Mated to the Dragon

Mated to the Dragon

By:  Skadi Gemini  Ongoing
Language: English
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As a child Freja's fate was decided at birth, a fate that set her apart from her fellow villagers, making her an outcast. Now, as an adult, she sets out to change her fate by killing the very creature she's destined to be with. Halfway in her journey, she meets a man who sets her fate in motion. Having his throne stolen from him, Zarek makes his move to seize what was taken from him. The people who betrayed him are going to find out who they have pissed off. Meanwhile, he's stumbled upon the woman he's destined to be with, who sets a fire inside him like no other woman has before. Will he be able to regain his throne while also capturing the heart of this fiery beauty? Content warnings ahead for the following: Violence, Sexual Assault, and Mature Language. Viewer Discretion Advised.

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The previous review said that the book is finished; however, here it says ongoing. The last chapter I read was not an ending. it was in the middle of the fight between the king and his brother. If this is the end and final chapter, it sucks! That was a terrible ending.
2022-01-19 04:21:56
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This could have been an awesome book, but the ending is pitiful. It could have used a little more character development, especially since Freya had such a long running grudge.
2022-01-01 07:22:37
21 Chapters
Everyone in Crikeria knows the story of the child who killed the elder draco. One cold winters' night, when the people of the quiet Midland village lay dormant in their beds, the elder draco attacked. Men woke from their slumbers to fight the beast while women hid indoors holding children to their breast. None could kill the giant beast who spat fire, setting the small village aflame, the wooden structures ripe to feed the flames. As the men retreated, a lone girl stood before the beast, wielding her father's sword.The child was but ten and three, not yet a woman, but already a warrior at heart.The child's father had been a celebrated slayer of dracos and had taught his young daughter how to fight.The villagers could only watch as the great black beast approached the small child, it's yellow eyes focused on her.Right before their eyes, this child fought with the courage of an entire legio
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Chapter 1
Freja held her horn of warm mead in her hands, the drink chasing the chill from her skin and bones brought on by the harsh winter outside. Her furs and cloak was dusted with half melted snow, soaked against her skin beneath. She was sure she'd catch ill if she didn't find a warm bed to sleep for the night. Men and women filled the hall with their laughter, drunken songs, and tales.In the center of the great hall roared a large fire where a sow was slowly being turned by a young lad no older than eight, his youthful face covered in dirt. Some people huddled together in groups at tables while others, like her, sat alone. Toward the back of the hall, cooks prepared the meals that the tavern sold while the servants brought out dishes to the tables.For weeks Freja hadn't seen this much vibrancy and warmth. She kept to herself as she traveled; a true lone wolf. Keeping ties with people wasn't something she was skilled at, p
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Chapter 2
Zarek had been following his would-be mate for miles, keeping his distance so she wouldn’t see him. His would-be mate wasn’t just a potential partner but a warrior. She was strong and courageous, having took on a dragon by herself. She was so much more than he had anticipated. He had only thought that she may be a meek shy little thing like his mother had been before she became pregnant with him. Most human women were terrified of male dragons. Male dragons were known to be territorial when it came to their women and rough with them, wielding their strength against the weaker sex. Human women avoided dragon folk, sticking to their human villages where they could claim or be claimed by a human male. This woman was different. She stood her ground and fought to slay the creatu
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Chapter 3
Freja and Zarek were leaving the tavern when they heard a scream pierce the air, the sound coming from behind the building. Freja pinpointed the location of the feminine scream and ran towards the source. Her feet flew over the ground as she ran at full speed to the backside of the two story tavern they had just left. Above the first floor was where the tavern’s owner and family resided, the stairwell coming into view once Zarek and Freja rounded the corner of the wooden building. Before them lay quite the scene. On the second floor balcony a young woman about Freja’s age leaned over the banister holding on to the tiny clawed hand of an infant dragon. Her other arm was held in a sling leaving her free arm to struggle to pull the youngling back to safety. The infant creature made whimpering noises like
