My Ex-Husband is Out of Control

My Ex-Husband is Out of Control

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Shortly after Sophia and Elijah's marriage, Sophia suffers a miscarriage and the treatment of Sophia by Elijah and his family deteriorates. Sophia meets Elijah at his office and his ex-girlfriend Serena, with whom he has an intimate relationship. The neglect of her husband, the abuse of her husband’s mom, the provocation of her rival, and the marriage born out of children rather than love all make Sophia feel suffocated and repressed. She couldn't stand it anymore. She was going to divorce him. After the divorce, Sophia goes abroad to study art, and on the way, she discovers that she is pregnant. Daniel, the senior she is studying with, takes good care of her, but at that moment she discovers that Elijah has followed her abroad.

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Great storyline. Although, Elijah's character seems to be changing into a whole different character. From being intellectually adept to others' hidden motives being cautious and on top of their schemes to someone being passive; no longer seeking the truth whether his intuition is right or not
2024-07-09 13:07:13
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Siddika Noorani
I m really liking the story
2024-05-23 20:10:59
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This story is indeed interesting. Can't wait to read what'll happen next.
2024-05-17 14:54:16
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May Martinez
Author is very slow in updating. 2 chapters per updating. That's why I always go for short ones.
2024-05-25 08:04:39
Sophia’s POVTwo years of marriage, and I'd never set foot in my husband Elijah's office until now.After all this time, why was I suddenly entrusted to deliver these important documents? Could it be possible that they’re finally learning to accept me?Taking a deep breath, I gently placed my hand on my stomach. The emptiness from losing my baby lingered, even though it had been a long time since that accident. I still felt lost and fragile, wishing for solace that never came.I missed my husband's presence, longing for a comforting word or touch. But he and his family remained distant and uninvolved, leaving me to recover on my own.Now, I was about to step into Elijah’s world — his beloved company.My heart skipped a beat as I entered Elijah's large, elegant office. The room was tastefully decorated, with rich mahogany furniture and a large sign that said Sinclair Realty Group. But what made me stop in my tracks was the sight of my husband huddled with an attractive blonde over som
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Sophia’s POVThe divorce agreement was written after I accidentally lost my baby. During that time, I couldn’t even look at Elijah’s face without thinking about our baby. The pain was unbearable, so I believed divorce was my salvation. Looking back, preparing the divorce agreement was not a mistake, now that leaving was my only option.My hands shook as I held the papers in my hand. I could hear Morgana’s voice outside. “Sophia!” she called in a sharp tone. She probably heard me come in and was now wondering where I was. Quickly, I hid the divorce agreement and washed my face in the bathroom. That’s when the door swung open. I dried my face with a towel and looked at my mother-in-law. She responded with a cold gaze. She immediately instructed me to do the housework, her tone full of disdain. As I began my chores, she stood there taunting me. “Elijah told me not to ask you to deliver things in the future,” she said with a scoff. “You can’t even be relied on for such a simple task.”
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Sophia’s POVI could sense his mind reeling from the unexpected news. He opened his mouth as if to say something. I expected him to respond, to react, to ask questions. Anything at all! But he never said anything. My heart thumped hard against my chest as we gazed at one another — strangers who’d been forced to live together. I had tried so hard to make this marriage work even after we had lost the baby. But it takes two to succeed at this, I realized. “I want a divorce,” I repeated, keeping my voice steady. “I’m serious.”Slowly he nodded. “Yes, sure,” he answered before getting up and disappearing into the bathroom. My chest felt like it was about to explode. I pulled my open shirt around me, desperately covering myself up, as I coiled into a fetal position with my head throbbing. A tear dropped down my cheek, and I quickly brushed it away. This is it. I’m going to be free. And yet somehow, I didn’t feel that ecstatic. His reaction only confirmed my worst suspicions. Now I kn
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Sophia’s POV“Aaarrgghh! I so hate that guy for doing this to you!” Kayla hissed. “If I had known he’d treat you like that, I wouldn’t have allowed you to even come near him during our grad celebration! And I wouldn’t have kept pushing you to hook up with him, no matter how gorgeous he was!”Being the daughter of Raven Media’s renowned CEO, Kayla Davis always hung out with high society. She saw Elijah a lot at parties since they belonged to the same circle. We also all happened to attend Fairview University where Kayla and I had majored in Interior Design. Hence, she not only knew Elijah but Serena too. “You should have seen them at the party last night!” she cried out, causing some people to give us a dirty look. Lowering her voice, she leaned forward with a repulsed look. “They didn’t even care that I was there! They were just… Aaahhh! I really couldn’t take it, so I went over there and gave them a piece of my mind. I told them they ought to be ashamed of themselves!”“Oh, wow,” I
