Property of the Dominant Mafia Boss

Property of the Dominant Mafia Boss

By:  Cord3lia  Completed
Language: English
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Brielle Clarke, a shy and anxiety riddled twenty two year old was born into a family with a dangerous lifestyle. However, her father deems her useless to their family and decides to profit off her by selling her to an even more dangerous family. The head of the Russian Mob. Maxim Vasiliev did not ask for a woman in his life but when his father brings Brielle as a present to him, he has no choice but to put her under his care. The ruthless and cold Maxim has no use for her but he knows she is better off with him than with his old predatory father. When these two are forced to live under the same roof with no interest for each other, would they learn to fall in love? Or will the dark past of their respective lives get in between?

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Absolutely loved it. Great book. Would love to read a story in Mikhail or Andrei.
2024-01-28 12:38:11
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Good story!
2024-01-27 09:19:29
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Harry George
The author had me with this one. Absolutely love it!
2024-01-19 17:08:49
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Princess Micah
I love this story! There were no unnecessary chapters and it always kept me on the edge. Going to check out more of your complete books. Good job, author
2024-01-19 16:38:26
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The author is literally Soo talented.. the book is really goood
2023-12-28 20:56:01
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WOW what a great book! Excellent storyline, written well, engaging strong characters, did not drag, kept my interest from start to finish and I didn’t want it to end. Awesome job author and I will be looking for more of your completed work.
2023-11-09 06:28:52
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You’re a talented writer
2023-11-04 21:28:48
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Reeeally really good
2023-10-03 07:04:46
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Delinda Schumacher
89 chapters 8-29-23
2023-08-30 05:20:57
user avatar
I like this story.... I'm hooked
2023-08-27 13:14:28
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Juicy Miss 🥰
So far, this is quite an interesting story. And well written. I'm on chapter 7 and looking forward to more.
2023-07-30 11:23:50
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Great read so far but is the book final?
2024-03-24 23:14:24
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Privacy Document
Its hopeless when you dont give the full Chapters... WASTE OF MONEY
2023-08-10 10:54:46
113 Chapters
1. Family
Brielle Clarke~•~I sighed as I took a step outside my bedroom. It was my haven, and I didn't dare leave unless it was mealtime.It wasn't mealtime right now.My hand was inside the pocket of my sweatpants as I clutched my cell phone tightly. Taking a deep breath, I went down the flight of stairs after checking to make sure no one was around.I was hoping I wouldn't run into anyone. However, as soon as my leg left the last step, I bumped right into someone.Avery shrieked at the surprise bump and pushed me back instinctively. I fell back on the staircase, groaning at the pain that sliced through my back.Biting my lip, I tried to hold back the tears because it hurt like a bitch. I was sure it would leave bruises. "Watch where the fuck you are going, bitch." My sister barked out, and my face flamed in embarrassment as I wondered how they could cuss out loud."I'm sorry." I apologized, not bothering to stand up because she would just push me right back."Next time, I'll put a bullet be
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2. Kidnapped
Brielle Clarke~•~My head was pounding when I woke up, and I could register sitting on cold ground.I opened my eyes to see I was in a small dark empty room. I looked down at my clothes, breathing in relief when I saw that they were intact. What did they want from me? Why was I here?I knew they would be dangerous people, but at least I knew my father was expecting me. He would know something was wrong, and he would start looking for me.As soon as I thought about that, I dipped my hand in all my pockets, not surprised when they came up empty. They had taken away my phone and my headphones.I took another deep breath, willing myself not to panic. I would be safe. My father would come for me. He had a lot of men. He would save me.I let out a surprised shriek when the door suddenly opened, and one of the men from before came inside. He had a scar on the left side of his forehead, almost touching his eye.As he walked toward me, I crawled sideways. "Who are you?" I demanded, trying to
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3. Decision made
Brielle Clarke~•~I stood in front of the said boss, trying my best not to shake in fear. The man from earlier had warned me that his boss was not patient. He had me clean my tears before taking me to him."Turn around." His Italian accent was thick and I could barely understand what he was saying but I turned around, knowing it wouldn't take long for him to take my life if I dared disobey him. I didn't know what he was looking for but he didn't seem satisfied because he sighed."Face me." I had not spoken a word since I was pushed inside this room but that did not mean I didn't have anything to say. I just knew I had to keep my words to myself to avoid death."Take off your clothes."I had accepted my fate because I knew things like this happened in the mafia frequently and the fact that my father sold me out meant I had no one to come to my aid.I wondered if my siblings knew about this. I wondered if my mom did. Would they miss me? Would they even care that I was gone?Before I
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4. The auction
Brielle Clarke~•~Everyone let out a scream at the unexpected shot, including me."Shut the fuck up." The man snapped, holding the gun pointed at us. "If I hear a sound from any of you, you're next."The fear was palpable in the room, but we all tried to be as quiet as possible. I almost let out a whimper but I covered my mouth. No matter how bad my life was about to get, I was not looking forward to death.Satisfied by our compliance, he breathed out. "Number six."Number six was visibly shaking but she tried to keep a bold facade as she walked toward the guard.As soon they left, there were whispers all over the room and my eyes drifted to the dead woman every few seconds, reminding myself that it could have been me.I had to pull myself together. It was not the end of the world. I was only twenty-two. I wouldn't be in their shackles forever. I had a long way to go.Besides, how bad could it be?I cringed internally at the question. It could get very bad very quickly. I knew that.
