Chapter 2630

“Kevin, if you sneakily take pictures of me again, I’ll smash your phone.”

Out of the blue, Hayden warned Kevin.

Kevin set down the phone, which was aimed at her for a photo, and chuckled, “Hay, you’re not fully focused on your work. You knew I was taking pictures of you. Either that or you’re paying attention to me while sneakily watching me.”

Hayden did not even lift her head, calmly saying, “Do you think you’re as handsome as me? Or am I watching you because you’re uglier?”

Kevin was speechless.

Kevin could be considered handsome amongst men, but compared to Hayden who was in male attire, he fell short in terms of charisma.

“If you switch back to women’s clothing, grow your hair out, you’d look noble and graceful. Breathtaking. Stunning. It would captivate me and make it hard for me to look away.”

Hayden did not respond.

Seeing that she was not speaking again, after sitting for two minutes, Kevin stood up and walked over to sit in front of her desk. He asked, “Do you want so
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Marena John Lambrou
Kevin is a nut. I love his humor.

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