Medieval Princess

Medieval Princess

By:  Sparrow101  Completed
Language: English
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A story of a princess from a native tribe who chose to end the war by giving her hand for a marriage to a prince, an enemy of the tribe, who vowed to destroy her the moment she will set foot his kingdom...

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den malto
this story is very awesome. very worth of your time! I've read some of your story Sparrow101 and i must say they are very good stories. keep it up authorim!
2022-09-11 12:01:20
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Really loved it, I can't wait to read your other books.
2022-03-30 22:42:34
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Jen Concepcion
Love this book..
2021-10-18 20:51:26
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Antonia Maria
2021-07-14 09:24:23
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Antonia Maria
Gostei muito do titulo dessa história uma pena eu n ser fluente em inglês p ler e pena a plataforma n ter a opção de traduzir.....
2021-07-14 09:23:47
57 Chapters
Chapter 1: Blood Wars and Betrothal
Dark Age was a period where chaos erupted among the people in England. There had been wars and rumors of wars spread around cities upon cities. It started when the early church, nobles and royalties were engaged in maintaining their powers, controlling people and clashed their interests on the matter. They had corrupted many lands even stealing those from native tribes. This stirred up lots of those barbarians to craft those dangerous arms and rage war to the nobles who took away their rightly possessions. Thus start the war.“Over the land where the voices of my people cry out for justice and peace, the battlefield which has been bathed with so much bloodsheds for many generations past and the unending clanging of the metals and piercing of the arrows which killed people. I, if I was only able to cease this ungodly, ungainly and undying war, I have long lay down my life to stop this. If my life is enough, I would have done so long time ago before liv
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Chapter 2: His and Her Line
|Chapter 2: His and Her LineChaerin rode with the wind speed as she crossed the large field towards the valley. She must tell the princess about the news.“Princess, the spy thou hast sent, is here.” Dari said.“Let her in.” Alminah ordered.Chaerin bowed before her. “ Princess.”“Please speak. What happened to my father?” Alminah asked.“A decree was sent out throughout the land.” Chearin answered.“What decree?”“In exchange of your father’s life and to end this war, a marriage will be done.”“I do not understand your words.”“One of the princes is to take your hand as his wife in exchange of your father’s life.”For a moment, Alminah remained quiet, trying to deter things on her mind.“What else did they ask?”“I am not certain. But they will come here this sun down and claim you.” Chaerin said.She exhaled loudly with a troubled expression. “They will free my father then?”“After the marriage they will. They have to make sure they
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Chapter 3
|Chapter 3: Alone Shuna brought her the clean clothing to the princess bed. She waited for her to get out from taking a bath. She was sure that the princess was very exhausted after the ceremony but the people and the nobles were the opposite of it. They still continued with the celebration.“Shuna, you must retire to bed now. It will be late night soon.” Alminah remarked when she saw Shuna in her room still.“I must wait till you sleep, princess.” She spoke reverently.Alminah was able to change into clean and plain white clothing when she got to bed. She turned to Shuna.“I cannot fall to slumber when somebody’s around. Now go.” She ordered.“Please call for me when you need something.” Shuna then get outside her room.The princess laid on the soft bed sheathed with fine line of silk and cottony pillows. This was pretty different from her bed which was made of dried hay covered with those soft animal skins.She wanted to run away to that valley now. Bu
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Chapter 4
 As Alminah was on her way outside the palace, she saw Prince Jion conversing lively to the beautifully dressed lady inside the carriage. She presumed her to be princess Sue. Then both turned her way when the palace guard announced her arrival. Alminah noticed his face drawn into displeasure while princess Sue looked at her blankly. She held her chin up as she finally got in the carriage with them. Silence was between them throughout their long journey. Princess Sue scooted over Prince Jion as if afraid of the daughter of barbarian. He patted her hand as if assuring her safety with him. By the sight of it, Alminah
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Chapter 5
The parents cried in grief as their daughter finally gave up a ghost and closed her eyes forever. They gathered her on their arms and pleaded her to comeback. The house, lit by the small lamp, was filled with their anguish cries for their loss. For the much sorrow they felt, the parents did not notice the entrance of somebody on their abode. “Lay her back on the bed.” She spoke in low voice. The parents looked up and behold a fair maiden. “Who art thou?” The father asked as he stood up feeling threatened to&
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Chapter 6
 Before they could reach the land Ukraine, the carriages and the chariots came across the ruined bridge of Keiv. The palace guards prepared their weapons as they saw many robbers scattering on the streets.Prince Jion and Princess Sue were readily informed about their situation.“We saw in a distance that robbers were on our way to Ukraine, your majesty.” The guard said as they stopped momentarily.“Where is the princess?” He asked the guard when he did not see her around.As if answering them, they saw a&n
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Chapter 7
Princess Sue was silent along their long journey to their next destination; the land of Shazer. It was the Queen’s order to be in that place to extend the empire’s cause through the hands of the prince. Since war had ceased through the marriage, Prince Jion didn’t have to attend to any Baron’s court meeting, plotting strategies to overthrow the Teuton tribes.“My heart was sorrowful about what happened last night.” Princess Sue broke the silence. But the prince was still frowning, lifting his eyes outside the carriage.
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Chapter 8
 Prince Jion was cold all over his body. Maybe the poison spread out on his entire system. His room was lighted only with a small light of moon outside. The physician as well as Sue pleaded for him to open the door for them but he didn’t care whether they will forcefully open it.A shadow jumped in from the window and he knew who it was. The dagger glistened on the moonlight as she paced beside him.“You finally came to finish me off?” He asked sarcastically yet his half lidded eyes saw 
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Chapter 9
The night was silent as it got even deeper. The lords left with Sue a while ago. The queen was probably resting on her chamber while the guards continued to struggle to stay awake for the night shift. Prince Jion grabbed the book of reports about the matter of their empire and reviewed those since sleep had abandoned him. Every now and then, his thoughts fled to his princess and her tribe ladies who then journeyed their way to their land in Zagreb. He felt really well and not even a single of fever now on his
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Chapter 10
It was sunny day when the princess arrived at the land Zagreb where the Teuton Tribe pitched their tents. The tribe people behold their princess coming as they all fell down to the ground, giving respect to her. Behind her,were her two fierce tribe ladies riding their own horses.Dari attended their arrival, announcing her presence to all.King Teuton immediately went out the royal tent upon the announcement of his daughter’s arrival in the land.“Amalekei…”Teuton went to hug his daughter.“Shetai…” The princess we
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