Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

By:  Eggsoup  Completed
Language: English
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Set up by her husband’s muse, Sylvia Ross received the divorce papers while she was pregnant. She did not try to salvage the marriage because not only did he have her slapped sixty times but he even tried to take her child away!“Odell Carter, have you never loved me at all throughout these years?” she asked.His reply was uncaring and cruel. ”I’ve only ever felt nothing but hatred for you.”Three years later, Sylvia Ross was born anew after the baptism by fire. She returned to Westchester City with the daughter whose existence she kept secret all this time.Upon encountering her again, Odell tried to force himself into her life. “Let’s get married.”Sylvia could only chuckle. “Sorry, that ship has sailed.”

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Sylvia Ross was forced to divorce when she was pregnant because her husband was captivated by a woman. He slapped her and even wanted to take their kids away. After experiencing the torment of this marriage, she decided to give birth to the kid and brought her up alone by working hard. Three years later, she returned to the city where she had lived with him. He should ask her to marry him again. Will Sylvia Ross agree with him? Details can be found in Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife.

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default avatar
Great story! I would recommend it
2023-10-31 14:38:44
user avatar
Charmaine Box
Amazing book
2023-10-23 05:43:15
user avatar
Phethani Morotoba
I hate how odell's treat Sylvia ............
2023-09-27 21:04:51
default avatar
Rayna Pelkonen
Over 400 chapters later and Silvia is still being tortured. Odell is a sadist and suffers no consequences for his actions. Tara gets away with everything. If you like the FL to be helpless and tormented, the ML to be blind and incapable, the mistress to be a winner for hundreds of chapters read now
2023-09-23 23:53:00
default avatar
I stopped reading now. You are glorifying rape and abuse. Care not if it's fiction
2023-08-20 04:15:57
default avatar
I’m loving it so far
2023-08-04 19:41:01
user avatar
Sharize Llona
Love the story. Thank you author for this.
2023-06-29 01:30:07
user avatar
ruth enebeli
My best novel
2023-06-12 20:31:14
user avatar
Hey can anybody tell me what happened to sylvia and odell? As I had already left the story long time back.
2023-06-05 16:25:16
user avatar
Banesa Chavez
So I like the book… I don’t like how people interfered to ruin a relationship and family… I alway want them to be happy for ever…
2023-06-05 14:57:44
user avatar
Jennifer Felita Do
The author should have written an epilog for this novel because it truly deserves one or two.
2023-05-24 17:33:52
user avatar
Eugenia Mu
where's flint's story? it's unfair that you write for Liam and Isabel and not flint
2023-05-23 19:19:26
user avatar
Jennifer Felita Do
how does everyone know the novel is finished?
2023-05-23 19:01:25
user avatar
Romantic idiot
why completed it so suddenly? ... was looking forward to Flint's story. kindly coverup in part 2 or something.
2023-05-23 04:13:27
default avatar
So the novel is finally completed with Isabel’s story! No story on Flint though. But still nice one.
