Chapter 2635

Belinda slapped Hunter ten times, leaving his face bruised and swollen with blood trickling from his nose and the corners of his mouth.

He did not dare fight back.

He endured the wrath of his wife.

Hunter waited until Belinda stopped, then grabbed her hand and asked with a heartbroken expression, “Honey, did you hurt your hand? Are you tired? I’ll help you blow on it.”

Belinda kicked him in the stomach, knocking him to the ground.

“Take both of them away.”

Belinda coldly ordered the two bodyguards to take them home for further punishment.

She would not let anyone who betrayed her off lightly.

The two bodyguards immediately entered the room and dragged the woman out, following Belinda.

Hunter did not need the bodyguards to help him up. He got up from the ground and obediently followed behind Belinda, begging for mercy as he walked, saying that he had been tricked by the woman. He absolutely denied he had been attracted to the woman and that he had come to the hotel with her cou
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Marena John Lambrou
Belinda will get caught killing the mistress and finally go to jail
goodnovel comment avatar
The ......... hits the fan for her sons and Celine. Are body bags cheaper by the dozen?

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