Chapter 3097

Without a single word, Emma gave Celine a hard slap.

There was a loud smack.

A bright red handprint immediately appeared on Celine’s face.

Even the corner of her mouth was bleeding.

This was not enough for Emma. She repeatedly swung her bag at Celine, cursing and calling her a shameless harlot as she did so.

Celine did not cower in the least and the two hurled each other and rolled on the floor.

The noise of the struggle was loud and because it was a Sunday night, everyone was home.

The neighbors all came out to see what was going on.

When they saw Emma and Celine fighting, they did not dare to interfere, not knowing the circumstances.

In between landing hits, Emma even tore the sexy nightgown Celine was wearing while shouting, “You slut! How dare you seduce my husband? I’m going to destroy you, you shameless harlot!”

The crowd finally figured out the situation. It turned out a wife was confronting the mistress.

A good Samaritan immediately started filming with their phone.

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