Chapter 3103

Jason consoled his Hunter.

He did not dare to look into whether Celine’s death was accidental or if her biological brother had pushed her off.

Belinda had made it clear that Celine’s death was what it was and that no one in the family was supposed to mention her ever again.

Hunter vented his frustration and sadness to his son.

“I’m not going to your place after I’m discharged. I’ll return to the manor. I promise not to offend your mom anymore. I’m already in my seventies. I may be counting down my days, but I’ll be your shelter for as long as I’m alive.

“If I’m around, your mom can vent her anger at me whenever she’s in a bad mood. That way, you boys won’t have to face an angry mother.

“Jason, you and your brothers must be careful from now on. Although Belinda’s your mom, she prioritizes the Fisher family over you all. She can even sacrifice any of you for the family, anytime.

“If you boys don’t want to end up like me or Cece, you must establish a career of your own. If so,
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