Chapter 28

Simon didn't expect to be pulled close to Alice by Knox and Tristan. He had a fair idea of what was happening, since Alice had explained the game to him once when they were at Knox's party years ago, but he was confused because the options were drinking or a forfeit fee.

"What is happening?" he asked.

"Kiss me for one minute and save me." Alice pleaded with Simon.

"How much do you need to pay?" Simon asked.

"Nice try." Knox patted his shoulder.

"We are not making it easier for her. She has to drink or kiss someone for a minute." Tristan spoke.

"Not my wife," Riley added.

"I have a meeting at seven," Alice smiled at him awkwardly. "If you can't, I can ask someone."

At the mention of someone else, Simon leaned to Alice's level and kissed her. It was a fiery kiss. Their tongues were at odds with each other. It wasn't supposed to feel like this. It was an addicting kiss that wouldn't be quenched in a minute. He needed more. She needed more.

"Okay," Megan pulled Simon back, "It's
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