2023-05-23 03:09:37
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2210 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Congratulations, Mrs. Carter, you’re having a pair of twins.” The gynecologist handed the ultrasound report to Sylvia. Sylvia took the sheet with trembling hands. Twins! Odell must be ecstatic to hear of this piece of news. Sylvia thanked the gynecologist earnestly before leaving the hospital with her copy of the report. She entered the car. The driver promptly asked, “Madam, would you like to head home?” With a flick of her hand, Sylvia instructed, “Take me to Victoria Lake Villa.” The driver hesitated. “Are you sure, madam? That’s where—“ Sylvia cut him off and said with a steely gaze in her eyes, “I’m sure.” The driver sighed silently and began to steer the car toward the direction of Victoria Lake Villa which was located southwest of Westchester City. Victoria Lake Villa was an extremely upper-class residence area developed in recent years in Westchester City. There were only ten sparse villas in the community, one of which was owned by the Carters. However,
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Chapter 2
Sylvia was kicked out of the property shortly after Odell left with Tara in his arms.She was swiftly placed under house arrest after returning home, forbidden to leave the house for any reason other than when she needed to perform her routine pregnancy checkup. This was also the same period when she received the divorce papers. After that, Sylvia never saw Odell again—until a month after she gave birth. It was before noon, and Sylvia was spending time with her children in her room when she heard Tara’s voice drifting in from outside."Aunt Tonya, I'm here to pay Sylvia and her child a visit. Please excuse me.” Aunt Tonya stood in front of the door and voiced her unfiltered discontent, "You aren't welcome here. Get out!” Tara sneered, “Odell already signed the divorce papers with Sylvia some time ago, and I will be marrying him soon. That means I’m going to be the boss of this place soon enough. Don’t you think you’re the one who should scram?” Aunt Tonya was so exasperated
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Chapter 3
Sylvia felt a terrible throb in her heart. She looked at Odell, the man that she had adored for more than a decade, who now looked back at her with complete indifference and disdain. Not only did he not believe Sylvia's explanation, but he even wanted to have her slapped sixty times for Tara’s sake. Sixty slaps would ruin her face entirely. Sylvia cried out, “Odell, why don't you break my legs or something? Anything but my face!” She pleaded on the verge of tears. Odell only pursed his lips. This time, it was Tara who tugged his arm. “Forget it, Odell. She only hit me six times. You’re going to ruin her face if you have her slapped sixty times. Besides, my face hurts and we'd better get to a hospital.” Perhaps it would have been better if she had not said anything at all. Odell promptly commanded the bodyguards, “Do it now!” The two bodyguards would not dare disobey Odell and immediately held Sylvia down. Sylvia did not have the strength to resist and was forced onto
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Chapter 4
Three years later. “Oh my God, look, it’s Isabel Ross!” “She’s even cuter in person than she is on TV!” “Little Belle, look over here! I love you!” Sylvia, who was holding Isabel in her arms, was not expecting to be immediately swarmed by people at the airport the moment she disembarked the plane.She quickly lowered the brim of her hat and inspected her mask to see if she had worn it properly over her face. Meanwhile, safe in her arms, Isabel started making queer little gestures. She raised her little chubby hands and aimlessly pointed them at the crowd surrounding them, her cartoon-like large eyes blinking every now and then. The gathering crowd cooed."My God! She’s so cute I could die!” “Little baby, can I be your mommy?!” A sea of fans formed in no time and a bold group of fans chased after them.Isabel waved to them and told them, “Hello, everyone, I already have a mommy! Since you’re all so young, you should all be my sisters instead.” The group of fans wh
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Chapter 5
Her subtle grin was icy and enchanting. There was an initial look of shock in Odell’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced by a dark cloud that was cast over them. “You dare to threaten me? Do you have a death wish?” To think that in these three years where they have not met, she had grown into such a fierce creature! His menacing expression was the same as the look he had three years ago when Tara had suffered the unfortunate miscarriage. It was the same look as the one he had when he ordered to have Sylvia slapped sixty times after she gave birth. All these past events that had been gathering dust suddenly raced through her mind. Sylvia was rather taken aback. With a faint smile, she suddenly pressed the razor blade harder into Odell’s flesh.The razor blade immediately sliced through the dermis of his skin, so fresh blood slowly oozed out of the cut. She smiled grimly and stated, “Master Carter, you’re the one with a death wish if you still refuse to let go of me.” O
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Chapter 6
Isabel noticed the doubt in his eyes. She proceeded to produce a mahogany amulet in the shape of a tiny fist and presented it to Liam. The amulet immediately caught his attention. Isabel raised the question innocuously, “Don’t you have something that looks like this too?” Liam nodded. He certainly did. It was stashed inside a drawer in his room. According to the words of his grandmother, it was gifted to him by someone very close when he was born. Isabel began to explain, “It was Mommy who carved these amulets herself. She said that we loved holding hands since we were born, which was why she made two small fists for each of us. She said that the two fists can be combined." Liam took the amulet and caressed its surface. It was identical to the one he had at home. He studied Isabel. She tilted her head to one side and regarded him with a brilliant smile. Liam pursed his lips, and the faint shadow of a smile began to surface on his lips. He asked, "What's your name?
