Maximo Santino

Maximo Santino

By:  Pure Lily  Completed
Language: English
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Two Mafia bosses and one Angel. Two sadistic men and one innocent young lady. A war of love and revenge. Blood is bound to flow, numerous deaths is certain and beautiful love will surely blossom. *** Iris Saint, a lovely christian lady never thought her life would be hanging on a thin line when she unknowingly stole the hearts of two Mafia bosses. Both the Italian Mafia Boss, Maximo Santino and the Russian Mafia Boss, Konstantin Dmitri. Her heart only call for one of them and she would do anything to have him but the other won't let her off. Maximo Santino is the only one her heart desire but Konstantin Dmitri vow never to let anyone have her if he wouldn't. The battle for the gorgeous meek lady isn't bound to end unless one of the Mafia Boss left the living. Who would it be? Who would win Iris Saint at the end. Would it be Maximo Santino or Konstantin Dmitri ? ... Find out!

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Delinda Schumacher
65 chapters 4-29 23
2023-05-01 02:09:44
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when is the next update
2023-04-29 06:11:54
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Kenny Young
Interesting. i love all your stories. please update.
2023-04-28 17:06:50
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I hope that you let continue update it!!!! I will wait it
2023-04-19 20:51:59
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Frans Freddie 10
more updates please
2023-03-04 05:46:13
88 Chapters
" To kill a monster you need a monster " Mattia stated firmly. " This is the best decision " He was speaking to his two colleagues who sat across him in the congress cozy hall. They all wore a tailored black suit with white shirts and conservative ties. " But we are not killing a monster Mattia, we are only trying to get back our stolen package. The government won't spare us if the package wasn't retrieve in three weeks " Carlos replied frustratedly. He was sweating despite the fact that there is an air conditioner in the room and It was due to the situation at hand. None of his two colleagues were doing great either. " I agreed with the idea of introducing another monster " Santana said gently. His grey hair was neatly combed and his suit were pressed and neat but that doesn't makes him less sad and downcast. " Who is this man you have arranged to go after Konstantin Dmitri? " For some seconds Mattia didn't speak as he took his time to reply. " Maximo Santino " Stunned totally
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The night was cold and it seems the rain would pour at any moment. Maximo Santino stood still as he alighted from the taxi with nothing but his cigarette in his lips and his bottle of alcohol in his left hand. He was gazing up at the large building of western Hall rent carefully. He had finally arrived after a very long journey. He had no bags or anything because he had ordered his man Marco to set everything in the room he will be staying. " Huh? Such a sexy man " He overheard some girls giggling behind him. Maximo didn't turn to them.He had been accustomed to people admiring him . He quickly step into the building and straight up towards his new apartment. Luckily no one was around the tiny hall and he met no one when he entered the elevator and came out. Finally he stood still in the doorway of his room staring at the other apartments by his side. There! That is where the lady whom Konstantin had love, iris lives. He thought to himself gleefully. One job at a time. Maximo tol
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Iris Saint was stunned totally by what just took place between her and her new neighbor whom she knew nothing about. Either it could be call love at first sight or pure lust. She knew vividly well that he felt whatever it is too. He wouldn't have ran out that way if he hadn't. Iris set the table beautiful and lighted the dinning room. Thanks to her Italian neighbor, she wouldn't be eating alone tonight after many years of loneliness. After getting everything ready, she took a quick shower and dressed up in a short simple dress, scolding herself for not possessing something more clingy and seductive. Anyway the one she had on will do. She combed her hair throughly and pulled out some strands to make a few bangs. With face devoid of make up but only light lips stick she headed towards Maximo's apartment. After knocking for couples of time without receiving response she pushed open the door and luckily for her the door was unlock. Iris took a walk into the tidy living room, nodding in
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Iris's eyelids opens slowly to see Maximo Santino sitting just at the edge of the bed staring at her with tender loving eyes. Swiftly she sprang up, causing the bed coverlet to fell from her body, in the process revealing her white firm breasts. With a gasp that was accompany by a shriek she immediately covers her body with the sheet, her eyes filled with horror. Maximo Santino didn't say a word, he only watch her blankly, amused by her naiveness. Staring at one's breasts isn't a big deal, taking a woman is like a piece of soft cake to the Italian Mafia Boss. Many Types of ladies are ready to please him, not only because he is wealthy, not only because he is a sadistic Italian Mafia Boss, and not only because he is handsome. He always have the aura that Please everything in skirt. Iris who was gazing at Maximo rather fearfully held up the sheet she used in covering herself and took a sneak peak, realizing she is naked, she again gasp. Then slowly she grace Maximo with an unread expr
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Page 5
