Chapter 3101

“It just happened that you and Celine had ended up… Caroline wasn’t involved in that at all.

“We may not have raised Caroline, but she’s our biological daughter, Hunter. Our blood flows in her.

“You’re always trying to blame her for everything bad that happened. And you call yourself a dad?”

Hunter was speechless from Belinda’s scolding.

After some time, he said, “Was Celine and I… Was it an accident and not a scheme?”

“Yes. If it were a scheme, it would’ve been your beloved eldest son who had set you up. If you can accept that, then you can think whatever of it. I can’t control your thoughts.”

Hunter had no words.

He did not believe that Adrian would set him and Celine up.

Hunter had four children. Before knowing Caroline was his true daughter, his favorite children were Adrian and Celine.

Adrian and Hunter were extremely close.

How could his son have betrayed him and Celine?

It must have been an unfortunate turn of events.

“If you knew it was an accident between Ce
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If I knew how to buy this book I would. Then I could read as much as I wanted. Not what they want me to read

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