Mated To The Beastly Alpha

Mated To The Beastly Alpha

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WARNING: WARNING: This book contains violence, explicit words, and sex. Some words that might not be liked by others. Reader's discretion is advised. Liam Hallows was a beast that everyone feared, ruthless, and filled with anger. He was born to torment his oppressors and hates the word mate or love. His ideal type is a one-night stand, fvcks and never to be heard of again. What happens when Liam had a one-night stand with a girl who he accidentally imprinted on, a mistake he dreads his entire life? Nicole Mallory, the perfect luna who was loved and adored by all except her mate. She was forced to watch her mate have s3x with different omegas as a punishment for being given to him as a source to pay her parent's debts. Too much pain and agony had her drinking in the bar and ending up in bed with a total stranger who wanted her but he was the same, exactly like his mate. Would Liam be able to win the heart of the girl he imprinted on or would she be able to tame the beast that is ready to devour her?

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when can more chapters be updated please, I'm hooked
2023-08-11 07:57:48
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Tension clouded Nicole's emotions as she felt rage and bitter pain. She gritted her teeth and bit her lips until it bled. Her swollen, blotchy face brightened with a mixture of sweat and tears dripping from both her eyes and forehead. Her blood-sodden body was chained to a chair. She heaved, her teeth clattered in fear with her claws buried deep into her lap.She looked like hell, yet her appearance was an understatement of what was going on in her head. Her wolf raged in her head, her chest was heavy with pain and her heart felt like it was being diced with cutlery. She sunk her claws into her lap because physical pain was better than everything going on in her head.Hot, loud, and throaty moans filled the air as a hunky man fucked a frilly blonde while kissing a red-haired woman and fondling her breast. Nicole wanted nothing but to close her eyes and shut out the gore she was witnessing, but she wouldn't dare. She could easily snap the chains that held her and rip out the throat of
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Nicole groaned as she pushed herself off the bed. She didn't understand the type of wet dreams she had just had, neither did she understand how she made it home. Normally when she tried to drown herself in alcohol, she passed out in the bar and woke up early the next morning in the same spot.She rubbed her eyes, wondering why she was still wet and why her core throbbed. She cracked her eyes open and found herself in an unknown room. Her eyes flew open, and her heart raced. Memories of the night before crashed into her head.She had been drunk as hell and a stranger stole her drink and cleared her tab, but because she was mad she pursued him and–She was taken back to the alley, where he laughed and hovered over her.“I didn't expect you to take the bait,” He muttered, his voice electrifying her nerves.He sniffed her neck and let out a deep groan. Nicole swallowed the moan that threatened to erupt from her.“You know, when ladies come after me they come to seduce and thank me for cl
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Liam paced around in his suit restlessly. It had been three days since he had been with the brown-haired and hazel-green-eyed girl, yet he was still plagued by memories of her. He ruffled his hair and folded his arms as he walked from one edge of his room to another.All this was happening because he was so intoxicated by her, that he had lost control that night and marked her. But he had been with a couple of girls in the past and had gotten over it immediately. This one stayed with him like a permanent stain just because he had made a mistake and marked her.He growled in frustration as he remembered how her expression crumpled when he chased her out the next morning. This was the first time he had felt guilt for any of his actions and it irritated him. He had done worse to other girls, so why did her sad expression haunt him?“Fuck,” he growled, smashing his fist into the wall.All this shit wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gotten drunk and carried away after he had destroyed t
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Immediately after Alpha Liam left, Nicole fell to the ground shuddering and gulping in air. That was the most intense moment of her life. What the hell did that devilishly good-looking man have over her? Why was her body melting under his touch and gaze even after he had said the worst words anyone had said to her in a long time?"Breathe in, breathe out, " she huffed, fanning her hot face. He also made the most ridiculous statement she had heard in a while. What did he mean by that statement ‘she was going home with him?’He may be an Alpha, the most ruthless Alpha known to the werewolf world, but Shane was her mate. Despite the disparaging treatment he was giving her, she was still his. They were fated mates."Just breathe," she muttered to herself and placed her hands on her beating heart to calm it.She couldn't understand why, despite all the assuring words and thoughts she was giving to herself, she still felt afraid. Her body trembled, her heart thrashed within her chest, and h
