Mess With Love

Mess With Love

By:  Haz  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vincent could be the love of Alice's life. She can never be certain because he was her crush throughout her teenage life. She swooned over him, yet he refused her. He told her they could never be together, but sabotaged Alice's new love interest. Simon, whom Alice was slowly falling for. Alice's life was perfect, but something happened. Simon left without a decent farewell. Alice was heartbroken. Years later, both men have seen an opportunity to give Alice closure. Closure that could end up with history repeating itself.

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32 Chapters
Chapter 1
It’s 6:15am and Vincent should arrive soon, which was Alice’s cue to dash into the main house so she can accidentally bump into him again. She did a double-take of herself in the mirror first. Clothes?Hair?Teeth?Breathe?She smiled, looking exactly how she wanted to look. Since it was still early morning, she didn’t want to apply makeup. It would come out as too obvious. The only thing she did was put on a little lip gloss."Much better." Alice posed and nodded with a satisfied grin and spun around in her bedroom."You are looking dashing this wonderful morning, Alice." She reached her hand at the mirror, trying her best to imitate Vincent's voice, smile and smoldering look."Why thank you Vin. You look nice too." She batted her eyes and blushed and cupped her cheeks.Alice closed her eyes and calmed her heart. The mission was not complete yet."You have got this Alice," she blew in a deep sigh, "Vincent will see you today."Alice walked out of her bedroom and went on her way to t
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Chapter 2
Vincent broke Alice’s heart in more ways than one. He became distant and started giving her a cold shoulder and pushing her away. He promised to be with her, and he told her once she was the only girl for him as he was going to be the only boy for her, but he broke his promise.All the progress Alice thought she had made with him was useless. The time they spent together in the past year was all for nothing. The girls started showing up at the house and left crying the next day the same way she cried daily whenever he brought a girl home. She blamed her age. Maybe when she gets to eighteen in a few months? Vincent would see her as the mature girl who can be girlfriend material.Alice still chose him and ran after him. Vincent was still the same boy who used to give her piggyback rides and chased her on the playgrounds. He is the same boy who used to come running to the cottage whenever he got a chocolate bar so they could share, regardless of the time. He was the same boy she has spen
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Chapter 3
“You have to show me your dress before you leave for the dance,” Katy gushed at the dress Alice showed her on the laptop with her legs swinging in the air.“Of course,” Alice nodded with excitement, “How about on the night of the dance you help me get ready,” she said while giving her a smile.Katy's face lit up. She got up to her knees, bouncing on the soft bed. “Really, I can help?” she screamed, and Alice closed my ears before the door slid wide open."What happened?" Vincent walked in searching for the threat, his stance ready for a fight. "Are you alright?"His knightly acts were not getting into Alice's head. He was no hero today. Maybe later when she is asleep because she can't control dreaming about him, but not now
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Chapter 4
“O.M.G. I’m going to sex you up, babe.” Megan screeched over the phone.“Meg will call you back,” Alice added and ended the call quickly. Her eyes bugged out, horrified, as she fumbled to save her phone, which she couldn’t hold in time from hitting the floor. She kneeled down to pick it up, her heart beating. She didn't know how much of her conversation Vincent had heard. If he did, Alice had decided as she grabbed her phone and got up that she would not care what he heard."Are you spying on me?" Alice straightened her spine and looked at Vincent. “We have a nine-year-old in this house who doesn’t need to hear your disgusting calls.” Vincent unclenched his fist as he stared at Alice. He ran his fingers ov
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Chapter 5
“You did what, girl?” Megan shouted, opening her mouth wide.“Shhh,” Alice glared at her, “Not so loud you want us to get chased out of the library,” Alice said, looking around with a sheepish look.She loved her best friend, but she could be a pain sometimes. Alice had given Megan a rundown of his conversation with Vincent, which piqued her interest instead of studying. Megan always says Alice's life was like one of the tv shows she watches with her mother. “Let them,” she said, standing up. “Come on.”“But we have an assignment to work on.” Alice protested.“Ally, don’t make me cause drama,” Megan dared her to keep sitting as she readied herself to shout.“And you say I have all the drama,” Alice shook her head, picking up her things, “For the record, I’m deciding to follow you because I feel bad for the people in here because of your loudmouth.”“Loudmouth, you say!” Megan shouted, and it was followed by a lot of glares in the library.Alice hurriedly pulled her out of the library
