Mated To Luna

Mated To Luna

By:  Angela YuleyruHunx  Ongoing
Language: English
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A powerful alpha? A powerful female alpha? Or should it be the most powerful and respected female alpha? So respected, even by her haters. Alpha Deluna Hansen is the typical american italian beauty, but not a human. Be in her human form, she's a angel with the killer curves. Be in her wolf self, she's fierce and strong. Alpha Luna enjoys the peace of her pack and not being interrupted by attacks. But she misses just one thing: a mate. She's desperate to find one and even more desperate to fulfill her promise. All desires to be with her mate dies when she finds out she's mated to a weak human, and she only finds the mating topic disgusting. But a vow is barely breakable. Luna is obliged by her vow to go after her mate and make him hers. No matter what, she's bound to present him as her Lord before she clocks twenty five. But what happens when she realizes her mate is just the exact opposite of what she imagined him to be? And when she finds out she's the weak one in actual?

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57 Chapters
Deluna Hansen. "Alpha, we have the spies in the dungeon already." Zia tells me, walking into the office with her heeled boots making clicks against the floorboards. I drop my pen and look up, "Perfect," I compliment their achievement and she smiles. "Beta Samuel specifically took part in that only for your love. You should give him a try, Alpha." Zia says jokingly but my wolf doesn't take it as a joke. I fight the urge to pounce on her and remind myself she's my beta. I calm my wolf down and stand up, dropping the paper sheet on the desk. "Say anything, but don't step a foot out of the office. And you might just want to tell Damien to prepare for a gorgeous dinner." Her pretty blonde eyes gleam at the mention of his name. Clearly, she has feelings for the vampire every other person in the pack counts to be rogue, "Or you might like to offer yourself to him as dinner."  "Alpha!" Her voice is scol
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Has A Mate
Deluna Hansen.  "It's nice to have you here, alpha Hansen." But I can barely mistake the hatred in his voice as love and the contemptuous smile on his face as a good one. A plan for tonight? Oh yeah, it's full moon tonight. " And you make me wonder, why the hell would you organize such an important party during full moon?" But I don't wait for him to reply. I cover up my scorn for him and put on a smile. "See you around, Caleb." I challenge him to a raging fight by calling him directly with his first name to see his reaction. I smirk when I see his eyes almost glowing. I like this, always loved it. "Don't spoil the party, Caleb." I wink at him and move back. I turn my still weak self around and trudge to the bar. "Valpolicella, please." I give my order as I slip into a bar stool. "Italian?" The red haired bartender tries to start a conversation and being aware of the fact th
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She Wants To Reject
Deluna Hansen. But he gives me no time to say another word as he pulls away and glares down at me. "Wear the dress already. We're going for hiking, Alpha." That wasn't the least nice but then, he'd add a little respect by calling me Alpha. And even if I was going to protest, there was no way he would listen to it because he left the room just as the words left his mouth. And hiking doesn't sound bad, quite romantic! Except for the fact that I'm kidnapped here in Cinque Terre, all the damned way from New York, by a human mate. I turn around and walk to where he had dumped the bag. I pick it up and make my way upstairs again.  "You haven't tell me where the hell we're going and it's been minutes since we've been walking past this deserted route!" I rant at my human mate. I hate this_ being controlled by one human. It doesn't make sense, even to me, that almighty alpha obediently hikes with a human. But then, I need to make peace with my m
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But Then,
Deluna Hansen. "What about your marriage with Ms Williams? When it's going to be?" "Marriage?" I wrinkle my brows as I try to grasp in the meaning of that word. His marriage with one Ms Williams? WTH, my mate is getting married! He turns his gaze to me but takes it away immediately. Whatever his old man says is true, he's getting happily married soon! But how dare he...?! " Let's not talk about that now, Elio. We should have dinner already." He rasps out, shunning his old man and I bite my lips. Seriously? My wolf is starting to get hurt... He's getting married. "Sure, but she called me last night and asked if..." "Elio!" The old man almost flinches as he shuts up and gawks at the table. "Sorry." He lets out and urges, "Let's have lunch already, it's Mary's best."But I would rather calm myself down than sit and have a meal while trying to accept the fact that my hot human
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She Can Only Wish
