Miwa: The Alpha's Blessing

Miwa: The Alpha's Blessing

By:  Prosper Ebere  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What is your name, little flame?" The young man asked, crouching down before the stubborn 4 year old. "Miwa... Iretomiwa." She answered with a dazzling smile. "Miwa... Iretomiwa...a beautiful name... what does it mean?" The young man asked tenderly and the little girl grinned. "...that you're in luck... because it means blessing has come to you..." The little girl replied in a childish teasing voice, the young man threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Blessing has come to me?...Miwa... Iretomiwa...my blessing." The young man whispered in a loving tone. **Cover art does not belong to author, all credits go to the original artist**

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36 Chapters
Prologue 1
'Mate!!!' Kalen's wolf howled excitedly in his head.Kalen's eyes widened as he stared at the fearless little girl before him.Her enchanting eyes held Kalen captive, pupils black as the darkest night, looking to hold a mystery within them, a mystery so intruging Kalen felt captivated and eager to solve it. The little girl's skin was a flawless almond, a tell tale sign of her African descent, her heart shaped face and perfectly positioned features had Kalen's heart thumping absurdly fast, her hair a thick mess of unruly curls giving her doll like features an untamed and unruly tint, her cheeks had a little baby fat giving her an over all cute look.All in all, before Kalen stood an enchantingly beautiful little girl, one who would definitely grow up to be an unrivalled beauty.Kalen knew he should not be having such thoughts of a little girl but he found it hard not to imagine her grown up self... when she would be all his."Mister, my
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Prologue 2
Why would I need inspiration to kill someone.... I just have to go ahead and kill them and be done with it, it's not as big a deal as this." The little girl replied,Once again, Kalen and his pack warriors had to pick their jaws off the ground.'Killing someone was not a big deal?! How can a child like this exist??' Kalen's beta thought to him through their mindlink, Kalen did not respond, he also did not have a reply to that."You even know the meaning of murder? How old are you? Are you even human?!" Kalen's third-in-command asked again in alarm, the little girl's forehead rumpled slightly as she frowned in annoyance at the question posed by Kalen's third."What are you even talking about? Am I daft? Who doesn't know the meaning of murder? I'm 4 years old and you're the one who's not human!" The little girl threw back at him furiously, Kalen's third-in-command seemed at a loss for words and was unable to retort.(Third in command's thoughts: A 4 ye
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Prologue 3
This time, Dad dragged Deji and I on a business trip here. It is my first time being out of my country you know, and the plane ride was extremely tiring, not to mention I thought we would stay back at the villa and recuperate but we immediately had to change as Dad insisted on dragging Deji and I to the meeting as well."" A six hour business meeting! Can you believe it?! We got there and they did not even make special provisions for chairs for us. I had to sit in the usual chair at a conference table. It honestly was my first time feeling short in my whole life! I'd have you know, it was not a very nice feeling. I could not even see above the table...talk more of what was on the projector!" The little girl exclaimed in annoyance, sketching furiously on her sketchbook, Kalen exchanged an amused look with his friends."After the hours of torture in the guise of a business meeting, we got home and father asked us to brief him on what happened at the meeting! Now I know D
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Mr Blade 1
13 years later.... "Thinking about that night again?" Wren, Kalen's beta asked him, Kalen lifted his cold gaze to Wren before shifting it back to the files on his desk, Wren sighed at Kalen's lack of response."You've withdrawn from us completely Kalen, the whole pack live in fear of their cold and emotionless Alpha, if things continue this way...." Wren began but cut himself off at the noticeable change in the atmosphere.Kalen gazed darkly at him, the gaze conveying everything Kalen could ny be bothered to say and Wren quickly lowered his head in submission."I understand Alpha, Forgive me... I will take my leave now." Wren said sadly before turning and exiting Kalen's office.Kalen's thoughts drifted slightly as he stared at Wren's dejected figure...'How could I not think of that night?...It was the first meeting with my mate... and also the last, I found my salvation and lost it just as quickly.' Kalen thought
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Mr Blade 2
"You can say that when it comes to the show business this two companies are the top dogs in over 20 countries and they constantly overtake new markets with their award winning film productions and outstanding talents, as well as their collection of the most priced artworks they also have quite a number of outstanding artists,""This list is inclusive of the famed little flame-Iva whose artworks have remained the most sought after ever since his debut when he was just 10, I believe if we work with them, breaking into the African market will be a smooth sailing endeavor." The manager of Blade Arts and Entertainments said, Kalen pondered over his words even as another manager raised a question."For Akunna Entertainment, they have been prominent in the film industry for years and are one of the world leading entertainment companies...Akunna corporation in itself is quite a good choice for partnership however Akunna corporation never delved in artworks, not unt
