Chapter 8

What a spectacular performance. Madeline could not find any mistakes in the performance that she had put on.

It was just that Madeline had not expected Meredith to be pregnant as well.

However, was Meredith’s child Jeremy’s?

Madeline remembered that Meredith had slept with a tramp after accidentally entering the wrong room in her plan to harm her three months ago. If she really was pregnant, the father of the child was still up for discussion.

Nevertheless, Madeline could not deny that Jeremy had always spent the night with this woman.

When she thought about this, the pain in her heart started to spread.

However, that pain could not compare to the pain she felt when she saw Jeremy holding Meredith gently with so much affection and care.

Meredith covered her face and cried pitifully.

“Jeremy, don’t blame Maddie. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you. On the other hand, I hope you can talk to Maddie so that she won’t hurt our baby…”

When Meredith mentioned the child, Madeline could clearly see the changes in Jeremy’s expression.

Jeremy swiftly lifted his head to look at her intensely. His cold gaze shot at her as if it were a knife made from ice.


Jeremy was livid.

He had never called her name in a gentle manner. Whenever he called her, his tone would be laced with intense hatred or rage.

“She forced me.” Madeline was trying hard not to break down. “Jeremy, don’t be fooled by her. That woman is not who you think she is, she…”

“Shut up!” He interrupted coldly. His deep voice was laced with a dangerous aura. “Did you hit Meredith just now?”

Madeline bit her dry lips. “Yes.”

She admitted it openly and saw Meredith break into a smirk; the latter felt very pleased with herself behind Jeremy.

At this moment, Jeremy’s eyes were filled with the fire of rage. They looked like they could not wait to burn Madeline alive.


He slapped Madeline across the face. She was utterly stunned.

Consequently, she tasted blood in the corner of her mouth. It was bitter and tart.

Subsequently, she felt tears sting her eyes as they rolled down her cheeks after her eyes failed to hold their weight.

He had slapped her.

All this while, he had never been concerned about her. He even despised her. However, he had never once hit her.

“Get over here and apologize to Meredith!”

Jeremy ordered. His handsome face was covered with a layer of frost. However, there was an ominous glint in his eyes that Madelin could not understand.

After Meredith was done feeling pleased with herself, she walked forward aggrievedly. “Jeremy, it’s fine. Maddie and I are sisters after all. I don’t need her to apologize to me. It’s my fault. After all, you guys are married. I shouldn’t have any contact with you, but I can’t help myself from wanting to see you…”

“Meredith, stop pretending. This is all part of your plan!”

Madeline swallowed back her tears and exposed Meredith without hesitation.

Meredith was crying with a pained expression on her face. “Maddie, how can you accuse me like that? Why have you become like this?”

“I’ve become like this because a two-faced b*tch like you made me see the truth!”


The man next to them was furious. He grabbed Madeline who was sitting on the bed and pulled her toward Meredith.

“Apologize!” He forced her.
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Ugh Idk but Madelines somehow pissing me off .. divorce already
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Iekha Faz
me too... happened the same thing. wasted a lot.
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What a bastard, just divorce this stupid man, he doesn’t deserve you at all.
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