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5. Our property
Maxim Vasiliev~•~"Would you care to explain what you spent a million dollars from the mafia money for?""Ah!" My father exclaimed, not the least bothered by my question. "I was just about to visit and talk about that."I gritted my teeth in annoyance. I wondered how my father ever ran the mafia by himself. He was so impulsive and could be reckless at times. I hated him, but he was still my father."Pochemu by nam ne pogovorit' ob etom pryamo seychas?" I sighed. "Was it a mistake for me to give you access to the money? It's meant to be for important things, father." [Why don't we talk about it right now?]"Ty takoy plotnyy, son. I bought you a gift." [You're so dense]"A gift," I repeated, knowing it couldn't be anything good. "A gift worth a million dollars.""Yes, you'd like it.""If you wanted to give me a gift, you were meant to spend your personal money, not the business money.""What's done is done. You'd receive your gift tonight. I promise you'd like it."I knew I wouldn't li
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6. Enemy
Brielle Clarke~•~An involuntary whimper escaped my mouth at Mr. Vasiliev's words, making the two men snap their heads toward me. My eyes met the ground immediately."Raise your gaze." I heard the younger man growl out. Barely stopping myself from flinching, I looked up to see that he had his eyes trained on me already.He looked dangerous and the tattoos he had all over his body made me curious about his pain tolerance. I almost had a tattoo once and I chickened out. I didn't know who would be a better choice to stay with but I didn't have to think much about that because it was not my choice.My eyes were locked with his and my breath hitched, unable to look away for some reason. His tongue poked the inside of his cheek as he finally broke eye contact with me, facing his father instead."Ya voz'mu yeye." He finally declared. I did not understand what he said so I could only stare in oblivion.However, the smile that came on his father's face gave me an idea. "Of course, you're goi
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7. Enemy's daughter
Maxim Vasiliev~•~I automatically hated the girl. It did not matter that she had not done anything wrong to me. Her father had crossed me too many times. The stopping me from throwing a knife at his eye was the peace treaty my father had with them.They were the head of the American mafia and in order for us to continue doing business in their country, we had to be nice to them.Edward Clarke often took advantage of that.Wait, did her father even know she was here?I turned around to face her again. Her eyes were everywhere at once, taking in the place. I noticed she didn't talk much and that was one of the reasons I agreed to keep her."Does your father know you're here? How did you end up here?"Her eyes widened at my question, making me raise an eyebrow in irritation."I expect you to speak when I ask a question."I saw her gulp, which oddly satisfied me before she answered. "I— my father, he sold me out."I blinked in surprise. It was true that fathers in the mafia showed tough
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8. Untouched
Brielle Clarke~•~I always knew there was something wrong with me. I must have been cursed during my birth or something. I had bad luck following me around.My siblings loved each other but hated me. My mother did not fail to show her distaste for me at every given opportunity. My father was the only person that cared a little bit about me, but I guess that was just me being delusional because look where I ended up now.In the home of my father's enemy. It was nerve-wracking and scary and I blamed myself for not putting up more of a fight with those men.If I had not taken that route that day, I would not have ended here. If I had not stepped out, I would not be here, but then again, I couldn't go against my father's word.I should have moved out as soon as I turned eighteen. It was obvious they did not care for me since I was a child. Why did I stick around hoping things would change?I took in a deep breath as I looked around the room Mikhail had given to me. It was empty and I had
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9. Punished
Brielle Clarke~•~My eyes went wide at his question and when I did not answer, he stood up with a scoff. "You're getting on my last nerves right now. Stand up."I could see his jaw clenching which told me that he was already angry. Not wanting to anger him more' I hurriedly stood up, putting a bit of space between us.He closed the distance in an instant, backing me up against the wall. My breathing was heavy as his long fingers wrapped around my neck. Was he finally going to kill me? Was he going to strangle me to death?Fortunately, he did not strangle me. Instead, his thumb brushed my neck, making me shiver. "I said to answer when I ask a question. Who fucked you?""N-nobody." My cheeks were bright red and I was certain my neck was the same shade as well. "Then, whose clothes are these? How did you get them?""I was uncomfortable and I ran into Andrei and asked him for some clothes."He paused and looked through my face to make sure I was not lying, but that did not slow down my
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10. Dinner
Chapter TenBrielle Clarke~•~Living with Maxim Vasiliev was not as bad as I thought it would be. Asides the fact that I didn’t have much to do, it was way better than how I used to live.There was no one to throw insults at me every day, no one to threaten to kill me, and definitely no one to stare me down with distasteful looks. I had never been a girl for fashion but with all the clothes in my new closet and being idle, I had taken to trying as many outfits as possible to see how they would fit on me.I tried to listen to Maxim and not wander about. There were a lot of men in the house, which meant whenever I stepped out of my room, I ran into a strange person. It discouraged me from going out and I was certain it pleased the Russian mafia boss.However, I was more than bored today and I had gone through every outfit Marina and I went shopping for, which prompted me to leave my room.I didn’t see much of Marina anyway. I didn’t see much of anybody. Clad in a thick sweatshirt and
Read more Protection Status