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Sophia’s POVMy chest felt like it would explode any time now. “It doesn’t matter,” I eventually said to Troy. “It’s none of my business now. I don’t care what he does with that woman or with whomever.”Then staring hard at him and my foster mother, I said sharply, “We’re definitely not getting back together, so the two of you should just stop going to him for money! Just stop!”“But…” Brenda began to protest. I raised my hand to stop her. “Elijah and I are over. Besides, I’ll soon move to France and study there. And since you only contacted me again because of Elijah’s money, then now you won’t have any more need for me, right?”They were both shocked at my words because I had never spoken like that in the past. But it was time for me to step up and put myself first for once. “All the money that you swindled out of my ex-husband’s pocket, consider it as your payment for raising me,” I went on in a steady voice. “We don’t have to see or talk to each other ever again.”On the way hom
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Sophia’s POVDaniel followed me into the doctor's office, providing support. The doctor smiled warmly at us, his expression giving nothing away.“Well, Sophia,” he began, his tone measured, “the results are in. Congratulations to you both.”I felt a rush of confusion and disbelief. “You’re going to be parents. Congratulations!” the doctor added. I’m… pregnant?! How could that be? My last baby had left me only months ago. Even I just signed divorce papers with Elijah, and now I'm carrying his child?The room spun around me as embarrassment flooded my cheeks. Probably because he was mistaken for the baby's father, Daniel looked surprised but did not contradict the doctor. “Other than that, you’re perfectly healthy, Sophia,” the doctor assured me. He went on to discuss some things with Daniel, but I hardly heard them talking.My heart pounded crazily, and my mind felt fuzzy. Once again, I felt like I was caught up in a weird dream. None of it was real. Daniel was quiet as we left the
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Elijah’s POVWho the hell was that man who’d answered her phone? I thought angrily, smoke coming out of my ears as I paced back and forth in my office. She can’t possibly be dating someone new already! I couldn’t believe it. It just wasn’t like Sophia to forget me and move on that fast. It angered me so much, and at the same time, it squeezed my heart painfully, knowing that it might really be over between us now, that this wasn’t just some temper tantrum or momentary insanity on her part. I remembered then how I’d overheard my assistant Connor apparently talking to a lawyer, his tone hushed but urgent. I strained to listen, my heart pounding in my chest. That time, Sophia and I had just signed the divorce papers. “...file this divorce as soon as possible,” Connor's voice was clear and determined.I found it hard to believe. Sophia was truly in a hurry to get out of this marriage. I knew she was unhappy, but the finality of this step hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought that may
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Sophia’s POVIt had been almost three months since I arrived in France, and I couldn't believe how much my life had changed. The vibrant atmosphere, the rich culture, and the artistic ambiance of this city had truly worked their magic on me.Initially, adjusting to life here was challenging. The language barrier, the unfamiliarity of everything, and being away from home weighed heavily on me. But gradually, I found my rhythm.I had just entered the hall where visual displays by selected graduate students of Interior Design were being exhibited. I was immediately greeted by a sea of familiar faces – friends, classmates, and professors – all smiling and congratulating me. As I moved through the exhibit, the compliments kept coming. “Sophia, your designs are so innovative!” one classmate remarked. “I love how you play with light and space.”“Thank you! I've been experimenting with new techniques,” I explained, eager to share my process.Approaching my professor, I was met with a smile
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Sophia’s POV My heart pounded fast in my chest. I clutched my phone, where Kayla’s face was framed by the tidy office background of her new workspace. “I'll be right back,” she hissed anxiously, glancing off-screen.I nodded, trying to muster a semblance of calm.The minutes stretched on, each one feeling like an eternity. I stared at the screen, willing my breathing to slow, my heart to quiet. Did Elijah hear us talking?!Finally, Kayla returned. “Elijah's gone,” she said. “He didn't seem to hear me talking. He's meeting with Serena again, who's happy to kiss his ass.”A bitter laugh escaped me. Then Kayla leaned forward and spoke, her voice low and confiding. “I don't know what’s so great about Serena that Elijah would choose her over you. And, Sophia, I know you drafted the divorce settlement without including the division of property. Are you really willing to give up everything—the property and all of your supposed share in Elijah’s assets, and the man you love—for Serena?”I
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Elijah’s POV It’s been weeks now since I last heard from Sophia. I couldn't shake the unsettling thought of the man who had answered Sophia's phone. His voice was unfamiliar, and I was certain I didn't know him. The realization that Sophia was with someone I had never even met was unacceptable. Desperation gnawed at my resolve as I reached out to her adoptive mother and brother, only to be met with the chilling news that they too had lost contact with Sophia. She must have changed her contact number! Was it because of me? How could she just cut off all ties with me like that?That whole day, I couldn’t focus on anything. I was still thinking about Sophia when I saw a familiar woman running across the lobby of our office, holding some huge envelopes. Kayla Davis, Sophia’s best friend. “I can’t believe her! She keeps rejecting all the programs I’ve submitted!” I heard her say furiously. That’s when I noticed that my assistant Connor was walking beside her, trying to catch up with her
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