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Chapter 7
Shortly after that, inside a private room on the second floor of the Elysian House, Odell was seated next to Tara while Sylvia and her two colleagues sat with them at the table. Perhaps due to Odell’s intimidating aura, both of Sylvia’s colleagues kept their heads low and did not dare to utter a word or make any sort of movement.From the moment he sat down, he had been staring fixedly at Sylvia without any attempts to conceal his gaze. Sylvia shifted uncomfortably as he watched her like his prey in this manner. She felt she had to say something. “Master Carter, it’s quite inappropriate for you to keep staring at me like this with your wife sitting right by your side.” Odell chuckled softly. “After three years, it doesn’t seem like you’ve changed all that much apart from the attitude you’ve developed.” Sylvia returned his snark response, “Well, I’ll have to thank the sixty slaps you gave me for that.” Odell’s lips twitched as his face darkened. It was as if he could not
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Chapter 8
The mother, son, and daughter trio hugged for some time before breaking up. Sylvia sat on the floor with them and listened to Isabel narrate her meeting with Liam in kindergarten. After she finished telling her story, she turned up to her mother with her chubby face and seemed like she was expecting praise. Sylvia smiled and lowered herself to plant a kiss on her daughter’s cheeks. “Good work, Isabel.” Isabel chuckled. Liam suddenly turned to Sylvia as well with his cheeks that resembled two freshly baked buns. He always wore a quiet, discrete look on his face. His large eyes were like pearls as he stared at his mother expectantly. Sylvia immediately kissed him on the cheeks as well. “Liam, good work too.” Liam pursed his lips and smiled shyly. Sylvia proceeded to ask him, “Liam, could you tell us about your life at home?" She wanted to know about his life in the past three years. If it turned out that Tara mistreated Liam, she would do everything in her power to
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Chapter 9
In the black car that was speeding down the road, Liam sat in his child seat and was staring straight ahead. He said, “No need to pick me up tomorrow. I'm going to have dinner there. I'll go home with Uncle Ben and Uncle Jacob after dinner.” Uncle Ben and Uncle Jacob were the bodyguards responsible for safeguarding him. He was telling this to Odell, who was sitting next to him. Odell frowned, looking a little displeased by this. The child had always spoken with a commanding tone, and it seemed like he would never accept any form of questioning once he had announced something. One would wonder where he learned such manners from. Truly, he was Odell’s flesh and blood. Odell scowled and stated sternly, "Don't play till too late, and remember to come home early." It seemed like Liam did not hear what he said. His eyes continued staring ahead of him while his mind was still filled with thoughts about the time he spent with his mother and sister. 'My mommy is so gentle and
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Chapter 10
At Sylvia’s residence, after sending Liam off, she brought Isabel inside and spent the better half of the day coaxing her. No matter what she did, the kid continued pouting and was in a dismal mood. Sylvia was running out of ideas. It was right then that Isabel’s phone rang. Liam was calling. She immediately picked up the call. Sylvia could not tell what was said on the other end of the phone, but a wide smile quickly surfaced on the kid’s face and she immediately beamed with joy. She was chanting repeatedly, “Okay, okay, let’s meet tomorrow!” Sylvia was clueless.Shortly after, Isabel hung up the phone and jumped into Sylvia's arms while exclaiming enthusiastically, "Mommy, Brother will pick me up tomorrow, and we will play at his house! He told me that there is no need to worry because he won’t let them find out that I’m your dear daughter and that I’m his sister.” Sylvia was shocked by this piece of information. She never expected Liam to take such an approach. Pe
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