Chapter 3100

Celine’s family members were all parasites.

Caroline was not biologically related to them, so it was whatever for them to mistreat Caroline; Celine was their blood, yet they treated her the same. Celine had been spoiled and doted on at the Fishers. How could she withstand such treatment?

They were the ones who killed Celine!

An accidental fall to her death? Jason absolutely did not believe it.

He seriously suspected that Celine had been pushed to her death by her brothers.

In the hospital room, Belinda took a sip of water from the glass Jason had given her to quench her thirst before putting it back down and saying to her bedridden husband, “Hunter, you’ve heard that Celine’s dead, haven’t you?”

Hunter’s haggardness and swollen eyes could fool no one. Not daring to lie, he answered honestly, “I heard last night. Jason even went to Summitview. Celine cracked her head open and died on the spot.

“They said that the paramedics declared her dead at the scene. They didn’t even try to
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Arlene Fruto Bilog
Hunter is a useless shameless father
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope the author will give more stories on Darren pursuing Caroline. And Caroline accepting Darren’s love. They will be a loving couple.

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