Mommy, Daddy Is A Billionaire!

Mommy, Daddy Is A Billionaire!

By:  BELLA  Ongoing
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Amelie Never thought that her life could get any worse until she was drugged and sent to the bed of the world's richest man by her conniving stepsister and stepmother. Zacharie LaCroix is the world’s richest man. He has everything that could make a man envious and make women drool. Yet rarely did they know that Zacharie had secretly suffered from a strange illness for years, which leaves him with numerous strange scars all over his body when he has a relapse. All that changes after a steamy night with Amelie. Amelie seemed to be the cure for his strange illness. However, Zacharie didn't notice that at that moment. He walked away from the room without bothering to inquire about her name, leaving her stepmother and stepsister a chance to get rid of her. They tossed her body off a bridge in the middle of the night, believing that they had won... But Eight years later, Amelie returns with two cute babies and she wants nothing more than revenge.

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Delinda Schumacher
96 chapters 6-14-24
2024-06-15 08:30:21
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Hi Author, noticed that you have 7 ongoing books, why don’t concentrate 1 book instead of keep writing new books? Waiting new chapters for so long is not that good you know…
2024-05-02 11:02:07
96 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Night She Was Murdered.
KABOOM!The strike of yet another thunderstorm tore through the skies, forcing Amelie awake. Feeling lightheaded and hot, she managed to peel her eyes open, only to find that she was smothered underneath a stranger in a dimly lit room."Wh-Who are you?" Amelie struggled to ask not noticing her raspy voice soaked with seduce."Who do you think I am?" The man softly kissed her earlobe as he chuckled. His voice was deep and s*xy making her body feel a rush of heat.Amelie couldn't help but clench her legs trying to rub away the strange itch between her thighs. Her brain was a muddle and her body was craving something, something bold but dangerous."Arh-" She moaned out as his lips fell down to her breasts. His kisses started going wild as his hands didn't stop caressing her but tracing down to her virgin land."P-Please don't..." Amelie begged as his finger thrust into her p*ssy. She finally sensed what was going to happen, "I'm not re...""It's too late woman." The man found her lips ag
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Chapter 2 A Fated Encounter.
Eight years later. At Kurenia Hospital.“Thank you all for taking time from your busy schedule to attend this meeting. " The Hospital Director Arthur announced as his gaze wandered the faces of all the top doctors and nurses sitting in the room. "It's my honor to announce that our hospital will be getting a new addition to the surgical team today.""Everyone, please give warm applause for Doctor Amelie Arnuad!”Immediately, the whole room filled up with whispers and uproar.“Am I dreaming? Did the director just say that Amelie Arnuad would be joining us?” One doctor asked.“No way! Amelie Arnaud? The genius doctor who studied medicine for less than three years? I heard that she was the best doctor in the whole of Britain!” Chipped the nurse who sat beside him.Everyone in the room was whispering and talking all about this new colleague. The Rising Star in Medicine, who had emerged five years ago after studying medicine for three years. Her skills far surp*ssed those of doctors who had
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Chapter 3 Meeting Her Again.
Amelie reacted as fast as she could and shoved the man away.She couldn’t believe that she had come here with the pure intention of helping someone out, yet this scumbag dared to try and take advantage of her!Gritting her teeth in anger, she furiously wiped her lips, getting rid of the blood that had sipped through from the fresh wound and wincing slightly.“You scumbag!” She snarled, eyes twisted in complete rage. “How dare you-“ her words were cut off as the man once again stepped forward and pinned her back to the door, attempting to continue his actions from where they had been stopped.Amelie felt rage. Pure rage and without thinking twice, she brought her knee up and kneed him right in his manhood. The man immediately let go of her and staggered backward, hunching over and cupping his place of pain in the process.Amelie watched him as he did this, a smirk slowly forming on her lips.“If I knew you're such a disgusting pervert, I wouldn't have come in to help!” She spat and the
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Chapter 4 Hacking To Search For Their Father
Amelie hadn't expected to run into her stepmother so soon after eight years.Her jaw clenched tightly and her hand which was on the bed railing gripped the iron so hard that her knuckles nearly turned white. She felt her insides burn with anger and hatred, but she tried her best to keep a good composure, reminding herself that she had come here to do her duty as a doctor.She could not let her personal issues get in the way of her profession.Clearing her mind, Amelie fixed her expression, but the same couldn't be said for Audrey who looked totally shocked to see her again after Eight years.Wasn't she...wasn't she meant to be dead?! So how come? Why was she here, fine and alive after she and Chloe had thrown her off the bridge?"You! How are you here?!" Audrey exclaimed in absolute horror, quickly scouting back and away from Amelie's hand in fright.Amelie simply shook her head and sighed. She could hear how frightened her stepmother was by the sound of her voice which wavered.Of co
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Chapter 5 He Called To Threaten Her!