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Chapter 4
Tauric paced about the room, his anxiety and fear permeating the air.   A non-human could easily smell the absolute wreck his emotions were in if they were to walk by in the hall.   Moments ago, he had been mapping out villages on the King’s map, a map that had been intricately drawn of the Crikerian kingdom.   Hours after he had chased out Zarek, the rightful King, he had called forth the Royal Council to devise plans on annexing human territories. The Royal Council was the King’s most trusted advisors, having lived for centuries, who provided much needed sage advice.   He was finally able to do what Zarek had failed to do all of these years and grow the size of Crikeria so the dragonkin could have the territory they needed!   Glee filled his heart.   Feeli
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Chapter 5
“I’m sorry, my lady and gent, but there is only one room left available. For your troubles, I’ll add in vouchers for a free meal at the tavern down the row. My brother runs the place.” Explained the woman behind the desk at the inn that Zarek and Freja stood in.   Due to an incoming blizzard, together they had decided it was better to rent rooms for the night rather than sleep under the stars.   Zarek wanted to keep going but Freja had grown used to having him as a companion, coming to enjoy his company. After giving Zarek puppy eyes and pleading as sweetly as she could, he gave in.   She didn’t like keeping up relationships with other people, but he was different somehow. There wasn’t an explanation she could think of, so she chose to go with the flow for once. This man was like a drug to her senses and she couldn’t get enough.   After a brief arg
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Chapter 6
Zarek’s father had been a cruel man.He had wielded his power with an iron fist and demanded submission from his subjects. The people who lived in Crikeria, Dragonkin, feared his father. They submitted out of fear of retaliation with a loss of their land. Land was important to his people. They needed to roam. His father knew this and used it to his advantage. Growing up, Zarek only remembered cruelty from his father. Many times he had been kicked or beaten until he could do nothing but lay in pain for days while his mother and nanny tended his blistered skin. Zarek was an only child since his mother had multiple miscarriages. The stress she endured, thanks to the cruelty of his father, was too much and caused her body to reject the pregnancies. 
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Chapter 7
The storm did not lessen but worsened instead. After Zarek and Freja had their heart to heart the previous night, they both retired for the night. Zarek added wood to the fire, Freja stirring in her sleep behind him. He swept his hair out of his eyes as he sat on his haunches, warming the morning chill in his body. Being the early riser that he was, he had been awake since before sunrise. For a while he watched Freja slumber peacefully. When he had his fill of drinking in her face he decided to stoke the fire. The room had grown cold and he didn’t want his mate freezing in her sleep. Even in sleep, she wore weariness and exhaustion on her face. Most people wouldn’t notice but he wasn’t most people. He was a predator and his eyes took in every detail of her face and even the way she held herself.
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Chapter 8
Polar wind and snow blasted through the uncovered portions of the porch where Zarek and Freja stood. Visibility was low due to the blizzard, but Freja didn’t care. She didn’t care if she could barely see the snowy woods across the road. Inside she felt numb, cold, even. The cold was not from the storm but from within.Before her eyes her hopes had been shattered. Listening to the men with her preternaturally aided hearing, thanks to the mate bond, had been upsetting. The Dragon King was out there somewhere, on the run or dead. Some usurper had done the deed for her. She added this unknown person to her list of people she had to kill. Whoever it was had pissed her off and set another roadblock in her plans. Zarek’s baritone voice shook her from her silent musings, “Freja, I’m sorry. Is there something I can do to help you feel better?”
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Chapter 9 - TW
:: ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ ::     Chapter contains scene of rape and violent abuse! Proceed with caution! Skip this chapter if the aforementioned topics are hard for you, the reader, to handle!   A TLDR of this chapter is basically character development for Tauric and his spiral down from fear of Zarek returning to take revenge. Tauric shows us his twisted side that he’s tried to hide.                   The maiden slowly unlaced her corset, her blue-gray eyes cautiously watching Tauric’s. Piece by piece he had her remove her clothing. Piece by piece more skin showed itself, her creamy pale skin blushing with pink beneath his heated gaze. Fire
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