Chapter 3098

Whoever Adrian wanted to be with in the future had nothing to do with Emma anymore.

Anyone who wanted her position as the eldest Fisher daughter-in-law—be her guest! She wanted to live!

“Adrian, do you realize what you’re doing?” Caroline rebuked coldly. “You nearly killed Emma!

“Do you think we have no idea of what you and that woman have been doing here?”

Caroline bent down to pick up Emma’s bag and retrieved a stack of photos to throw at Adrian forcefully.

Then, she pulled Emma up and said, “Let’s go home, Emma. We’ll leave this scummy couple to Mom to handle.”


Adrian picked up one of the photos to look at it and he paled.

When he looked up, Caroline was already pulling his wife away.

Adrian did not dare to dally. He hurried to the room to change and rushed back out.

When he spotted Celine who had fainted from Caroline’s strike, he could not care less and ruthlessly left her there.

He did not even close the door behind him.

The spectating neighbors were stru
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