Chapter 30

The romantic phase Simin and Alice had been in was over and they were both back with the outside words. Simon dropped Alice at her house and went to his club to check a few things before he went to see his mother, as he had promised her yesterday.

“He is alive,” Alan looked up at him as he walked in.

“Don’t you have a house of your own?” Simon glared at his friend.

“For someone who spent two nights with a woman. I would have expected better,” Alan shook his head, “And you should thank me.”

“Why?” Simon scoffed.

“Why do you look like you were not laid?”

“What do you want from me?” Simon raised his brow, looking tired.

“A thank you for starters would be nice,” Alan placed his phone in his pocket. “You owe me that much.”

“You have free alcohol and access to this place,” Simon added, walking away. Alan jumped and ran in front of his friend and carefully stared at him.

“Did Al reject you?”

“Her name is Alice, not Al,” Simon sidestepped and moved again.

“Oh man. I’ll make you som
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