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Mr Blade 3
Kalen nodded slightly in approval, and everyone could see the joy on the manager's face.Getting a nod from Kalen was practically as difficult as fetching water with a sieve, getting any reaction from Kalen in fact, so a nod of his meant more than a thousand commendations.Kalen clapped twice adding to the manager's joy, his briefing was satisfactory to Kalen, he had truly done his research."Have you decided on how to go about acquiring the partnership of Akunna corporation?" Kalen asked him and the manager nodded."Their headquarters is in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. I was thinking we send a delegate for the discussion, after informing him of our intentions of course, going in person to discuss it will show our sincerity." The manager suggested."Akunna corporation... I have heard of this company, however the lines of business we have in common are few. Ike Akunna, I believe that should be the name of the president..
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Where are you?
"Alpha, Alpha Greg has arrived." Wren thought to Kalen, Kalen shut the pack file on his desk and looked up at the alphas of the branch packs of dark moon sitting in his office."The state of your finances are relatively okay, but for dark moon, okay is just not good enough. I want a 30% increase in your annual income before the year runs out." Kalen said in his usual monotone, the branch alphas exchanged glances at Kalen's words."What? You can't do it?, 50% increase before the year runs out, if you cannot achieve this, you can hand over your position as Alpha immediately." Kalen dismissed coldly.The branch alphas winced but knowing anymore words would be useless, they swallowed down their reluctance and bowed in acceptance of Kalen's orders, rising to their feet and leaving Kalen's office quietly.Kalen calmed his anger at their incompetence, it was clear they could do better, they had all the resources and the skills, they just couldn't be bothered to do bette
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Where are you? 2
Kalen glared at Greg before throwing a file at him.Greg caught the file and opened it and his eyes widened in surprise."Really? You're giving me this?" Greg asked in shock, Kalen scoffed in response."With much reluctance, yes. Sign that and blue moon constructions will be merged with blade constructions and you will be in charge of the combined companies." Kalen explained."Now I'm aware construction is your speciality but blue moon is not receiving the recognition it deserves. Under your management I expect an increase in the income of blade constructions by 30% and with our popularity blue moon will also have a lot more projects and will in turn experience an increase." Kalen said, Greg nodded, a huge smile on his face."30% increase? I can handle that, what percentage is blue moon to give blade corporation annually?" Greg asked."Nothing, as long as the income of blade construction increases under your leadership, I won't request anything from blu
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Where you can find me
 ~Miwa's POV~I walked through the dark forest, I was surrounded by thick fog, I could barely see ahead of me, I spun around trying to figure out where I was and how I could get out of here. 'where on God's green earth is this?' I wondered aloud as I moved forward blindly, I walked for a reasonable distance before sighing and lowering myself to a seating position in tiredness, pulling my knees up to my chest, I lay my head on my knees and shut my eyes, contemplating giving up and just waiting right here for whatever was going to happen, but a strange feeling tugged at my heart, pulling me to move in a particular direction.'why do I feel this way' I pondered, rubbing my chest to ease the uncomfortable feeling, I was unable to ignore it and ended up following it as I began my search through the thick jungle once again.I sighted a silhouette some distance away from me , it's back turned to me and breathed a sigh of relief, at least someone was here.
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Where you can find me 2
 You should go and have a talk with him, with how close we're standing, we wouldn't want the headlines tomorrow to be about young miss Akunna and her personal bodyguards secret affair, I'll head back first." I told him, he chuckled but swiftly left to do as I said, knowing my words were a high possibility, the paparazzi just loved scandals and what was more scandalous than a 17 year old rich Lagosian in a relationship with her body guard.I broke into a sprint as I headed back home, I nodded to the gate guard again as I jogged in, I took off my mask and hood, my lips stretched into a huge smile as I sighted who awaited me at the mansions' doors."Deji!, You haven't left for work yet?" I asked my brother who stood casually in front of me, wearing a casual sweater and black jeans, he handed me a water bottle and I grinned, quickly drinking it, I frowned, pulling a face as I tasted the contents of the bottle, I flashed Deji a hateful glare and he chuckled lowly."De
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