Deluna Hansen.  "What were you saying, alpha?" His voice is mocking, of my relented self and I hate it that I'm unable to control my feelings with him. When he brings his face even more closer, I dock mine to the back and can't be more glad when he releases me. " Speak up, Luna. I have something to attend to." Wow, he even knows my name! So damn perfect. " I want to go back to New York." No, that sounds stupid, just like I'm really a subject of his. After thinking of a better rephrase, I open my mouth and talk, "Take me back to New York."That wasn't a better rephrase but at least, the tone was better and it should do for it. I never made a request, that was a command. He sighs and moves back. "Too bad, I won't be listening to your command. There's a reason I brought you here to Italy and if we aren't going to find out that reason, then none of us is getting out of this place either." Wit
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Pleasing My Wolf
Deluna Hansen.  He pulls away and for the first time, he feeds me one of his smiles, "Missed me already, Luna?"  I frown at the familiar pride lacing in his voice and I move back, "Well, I didn't. You walked out after depriving me of my right to get back to my family. I mean who the hell does that?!" I snap, being careful to use the word 'family' instead of 'pack'. He chuckles and says, "No other man than the man standing right before you, of course! Oh Luna..." But hearing his name called from the other room by either his old man or Mary gets him distracted and he abandons his sentence just to go meet his caller. I watch him disappear through the kitchen's door and turn around when Summer won't stop clearing her throat noisily. When I turn my attention to her, she wears that naughty smirk and leans closer as if to say something, "C'è qualcosa tra voi ragazzi, Zia?" Damn, what the he
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Deluna Hansen. "You look hot." My mate tells me causing an appreciating smile on my lips and causing my wolf to react happily. "Grazie." I tell him with the most sweetest voice I can fake in the moment. And I urge him once more, "Let's get going already." "Tell me about the party?" I demand the moment he drives out into the road and he throws me a short glimpse before speaking up, "It's the kind of party you should like, that type of party where most of its attendants are binded by hatred, mock and contempt." "That type of party that'll likely end up in a fight and earn me a new opponent." I correct him and he nods. But something hits me again, something rather important and I turn my gaze at him. "What'll you be doing at such party?"  "Because you think I'm human and weak?" He retaliates and I bite my bottom lip, trying to contain my anger within myself. No one dares answer my question with a q
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Smacks and Smooches!
Deluna Hansen. When I pull away, I'm surprised when I see those fangs and eyes similar to that of Damien. Vamp! What the hell, I wasn't so crazy as to kiss a vampire, was I?! Damn me, twice! He smirks at my expression and winks before walking off. My wolf starts to scold me and curse me about kissing another man that's not my mate, and especially a rival creature. It wasn't my fault, only if my mate didn't have to annoy me so much. Well, I try to think that way but deep down, I'm bothered... Bothered about the reason behind the smirk the vampire held! What if he's gonna harm me or my pack? Or he needed a kiss from me to make a spell?! Hell, no! What was I thinking?! And why the hell did I suddenly go so soft to allow a human rule over me?! Seriously, where the hell has my alpha self gone?! Just where the hell?! I tense when I feel those hot breathe fan my neck and that very familiarly fascinating scent hits me as my wolf's mood becomes enlig
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Deluna Hansen. The bright sun rays are the first thing that greets me the moment I blink my lids open. I groan and roll over to the other side of the surface with little light, with my eyes still closed. "Awake?" His husky voice turns out to be the first melody I'll listen to in the day and it only brings me memory of our hot lovemaking last night... Lovemaking?! Oh now, that's the wrong word but I definitely don't know what to call it. There was foreplay! My wolf starts to chuff for the fact that it had an intense contact with its mate. Well, I haven't mark him yet but lastnight was surely enough to bribe that from it for the while. "Morning," he greets me as I sit up, grabbing the duvet as a cover for my naked chest, "how are you?" Worries? He isn't kidding me right now, is he?! I'm Alpha... Why should he expect me to feel pain after fucking the whole night? And to say, that wasn't even my first time. 
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Deluna Hansen. Ever since I spent the first night here, I knew he didn't really like me but I never thought he would be so furious as to poison my breakfast. And now, I'm beginning to wonder why he has to use the wolfsbane. You aren't going to tell me he knows about me not being human? No. Trying to think he knows about me being a wolf is just as stupid as it sounds. My mate wouldn't turn foolish and cruel to inform another human that I ain't one of them. Or you wouldn't tell me that he's just as sensible and smart as my mate so it shouldn't be a wonder if he knows I'm a wolf. Now, that's even more of a crap. But putting that asides,I just found out (that) that buddy would do anything just to get rid of me. Even commit murder. And he's quite the smart type. That is to tell me I don't have to trust him with anything, not even with my mate. But this_his murdering attempt_ is remaining a secret between him and I. Forever.  I sigh and stand
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