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Chapter 6
“When did you have time to go dancing with Simon?” Megan gushed, nodding her head in approval."Keep your voice down." Alice sighed. For someone who had told her earlier to count down from five, so Simon won't run away from her. Megan was doing the opposite of her advice."Well, don't keep me waiting.""Last night." Alice whispered.“You went dancing last night?” she screamed again.“Meg, people are staring again,” Alice looked over and her eyes landed on Simon. She was sure anytime now he was going to tell his friends to leave and it will all be her friend's fault. Simon winked at Alice. She smiled at him as she tucked her hair behind her ears, blushing.“What was that?” Megan asked with a questioning look. "Is he coming over here?” “No, but don’t look.”The opposite happened. Megan looked, and Alice was embarrassed. She had to grab her attention before she did something that embarrassed her more. Before Alice could say anything. Her phone buzzed, and her mood changed because Vincen
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Chapter 7
Vincent regretted how she treated Alice. She deserved to know the reason for his sudden change, but she was getting too busy for him. He blamed that guy who has been hanging around her all the time. Simon was making it impossible for Vincent.“Can we go to the amusement park today?” “No,” Vincent responded, making Katy’s face fall.“You are no fun,” Katy grumbled and stomped away from her brother.Vincent stared outside the window. He was studying the person who was making Alice laugh and smile. Simon had driven so early just so he could hang around outside the gate with Alice. They had been talking outside for almost an hour. He crossed his arms over his chest and scoffed. He couldn’t hear their conversation, but he rolled his eyes. There was nothing funny about the guy, yet Alice seemed to laugh at whatever he was saying. Here and there, Alice was grazing her hand at Simon, and Vincent wanted to go out there and separate the two of them. While he was at it, he would advise Simon o
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Chapter 8
Simon was trying to enjoy spending more time with Alice, but ever since Vincent showed up with Katy, it was near to impossible for him to relax. It was alright a couple of times when Katy came to ask Alice to have a ride, but after the sixth time Simon was not pleased. This is not how he planned things. He wanted to spend the day with her uninterrupted. Coming to the park. Going to grab a bite. Later go for a walk so he could ask her to be his girlfriend. In that specific order. Now his brain was distorted because Vincent was giving him a bad vibe. The more time he was alone with him, the more he felt he might be at the park to sabotage his plan. He was suspecting foul play.Simon could see through Vincent. When he and Alice had gone on the Ferris wheel, he caught Vincent looking around. He was holding Katy in his hand and there was no reason other than Alice that he would search all over in the crowd. Simon tapped his foot as he waited for Alice to come back. He was feeling uncomfo
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Chapter 9
Alice's heart was pounding as she awkwardly waved at Simon. He was still waiting and not driving off, making her feel more embarrassed by herself. Simon rolled the window and peaked his head out.“Are you sure you don’t want to wait inside the car? It’s pouring and you could get a cold.”“It’s fine,” Alice cast her eyes down and shifted on her feet.“Hey Simon,” Megan shouted, making Alice relax.“Sup Meg,” Simon shouted, “Bye Al, see you.”“Bye,” Alice quickly responded. Simon waved, sat back in his car, hooted, and left.“Get in, girl. He is gone,” Megan said, but Alice didn’t move. “Alice!” She clapped her hands in front of her.“What?” Alice asked.“It’s raining. Move your ass.” Megan shook her head.Alice followed Megan inside, her body shaking from the icy rain and from everything that happened. She had asked Simon to take her to Megan’s place after and not at home because she needed her friend.“Is anyone here?” Alice asked.“Nah, I’m all alone. Have been all alone this whole a
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Chapter 10
It wasn’t raining when Simon got home. All the way inside, he whistled. Humming to an unknown tune in his head. He took off his jacket and shoes and left them in the hall. Hung his keys on the wall and walked to the fireplace and threw more firewood.His whistling got louder, and he bobbed his head. His mind was filled with Alice. Everything about her made him smile. He didn’t mind that she didn’t answer his question and nervously wanted to leave. The experience was foreign to the both of them and he wanted to do it again.He wasn’t jealous of Vincent after the time they spent together. Simon liked Alice’s honesty. He ran up the stairs and grabbed the shirt Alice had on earlier. When she wanted to throw it in the washing machine, he snatched it away. He hummed and ripped off the shirt he had and put on the one Alice had worn. It re
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