Chapter 9

Madeline felt so unwell it was as if her heart had been sliced a thousand times by a knife. “Jeremy, I’m telling the truth!”

“To me, nothing is more important than Meredith’s feelings. What rubbish are you spewing?”

His comeback was unfathomable. It was so straightforward it stabbed Madeline’s heart like a sharp sword.

So, to him, the truth was not important. The important thing was that he loved Meredith and that fact trumped everything.

She felt her heart sink like a rock. It was as if she had lost all hope and could only yearn for this man.

Madeline smiled lamentably and said, “Alright, I’ll apologize.”

She endured the debilitating pain in her body and bowed her head to apologize to Meredith.

She saw Meredith smirking in secret. That victorious smile was extremely dazzling to her.

She had never thought that Jeremy would ignore the truth for Meredith. The only reason was that he loved her. He loved her so much.

In the days that followed, Madelin never saw Jeremy again.

She wanted to find a job to lift her spirits; she did not want to torture herself merely because Jeremy did not love her anymore.

Madeline had studied jewelry design and graduated with flying colors. She sent out her resume online, and after a while, two companies invited her for interviews. After comparing the two companies, Madeline chose the company that was closer to home.

She thought she could use th work to distract herself, but she still could not help but think about Jeremy.

Despite how much he resented and despised her.

The early autumn nights were a little chilly, so the employees in the company had already clocked off work. On the other hand, Madeline had stayed back in the office alone to finish up her work.

If she went home, she would still be all alone. Hence, she would rather stay there and numb herself with work.

It was almost ten and Madeline was feeling a little hungry.

She touched her stomach and remembered that she was housing a child in her womb. All of a sudden, she felt warm and satisfied.

When she was about to leave, her phone’s custom ringtone rang.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat, and she grabbed her phone frantically.

The name on the caller ID looked surreal.

Jeremy was calling her voluntarily. After Madeline hesitated for a while, she answered the call happily.


“Ah… Yeah, Jeremy, you’re so amazing. I love you…”

The moans of a woman were heard from the other side of the phone. It penetrated Madeline’s ears and was followed by the low groan of a man.

Madeline held the phone in her hand while she felt as if her heart had plummeted from heaven to hell. An uncontrollable pang of pain attacked her heart instantly.

She quickly hung up the phone, wanting to wipe those voices from her memory. However, tears had already started escaping her eyes uncontrollably.

She dragged her tired body back home and took out a bottle of red wine from Jeremy’s liquor cabinet.

After a few gulps, Madeline finally did away with this method of torture. She could not let the baby in her stomach suffer with her.

However, Madeline still got drunk in the end. In her drowsy state, she saw the man she had loved for 12 years walk toward her.

He was tall and super good-looking. His temperament and looks were incredibly outstanding. This was the man that she yearned day and night for. This was the man that she loved but could not get.

Madeline threw away her glass and stumbled toward Jeremy. She circled her arms around his neck and lifted her red, drunk face to look at him.

“Jeremy, I won’t allow you to be entangled with other women. If you need anything, you can come to me. I’m your wife!”

She was about to go all out. She was saying something lowly that she had never said before.

Madeline loved him. She loved him to the bone. She could throw away all dignity and arrogance for him.

Jeremy was frustrated and pushed her away in disgust.

Nonetheless, Madeline was like toffee. She threw herself at him again and even began trying to remove his clothes. Next, she tiptoed and tried to kiss him.

She smelled the pungent smell of perfume on him. It was the perfume that Meredith used.

Nevertheless, she forced herself to ignore the smell and continued to behave in a wanton manner.

Perhaps this was the last chance for her to get some affection from him. She was willing to become the cheapest and most shameless woman he had ever seen. She only wanted to save some beautiful memories before she left...
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Lawanda Foster
It's torturous to read about her taking all that abuse without fighting back.
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Julieta Costa
eu quero em português, é possível?
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Amanda King
She’s pregnant and getting drunk? Hella stupid and why stay married to someone who hates you? Again stupid just walk away already

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