Chapter 2631

"In that case, it'll be convenient for you to use the stones to hit me instead. It's fine even if I bleed. But if I'm hospitalized, you'll have to take responsibility," Kevin said.

Hayden exclaimed, "How shameless!"

Kevin chuckled. "I thought you would say my love for you is limitless."

"It's your shamelessness that's limitless."

Kevin laughed.

"Can you sit further away? You'll distract me if you sit across from me." Hayden chased him away, not letting him in front of her. Kevin was too talkative and could easily chat with her about anything and everything. However, even if he could sit there in silence, he would still distract her from working with his intense staring, admiring her as if she were a precious treasure.

"I won't make a sound, so I won't distract you from working."

"Your stare is also distracting."

Kevin was pleased as he asked, "Are you shy to admit you love me, Hayden? You're telling me I'll distract you by sitting here, even if I don't make a sound. If th
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Marena John Lambrou
Those 2 are hilarious! I love it! What about dunk?

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