, my heart pounding with fear induced by his composure.Without wasting even a second of his time, I jerk myself up and sit at the corner of the bed. His demeaning demeanor and the terror he is percolating don't allow me to look up at him. I keep my head hunched down, like a scared slave bef
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I stand before the mirror after dressing up, the blue gown making a good mockery of my situation. I feel so dirty even in this elegant attire. It's been hours since that monster vented all his sexual anger on me. I feel so disgusting. I feel so dirty. If only the long hour I have spent in the shower was enough to scour his scent off me, if only I can stop feeling nauseous remembering his kisses, just, if only. But even after the long shower, I feel as disgusting as I was when he left me dripping with cums hours ago. His touches are still irritating skin.The make-up artist that he sent to me to hide the imprints of his animosity on my face did a commendable, but the emotional pain is so dominant. It can't be masked. Nothing can heal or conceal this emotional torture. The sound of the door opening startles me. I dry my tears not minding the mascara and other make-up. I turn around, and gladly this time, it's not my nightmare, but the only friend I have had so far for that one week tha
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I hug Ajay's arm tight, and he possessively encompasses my waist as if he owns any right to it. Ooh, I forgot. I am his property now. His toy - his sex toy and I know better than to resist his disgusting grip. Him being this close to me enhances more to the suffocating scent of the pheromones he smudged on me earlier. If he was a wolf, I would be having a deep unbearable wound on my neck denoting how he savagely marked me. Walking in through the foyer of what is termed as ”the entertainment room”, my mind drifts away from my sad tale to the heart-wrecking scenery of poor girls twerking their naked arses on the dance floor. It's their job - not out of their own will, but a job they are forced into. The sight makes my heart bleed with the thirst for justice, and the pitiful howls from my heart escalate when I see men walking to the stage and drenching the girls with alcohol, touching them so sinfully.I slam my ass on the seat at the reserved space for the Don and I - his special toy.
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"Forgive my manners, Don." The stranger lets out, stretching his hand towards Ajay for a handshake."Deep Rey Donalds, owner of DRD airport. Nice meeting you." The heart-stirring fascinating preamble of the stranger got me splendidly dumbstruck, but not more than this devil beside me. He doesn't even care to shake Deep's hand, and the homicidal stare he is giving him speaks nothing but range.I smell some danger here. Do they know each other?I drag my gaze at this stranger again. His name is Deep, right? Just like his bottomless orbs and breathtaking allure. He is everything the name itself depicts, but that aside. The owner of an airport, and with all this glamour and pedigree he exudes, what on hell is he doing here of all the places on earth? Don't tell me he is one of Ajay's dogs or business partner? That would be such.a.dusgust and shame!"I get where you are coming from, Don. My apologies for what happened." Deep says, saving me from drowning into more anxieties as he withdraws
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I slink to the floor, still hugging the torn helms of the upper parts of my dress, sucking back the tears and the pain from my soiled sore face. It's scorching terribly, and I can't even attempt to dry the tears as that will amount to more irritation.No sound is heard in the entire hall except for the passive peace-wrecking clicks of Ajay's strides towards me. Everyone is perched on their seats, and the menacing screaming lull makes me wonder if they are even breathing.After a long moment according to my apprehensive self, Ajay's imprints halt before me. My head is hunched down, and all I can see are his feet. I am frightened to death, not so much for myself but for this moron who awoke this monster's demons. I know I said I won't be credible for what Ajay will do to him, but it was fury speaking for me at that time. Still mulling over what sort of cruel fate awaits the man, I feel something cloak around my shoulders. I look up, and meet the face of Ajay so close to mine. His ice-b
