Chapter 11

Madeline returned to the empty villa and thought about the divorce papers as well as the reply Jeremy had given her. Her heart was hurting as if it had been sliced by a knife.

She had not thought that Jeremy hated her so much. He was so heartless that he could tell her to abort the baby so easily.

Madeline was afraid. If Jeremy really wanted to do it, what should she do?

At this moment, noises came from the front door. Jeremy was back. He was standing upright and looked elegant.

Madeline was surprised, but she felt even more nervous.

She was scared that Jeremy would force her to abort the child. However, to her surprise, Jeremy neither mentioned the divorce nor the abortion. On the other hand, he reminded her to go back to Whitman Manor with him the coming day as his wife because it was his mother’s 50th birthday.

This surprised Madeline. Did this mean that he was trying to accept her?

However, her extravagant hopes were crushed by him immediately. The man’s eyes were cold and s
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Comments (15)
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Hermie Cajigan
love versus hate
goodnovel comment avatar
Florian Banot Gelacio
I don't appreciate dumb characters like madielyn. She's always been set-up for lies and troubles and yet can"t do anything. she should leave her husband andnot make herself more pitiful.
goodnovel comment avatar
Crystal Mauldin
I have not finished the story because honestly I can't stomach it anymore. This is not a romance story! This is a story about a very abused pregnant woman.

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