One Magical Family

One Magical Family

By:  Morgan Dawson  Completed
Language: English
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The Piper triplets were very different. Not just different from each other, but they were different from everyone else. Halona and Moira are witches, just like everyone else in their family, except for Aria. The third triplet, born without a speck of magic. Due to tragedy they are in a new school in a new town, living with their brother. But when unexplained murders begin popping up around town, strange things start happening to Aria. How is she connected to these murders? Can she find the killer with the help of her family and friends? Can they each manage to find love while also trying to find the person responsible for all the crimes? Or will their story end in even more tragedy?

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Lisa Miley
Great read, would definitely recommend
2021-12-30 22:52:00
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Wow! I’ve just read the first 11 chapters. Besides some minor grammatical edits needed, this story is amazing! Fantastic characters and plot! I’m looking forward to more.
2021-12-12 13:25:03
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Anna Powell
Wow, best story I've read in a minute! Amazing job!!
2021-10-12 08:04:22
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Julia Nora
looking forward for more chapters! is there any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-16 20:23:31
69 Chapters
Aria "As you go out into the world, you will inevitably hear so many conflicting beliefs from so many different people. Everyone has their own personal sets of beliefs, whether you interpret them to be right or wrong. Some try to make others share their beliefs, some simply defend their beliefs, and still, some people have no beliefs at all. They just see things as they are, never delving deeper into life's little mysteries. Those people will never know of my family's existence. Maybe that is a good thing, or maybe it is a shame. Only time will tell..." "The thing about supernatural creatures, or whatever you want to call us, is that we do exist. Yet, very few know of us and even fewer believe in us. We hide in plain sight. Never showing the extent of our powers or the magnitude of our abilities. Never completely being who we are. We are forced to hide our true selves because the humans can not handle our superior existence because they ARE-" "Mr. Bradbury?" A tall, red haired gir
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Moira I see Aria running down the hallway as if the hounds of hell are giving chase to her. She looks extremely flustered and upset. I hear footsteps behind her but they never round the corner. Who the hell was chasing her? They must have heard my voice and hung back, for fear of being identified. I don't know what is going on but I know Aria. She looks freaked out, which isn't like her at all. She typically just lets things go by her without bothering her. But right now, she looks bothered. “Aria!”
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Aria I feel tears welling up in my own eyes and I turn to look at Maddy who has visably paled. He silently leaves the table, following Moira out of the room. We both know that she is going to need him for comfort. Halona is the volatile one, who is all piss and vinegar, ready to give as good as she gets. Moira is the exact opposite. Moira is highly emotional and sometimes overly sensetive. She takes things to heart and gets hurt very easily. Maddy and I are the quiet ones. We tend to keep to the old adage, if you can not say something nice, do not say anything at all. But Maddy also has a bit of my Mom's fiery spirit in him, just like Halona. Mom is where they get that spit-fire temperment. She cou
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Aria   I stare in shock at Mr. Bradbury sitting at my table, in a pair of jeans and a plain tee shirt, laughing at something my brother said. My brother, blissfully unaware of my dismay, introduces me as he waits for me to sit down. Mr. Bradbury stands up as well, clearly trying to act like a gentleman. Mr. Bradbury looks as gorgeous as ever, with his dirty blonde hair pushed back from his face, curling ever so softly. The t-shirt he is wearing strains against his thick muscles and well defined chest. He is so darn mouth watering that I have to fight back a rush of desire that t
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Aria I wake up some time in the early hours of the morning. Blue light filters into the room, casting everything into a hazy shadow. I am on my back and two arms are crossed over my waist as warmth embraces me on both sides. I turn my head slightly to look at Moira on my right, looking peaceful in sleep. On my left is Halona, both of their arms wrapped tightly around me and their hands gripping each other so that the three of us are linked. Connected. The thought gives me comfort and peace.  I vagu
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Aria Before I know it me and my three siblings are tangled in a heap in my floor, arms around each other. I have no idea how long we stayed dog piled like that but eventually we all pull away. The group heads down stairs and I make everyone breakfast. The morning passes normally, even if me and my brother are still a little reserved around each other. Not out of anger but just a general timidness. We don't want to make things worse with each other. We are in a truce and don't want to ruin this nice plain. We'll be back to normal within hours.
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Maddy I really don't want to let her leave the room with that boy. The way he was looking at her was the way that dog looks at a steak. The fact that they are going to her room pisses me off to no end but Cash is right. He leaned over to me and asked what was the worse that they could do with us in the house? He has super hearing and would be able to know if something was happening. Besides, we really do need to get some work done but I was much too distracted by them to listen to Cash's explanations. I was notic
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The next morning dawns and I am already up getting ready for school. It is my senior year and I have to admit, I am so over high school. Despite my perfect grades, I really have no interest in learning. I am a homebody and a nurturer. I love to cook meals for my family, clean the house and take care of everyone. My dreams for the future involve having a family of my own. Maybe opening my own restaurant. I already know that I am not headed for college. It is just not a dream of mine like it is my sisters. I have no gran acedemic aspirations. I am content to make it through school ad then call it quits. 
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Aria   With some effort I manage to get my eyes to open slowly only to find that I am laying face down in the cold, damp dirt. My head is throbbing painfully and I can feel the blood trickling down the side of my face, warm and sticky. I am shivering uncontrollably from both the cold and from the overwhelming fear that I feel. Nausea burns in my stomach and I have to swallow back the bile threatening to rise at any moment. I have to swallow back the sensation, trying to compo
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Aria “Are you okay?” Cash asks me the second he enters my room. I am sitting on the bed sipping a mug of hot chocolate that my brother brought me. Maddy is downstairs making me breakfast and the girls are on their way to school. “I'm okay.” I smile weakly at him. I am still exhausted from the ordeal but I am also embarrassed to have everyone fussing over me as if I am an invalid.
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