Chapter 2920

Although Mr. Charles was the primary breadwinner, Mrs. Charles was the one wearing the pants in the family. She managed their finances, and Mr. Charles was more than willing to be bossed around.

Jasmine said, “She rarely scolds you anymore. I haven’t heard her angry voice for some time already.”

Mr. Charles immediately placed a finger against his lips and whispered, “Don’t be so loud. My wife has sharp ears. She can give me an earful right away if she hears you. You’ll be able to hear her angry voice again.”

Serenity and Jasmine laughed with their hands over their mouths.

“I’ll take my leave now.”

Mr. Charles walked away happily.

As Serenity watched him leave, she told Jasmine, “I’m actually envious of Mr. Charles. He’s always in a good mood.”

Life would get better when one had a positive mindset.

“Mr. and Mrs. Charles have a good relationship and a harmonious family. Although their business is small, they’re still doing great.”

Jasmine put her bag down and sat behind the c
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Repetition and boring. What a waste of time and money. Never ending BS.

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