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"Help! Help! Ella!"The wails of a woman echo in my ears with a bang, making me twirl in the direction of her voice. The images are so vague that I can't make out anything except the voice. "Ella! Please, help!"The voice echoes again, but this time, it goes silent at once, as if it has been cut. I start wandering in the vagueness to the aid of the poor sobbing lady. I don't know where we are. I don't know who she is. I don't know what I need to rescue her from, but I know she is in kind of danger due to her sobs, and she is calling for my help.I don't know if she can see me or not, and since I can't see her, I follow the direction of her voice, taking slow strides, but about three or four steps..."Run, Ella! Run!!!A different voice from somewhere behind me halts my steps, making me almost leap with tension. That, bulky tone belongs to a male. It's labored, like he is also in danger. I spin a half degree, ricocheting my eyes in the vagueness, but to more dismay, I don't see anythi
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"You know what? I at some point felt like you were counterfeiting this memory loss shit. But seeing you banging your brains like this and miserably languishing in pertaining anything clears my doubts." Ajay speaks, lowering his gun from my face and flinging it on the bed.My eyes scrutinize it, analyzing it for a while. How satisfying would it feel to just grab it and put a bullet through this monster's skull? Not just one fucking bullet because that won't be plausible for every single soul he has murdered, but myriad bullets. "You'll be dead by the time you reach that gun." As if reading my mind, his voice snaps me from my wild thoughts.I drag my gaze lazily at him, smirking at this devil for the first time, something that amazes him."Sure about that, Don?" I see his adam's apple move up and down as if swallowing something, his eyes glowing with anger. The devil despises to be challenged. "You just confessed that you can't bring yourself to kill me a minute ago." I mock him, stirr
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"I fucking abhor people wasting my precious time, Ella! Be quick and watch what you say if you know what is good for you." Ajay speaks after I take an eternity to respond.Of course, I know what is best for myself - to learn and embrace the means of survival in this cursed place. That's my goal from now on. To survive, and thwart landing myself in any form of trouble. I may be right or wrong, but I have a sense that the sentiment of me getting my memory back is baffling him. It's stroking his arse to the core, and not in a good way. Why that is, I will unearth sooner or later.All the same, I need to give an answer before he discharges his temper and pours all his unwarranted wrath on me. "I will ask you one more fucking time." He fumes before I can speak, scaring the hell out of me. "What the fuck was your dream all about? Did you hear or see...anything in that dream?"My! His arse is really itching to know about my dream, huh! I was right. He is apprehensive and curious about my m
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As I fondle with the gun, trying to wrap my finger around Ajay's actions and his involvement in my mysteries, my thoughts are cut short by a slight knock on the door. Figuring out that that couldn't be the monster, as he normally doesn't knock, I tuck the gun under the duvet and stroll to the door. Opening it, a female doctor stands before me, my wound being the first thing her eyes captures. Well, no eyes would miss that, unless you are blind.I throw a glance at the goon behind her, and he disappears from my sight."Doctor Tasha! I'm here to treat your wound." She doctor introduces herself."Sure. Come in." I respond, holding the door ajar for her as she strolls in.I shut the door, and stride behind her and recline on the bed, my feet touching the floor as she prepares her stuff.This sure feels special. Ajay getting a doctor for me. I don't know if I should be happy about it or not. "We have to disinfect the wound, miss. This will hurt." She says, bringing up a huge cotton soak
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Peeling my eyes open in a snap, I jerk myself up from the bed. My heart is sprinting. Its pulse is echoing with showers of thuds, and like yesterday, I'm all drenched in sweat, my brain burning.That dream again! Ooh, that...As I battle between going for a sip of water or tucking myself under the duvet again and try to meditate on the perilous nightmares, my trepidations are jolted up by the spectacle of the monster beside me - my real nightmare. I snap my eyes at him after I dry the drips of sweat from my face.He is here, cool like a calm dick, while he watches my victimizations from the nightmares he has brought into my life. Why did my path have to cross with this beast? No, hang on. Rephrase that. How did our paths cross? Why does it seem like he is trying to trigger something with all these heartless evil acts in the last two episodes? "Bad dream again?" He speaks, drowning the remnants of his whiskey and almost smashing the empty glass on the floor before hunching in front of
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