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Liam's wolf seethed with anger as it observed the scene before them. Liam couldn't comprehend why his wolf was acting this way, and it only served to irritate him further. He knew he needed to distance himself from the situation, to forget about the woman who had stirred such intense emotions within him before he did something reckless.The encounter in the dressing room had been exhilarating, a game of teasing and desire. Liam yearned for her, but he planned to bide his time until he had her right where he wanted, to then release himself from her grip. However, that didn't mean he didn't fantasize about tearing apart anyone who stood between them, particularly Shane, and eliminating any trace of male scent from her until he had satisfied his own desires."Alpha," James interjected, appearing at his side, "we've thoroughly searched for the girl you described, but found no trace."Liam smirked and gestured towards the PDA in response."Oh.""Yeah.""She's the Luna of Crimson, for fuck'
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"Do you realize that we are in front of a lot of people?" Nicole asked the outspoken omega in front of her.She was exhausted. All she wanted was to slip away, find a quiet place, and hide until the party was over so she could retreat to her bed and sleep. She could sense Shane's watchful eyes observing her every move. That wasn't the worst part; she could also feel Alpha Liam's piercing gaze on her"Look, I don't care about anything. I just want you to know that I heard about what you did today in the dressing room, and I want you to know that I'm not afraid of you. You can't intimidate me like you do to all the other girls. That one girl, I've forgotten her name, came out crying and trembling like a leaf. Other girls had similar reactions afterwards. You're lucky I wasn't with them; I would have put an end to your nonsense.The girl saying this towered over Nicole, both in height and size. Although she didn't usually participate in Shane's encounters with the other girls, she was pa
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Liam ground his teeth in frustration as he waited for Shane to stumble into the dark corner where he lay in wait. The drug his pack member had slipped into his drink had already started to take effect. While Liam should have felt a sense of triumph that he was about to confront Shane, an unexplainable anger burned within him."We've obtained information about the anonymous allies of Crimson," James said, emerging from the shadows.Liam grunted and nodded, but his focus remained fixed on the intoxicated Shane, who had clumsily bumped into another table, causing a commotion."There's something else you should know," James spoke tentatively.Liam raised an eyebrow, briefly diverting his attention to James. "I can sense the worry in your voice. What's the problem?""They have unanimously decided to kill you here. Our findings suggest that leaving Crimson alive would be a grave mistake," James explained.Liam chuckled, a smirk playing on his lips. "Then I won't sign the treaty tomorrow. Bu
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Nicole stayed up all night because she expected Shane to barge into her room and give her the beating of her life. Terror kept her awake. She couldn't dare close her eyes because she knew how mischievous Shane and his bandwagon of female omegas could be. She knew what they were capable of. Her previous encounters with them when they discovered her asleep were hauntingly horrific. However, despite staring at the ceiling throughout the night, Shane never came. It was during the early hours of dawn that exhaustion finally overcame her, and she drifted into a restless slumber.Just an hour later, an unexpected visitor forcefully burst into her room. It was Shane's Beta."Wake up!" he growled. "Alpha Shane is missing." Those words instantly jolted Nicole awake, pulling her from the depths of her sleep."W-what?" she mumbled groggily."Where was he last night?" The Beta's fear permeated the air, intensifying her own terror. Her wolf instincts started to go haywire inside her mind. Her mate
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Liam pretended to tour around Crimson, ever alert to potential threats and strategic vantage points. Just last night, he had faced a deadly encounter with werewolf assassins who had dared to target him. None of them survived the encounter; he ripped out each of their throats after getting the information he needed from them.An intense anger simmered within him as he moved through Crimson's streets. It was only the presence of their Luna in his dreams that held him back from turning the city to ashes. Her allure was undeniable, and a particularly sensual dream from the previous night tempted him to seek her out and seduce her immediately.Never in his life had he wanted anyone so intensely, and the fact that he had already been with her only fueled his rage. The anger seeped through his every pore as he walked, accompanied by James, who shared the same ire after the attempt on their Alpha's life that night, which they learned about through the mind link."Are they prepared?" Liam aske
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Nicole stood frozen, her body paralyzed by disbelief. The words she had just heard echoed in her mind, and she clung tightly to the hem of her dress, desperately seeking a sense of grounding.Had this really happened?The thousand voices inside her head intensified, as though she had been plunged into a pot of hot oil. No words could capture the turmoil she felt. The man she thought was destined to be her mate, her protector, had shattered her heart with his abandonment.Her mouth hung slightly open, but she couldn't find the words to express the pain she was experiencing. It was worse than any physical or mental torment she had endured in Crimson. She stood there, utterly bewildered. How could her mate do this to her?Weren't mates meant to be inseparable, bound together forever? Wasn't he supposed to stand up to the Alpha of the Dark Moon and refute the lies that Alpha Liam had spread? Mates were supposed to be an unbreakable bond.Throughout her time in Crimson, Nicole had witnesse
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