Chapter 2930

“Serenity, where is Camryn? Ask her to get the hell out! I know she is in your store. I went to her flower shop and her assistant said she came to your place! How could she do that to me? She gave me a bag of loose change!

“No matter what, I am still her sister. We have the same mother. I might have mistreated her in the past, but she can’t do this to me. I don’t even have money to eat! When I asked for money, she gave me a bag of loose change as if dismissing a beggar!”

When Carrie thought about the bag of money, she was furious.

Serenity and Jasmine heard about this matter from Camryn just now.

Now that Carrie had come to make a fuss about the money, it was hard for Serenity to associate Carrie with the woman who had come to buy books earlier.

Serenity said coldly, “You’ve come at the wrong time. Camryn had gone back. Why, didn’t you bump into each other on the road?”

Carrie snarled, “She takes a luxurious vehicle whenever she goes out. I didn’t even have money for gas, so I
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goodnovel comment avatar
I think I need to get the next update
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This is ridiculous. Carrie and Mr. Longbottom, or whatever his name is, needs to be exposed. This plan of her trying to kidnap another child is driving me nuts.
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Carla Thomsen
this is getting lame and boring ...

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