Chapter 29

Alice groaned when someone shook her. She stirred, but the male laughter made her open her eyes. She jerked her body up, revealing her naked upper body. She quickly pulled the sheets over herself and closed her eyes and sighed.

“Good morning,” Simon chuckled.

“Morning,” Alice yawned, hiding her face behind her hair.

“Alice,” Simon moved closer to her, “Why are you hiding?”

“Shit,” Alice sprung up, pulling the sheets, “I’m late.”

Simon grabbed Alice and pulled her back to his chest. “Are you trying to use this as an escape and run?”

“No,” Alice scoffed, “I’m late. I have a meeting.”

“It’s Saturday.”

“I know, but I have a meeting,”

“Hmm,” Simon spun Alice around and pulled her hair away from her face, “Open your eyes,” Alice shook her head, “Look at me, Al.”

Simon calling her Al again made Alice look at him. His gray eyes held mischief.

“I know the first time we were together you ran away from me?”

“I’m not running,” Alice whispered.

“Then why are you avoiding my gaze?” h
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