Chapter 2921

Serenity smiled. “It’s normal for you to feel fetal movements. Even though I can feel them sometimes, it doesn’t feel real. It’s easy to be mistaken.”

Although she said so, she still asked to touch Jasmine’s belly.

Taking advantage of the fact that nobody else was in the shop, Jasmine sat behind the cashier, generously letting Serenity touch her stomach. However, the baby was asleep. Serenity lightly caressed Jasmine’s belly but did not get a response.

“Baby might be sleeping. When I woke up, I said I could feel it moving, so Josh also touched my bump. He was amazed when he felt it and interacted with the baby for quite some time. He might have tired the little one out, so the baby’s sleeping now.”

Serenity chuckled and withdrew her hand. She would soon be able to feel fetal movements herself, so there was no need to be jealous of her friend.

The sound of heels came from outside the door.

Soon, they saw a young woman entering the shop. It was the same woman from yesterday, who
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If she done that Zachary would have her put back in prison no doubt about it
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Carrie can’t comment about Serenity she’s turned herself into a whore as she’s Mr Longbottom’s mistress.

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