Maximo stood besides the hospital bed, peering at the pale face of Iris Saint. He never believe he would be in the hospital he owned that same day, waiting for the woman he plan to use as bait to wake up. He left the bed side slowly and walk gently to the couch in the room. It was a large comfy room, tastily furnished and well arranged. One of the VIP room for whoever that's wealthy enough. He didn't pay for the room though because he own it, he didn't pay for the drugs and medication iris was receiving because he bought them all. The tallest best hospital in the city was owned by the Italian Mafia boss who was now besides himself with anger. The doctor who had treated iris hasn't call upon him to discuss her illness but Maximo was annoyed already. He couldn't believe iris would be so careless that she wouldn't know when her drugs was about to run out. What if I wasn't there? What if I am a minute late? The thought clouded the mind of Maximo Santino and he gritted his teeth. He is a
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Page 6
Iris couldn't move. The food she had ate seem to cause indigestion and her breathe was now coming out in a rasp. Maximo realized what happened, he knew perfectly well how konstantin play his game. But to iris, she only thought Konstantin blow up western Hall rent just to kill her and whoever that was with her since she disobey his order. She only thought everyone around her would never survive unless she succumb to the Russian Mafia Boss's request. Maximo's cellphone rang out, interrupting the tensed atmosphere. The ID caller provided Marco, the underboss of the Santinos family. With a gentle nod towards Iris who was staring at him oddly, Maximo walk out of the room and headed towards the terrace of the building to answer the call from Marco. Upon reaching the rooftop where too much breeze was blowing, Maximo answered his cellphone and waited for a while. " Boss? Boss! " Marco was calling urgently. He had heard the news about western Hall rent and nothing more would have shock him
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Page 7
Although Iris Saint believe Maximo Santino is on the high, rich category, she had never expected him to own a private jet and staffs that would be so willing to Please him. Iris stood still at the private airport, gazing with a jaw drop at the magnificent aircraft that stood just some steps away from her. The name, Maximo Santino was written boldly on it's Body, sending an unmistakably message to whoever that is present. Swiftly, upon alighting, Two flights hostesses came down to attend to Maximo. He speaks to them for some minutes and then he motion for Iris who was lost in awe and thought to come forward. They both get into the private jet and after some time, they settled down and the journey began to Italy. Iris seated just besides Maximo who was beside himself with deep thoughts. He was unusually quiet and that only added to iris's amusement. He isn't just wealthy. There is something great about him. She thought to herself inwardly. After a while she leaned back and slept o
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Page 8
It was a neat large living room that boasted of floral painting and flowers. The environment is soothing and the air was tender but the Host, the man of the house isn't in a good mood. Konstantin, a tall handsome man with brown chocolate colour eyes stood before his two men who were on a kneeling position. The Russian Mafia Boss's face was distorted in a very deep frown. He held a tab in his hand and he was staring at the picture of Maximo Santino whose arms was wrapped around Iris Saint. They were about to get down from the private jet when the picture was taken. With infuriated and incredibly jealous mind, konstantin slammed the tab against the wall, making the Mobile to breaks into many pieces. Boris, the underboss of the Dmitri family was there as well, witnessing the rage of his crazy boss, he however stood his ground. The two men who were kneeling, Kirill and Lev were already shivering because they dread the wrath of their boss. Unlike Maximo, konstantin always give second chanc
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Page 9
Maximo had made up his mind. Thanks to the natural sight, he had already thought about the dangerous way to rescue his men without hurting Iris Saint. With a clenched jaw , he walk back slowly to the house where he saw Iris waiting for him already. No one is around there with her, and she look more anxious than ever. Upon setting eyes on him, she quickly walk up to him. " Nanny Benny told me to leave you for some moment because you are deep in thought and needed some time alone " It took some minutes before Maximo could reply, he was only lost in the love and care that was visible in her eyes. " Yes, I needed sometime Alone. I'm fine " He smiles a little to ease Iris from worrying. The lady replied him with a small frown and she pull him towards the spacious dinning room where dishes of all kind were waiting for the Italian Mafia Boss. Iris smile brightly as she saw the puzzle expression on the man's face. " I told nanny Benny you haven't eaten all day so she prepare for you this
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Page 10
It was a fine morning, a very bright and wonderful day that would have been best and romantic assuming Konstantin have left the Santinos family alone. The sun pours in it's glory into iris's room as she laid on the bed still sleeping. Just suddenly she jerked off and sprang up as though she had just have a bad dream which actually is what she had had. With a careful searchingly eyes, she turn to stare at the spot Maximo had slept all through the night. His scent still lingering in the room beautifully. With much haste than no other, Iris dashed out of bed in search of the man who has keep her from having her normal night nightmares. Upon opening the door she met no one like him except Nanny Benny who happens to just be passing by. Iris quickly call unto the woman's attention with a troubled expression. " Where is Max? " She asked urgently, forgetting her manners already due to the hard knot that had now formed in her heart. She just had a bad dream concerning the health of the gorg
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