Chapter 2922

Jasmine said, “Yeah. I’ve said it was good when I took the first bite.”

“Let’s split the rest.”

Serenity walked into the kitchen and took a ziplock, putting in half of the gingersnaps Mr. Charles gave.

Jasmine did not stand on courtesy and accepted it.

Carrie hid behind a shelf and observed them, feeling a bit dumbfounded. Have these two women never had cookies before? What was so good about that small and brittle cookie? They even shared it evenly.

Carrie was curious and wanted to try it. How good was the cookie to make these two like it?

However, she was now disguised as Mrs. Longbottom. She was not close to Serenity yet, so she felt embarrassed to ask her for a piece.

“Serenity, Jasmine, are you there?”

A familiar voice came from the outside. Hiding behind the shelf, Carrie turned pale, feeling a little nervous. It was Camryn.

Camryn walked in while holding an umbrella. Behind her were two bodyguards Callum had assigned to protect her. As long as she was not with Callum,
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