The results were out!Michelle and Miguel stared at the tablet screen, each refusing to make a single move.This had been what they wanted, searching the nation's gene pool and finally finding out who their father was, but now that the time had come, both children couldn't help but feel a sense of dread wash over them."D-Do you think..." Miguel began, trying to ignore the way his voice cracked, "Do you think this is really okay?" He asked.Michelle didn't respond. She instead quietly stared at the tablet screen and after a few seconds, was hesitant to click and check the result.Even though they both wanted to know who their father was and what type of man he was, they feared that he'd be a bad person.In their earliest memories, each time Amelie spoke about their father, Michelle, and Miguel could both see the way their mother's face soured and the pain in her eyes even though she tried telling happy stories.The memory of their father was definitely a painful topic for their mother
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Chapter 6 Their Evil Plan
Amelie had taken a taxi straight to the Arnuad Estate after dropping Michelle and Miguel at their school. As The taxi drove past the iron gates, she couldn't help but feel a sense of dread wash over her.It was unusual for her father to demand so adamantly that she returned home after what he had done eight years ago.For a fact, she knew he didn't feel guilty but she had to come for her mother's necklace.'What a pain.' Amelie thought as her taxi came to a stop in front of the grand Arnuad mansion.She paid the driver and stepped out. The house was still the same old grey, emotion-deprived mansion she'd grown up in. Even though she'd been gone for 8 years, nothing much had changed. There was no warmth and no comfort. It was cold and empty.Amelie decided to retrieve the necklace quickly. She had no intention of staying here for any second longer.With a steeled mind, Amelie approached the door and was just about to ring the doorbell when her father pulled the door open."Amelie, you
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Chapter 7 She Needs Help.
In a five-star hotel, Eric anxiously paced back and forth at the presidential level.He couldn't understand what was happening. Just yesterday his boss had been fine and then suddenly, his condition came back today. And the doctors were stumped too.Stopping his pacing, Eric gently cracked open the door to check up on his boss. Zacharie was slumped against the bed's wood frame amongst all the wreckage and destruction in the room. His eyes were half open as he looked up at the ceiling.The poor guy was drenched with sweat and numerous scars marred his body and on the exposed corners of his neck were black pulsing veins that wrapped around his body like beautifying vying. However, what they brought was far from beauty but rather an unbearable amount of pain to Zacharie."Mr. LaCroix?" Eric called out hesitantly. "Please hang in there, Madam Aubert will soon be here."The blood of Mr. LaCroix's fiancée was said to be the only thing that could ease his illness. They were waiting for her b
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Chapter 8 The Pervert From The Hospital!
"Yes?" Zacharie asked.The stranger opened his mouth to speak when he spotted the woman lying in the chair behind Zacharie. His eyes widened and then hardened a few seconds later."Her, Amelie Arnaud, I'm here to pick her up." He said, not taking his eyes off the woman."What?" Zacharie asked, glancing back at the woman in confusion. "What do you mean? Who are you?""Ah, forgive me for not introducing myself. My name's Skylar Hargreaves, a close friend of Amelie's." He introduced. "Now, would you be as kind as to hand her over?""And why should I do that? How am I even sure that you're her friend?" Zacharie asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously at the man.Skylar reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He tinkered with it for a few seconds before flashing it in Zacharie's face.A picture of him and Amelie.They both were in the park. The man's arm around the woman's shoulder while she leaned into his embrace with a heartfelt smile on her lips.Zacharie's brows knitted toget
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Chapter 9 Another Trap.
The room instantly fell silent after the slap. Skylar stared wide-eyed at the scene, while the men behind Zacharie were too shocked to react.Amelie herself was surprised. She had not meant to slap the man, her palm had moved on its own accord.Suddenly, Zacharie looked at her and his face was grim. She flinched upon seeing this and some part of her began regretting her action, however, the other side of her fought hard against that other side, refusing to allow her fear to win.Zacharie had disrespected her. Those words he had said and those absurd *ssumptions he had made were all way too over the line.Who was he to say that she had an affair with that greasy old Dylan White just for money? He didn’t know the full story and had no right to judge!This was just one out of the many reasons why she'd much rather be fed the dishes than stand by and allow him to spill such nonsense!And if there was one thing she had learned well in recent years, it would be that quietly tolerating insul
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Chapter 10 Her Clever Twins.
Miguel knew this because when he had woken up earlier in the day for school, he found Amelie acting weird. From her body language and behavior, he could tell that she was annoyed and skeptical about something.However, when he had asked if everything was alright, Amelie just ruffled his hair and told him that it was a matter concerning adults and that he didn't need to worry.Worrying about his mother, Miguel had secretly placed an invisible camera inside the purse she had carried out earlier and then he heard the evil plans of Amelie's stepmother and sister and immediately called Skylar.Of course, Amelie didn't know this and the children weren't planning on revealing this anytime soon. But then that would mean that he had to stay silent.Watching as Miguel refused to speak, Amelie spoke up. "Miguel? Don't you like this necklace? It's a precious belonging that my mother left for me. It once belonged to your grandmother."Miguel looked up at his mother and bit down hard on his lower l
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