Mr. Billionaire Bound By My Baby Bump

Mr. Billionaire Bound By My Baby Bump

By:  J.G.DAWN  Completed
Language: English
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Rebecca touched the door's handle to open it but before she could push the door, the man grabbed her waist from behind and came closer to her ears, and said in a husky tone "Times Up! You are too late." Hearing him, her heart skipped a bit because his touch didn't make her feel disgusted but it just felt like a romantic touch. She becomes rigid for a moment in her place and does not understand what happened all of a sudden. And before she could understand anything. The man took her in his arms and shortly pressed her lips with his lips. He kissed her wildly until she felt suffocated. Her head becomes dizzier. She was forced by a stranger to spend a romantic night with him. But when she wakes up the next morning, she is alone in bed and only left with his diamond ring which he left for her as compensation. Seeing herself in this horrible situation, She's broken mentally and physically. And when she is hardly trying to forget the incident as a nightmare, she learns that she is about to become a mother. On hearing that, her whole world becomes in turmoil. What will she do now? Will she give birth to this child or will she kill her/him in her womb?

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236 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Excuse Me, Sir,” Rebecca hesitantly, stopping the waiter.She comes to the Bar for a job interview which her stepmother had found for her. Her interview was at eight o'clock at night, which was new to her hearing. She is wearing black faded jeans which she has worn a hundred times already and a black off-shoulder top. Her shoes are white with black straps which are worn out in many places. She had no new clothes because her stepmother didn't give her any money.She reaches there 15 minutes before the time. Many people stand outside the bar wearing heavily branded clothes and most of them are seen drunkenly flirting with women and women are also trying to attract them. She feels slightly uncomfortable looking at them, but she chooses to avoid them.As she enters the bar, she sees people all around her dancing to loud music, and everyone is drunk. There are also some dancers who are trying to woo everyone by dancing on the stage and some couples are doing intimate stuff. She felt
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Chapter 2
The real truth is that her owner's son always used to harass her whenever he saw her alone and every time she saved herself. But one night her owner's son started forcing her, and to save herself, she started screaming. Suddenly, the boy's father comes there at the right time but his son puts all the blame on Rebecca, that she was the one who had seduced him first. And on hearing this, the boy's father, not listening to her side, fired her from the job."Mom, She wants to humiliate you, that’s why she is talking about leaving your job and finding another job. Otherwise, she does not refuse to go to the interview. " Her half-sister Chole did not like Rebecca just like her mother. Coming between the two of them, and said with a mocking tone. Chole has been jealous of Rebecca since childhood because of her beauty. Wherever they go together, everyone tries to be a friend of Rebecca. She would always get all the limelight. Because of this chole was annoyed. Rebecca is very famous for her
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Chapter 3
Rebecca could see their stunned faces and could read the jealous faces of the women towards her. "Little girl, what is your name?" One of them asked in a sweet tone."My…My…name is Rebecca Willson." She hesitatingly mumbled."Wow, what a beautiful name. Just like you!" He stared at her body with greedy eyes. "So, you are the one who came here for the waitress position. " The middle man sweetly said, looking at her with a hungry face."Y...Yes," She could sense their greedy eyes on her body."Ohh! Miss Rebecca, You are really beautiful as your mother described to me. She told me that once I see you, I will not be able to take my eyes off you and it turns out to be true," He sarcastically laughed and Rebecca's eyes widened."So, let's start the interview." He gestures to all the women to leave the room. And within a second all of them leave the room as soon as they get a hint. Now there was no one in the room except Rebecca and old men which makes her heart more nervous now. Seeing
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Chapter 4
"Ahh!" The man shouted in pain holding the head with his hands. Rebecca, finding the right situation, pushed him immediately and ran to the door.The two men who were enjoying the view a few minutes ago become stunned to see this change of view. They tried to hold their friend and shouted."You bitch!"One of them ran towards her with a killing face but before he could grab her again, she opened the door and locked it from outside, and ran towards the elevator which is just ten to twelve steps far from her. But because of intoxication, this small distance is so big for her. When she was just a few steps away from the elevator. The elevator opened and some bodyguards ran toward her. "She's the one! Capture her!" One of the bodyguards shouted pointing toward her and she was just horrified by this. She started running back, but she knew that if she went like this, she would be caught soon. She started praying to God that someone should show her the way. And then suddenly the light of
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Chapter 5
Her head becomes dizzier but she asks with a weak voice."Why?" Hearing her, he said in soft words."I was drugged by strong medicine and to save myself, I need a woman."Hearing him, her eyes widened with shock."I already gave you a chance to leave this room but you still didn't leave and my body is now turned on. I can't stop now. So, please bear it with me…" His voice was serious and she could sense it. And hearing his last sentence she becomes terrified."What do you mean?" She shouted at him. She never wanted to imagine his sentence's meaning."Sleep with me! I'll give you compensation," He announced it and her face became pale."No...." She tried to utter the word but before that, he again sealed her lips. She was already drunk and with each second she started to lose consciousness. She tried to push him with her hands but his grip became tighter on her waist.He immediately picks her up in his lap and goes to bed. She started to lose her strength. He pressed his body under h
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Chapter 6
"Boss, She left the room a few minutes ago," Sam informed his boss. The handsome man with dark brown eyes staring at the city through the french windows and taking a sip from his wine suddenly turned to him and asked in a husky voice."What about other information?""From interrogating the waiter working in the hotel, it has come to know that she had come here for an interview.""Interview? " He raised his eyebrows and glanced at Sam."Yes, boss! But the owner of the bar tried to molest her and to save herself, she smashed a glass bottle on one's head and took a chance, ran away." Sam explained. After that, what happened next, the man knew very well! So he ordered him without showing any expression on his handsome face."Shut down that pub forever." Hearing the order from his boss, Sam understood that he is doing all this because of that woman. He is a little curious to see the woman who made his boss like this. But his boss still didn't tell him to investigate her background or
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Chapter 7
"This dress is a duplicate of that limited edition dress. Can't you see that?" Rebecca said, showing no expression on her face, looking down at her sister.After what happened yesterday, she does not want to have any relationship with such people and does not want to listen to them. She loved her self-respect but was all destroyed by them.Chole gets furious seeing the way she answers."How does she even dare to talk to me like this?" If dad was not present here now, I would have taught her a good lesson!" She shouted in her mind showing a disdainful face towards her."Ohh! Are you telling a truth?" She glared at her sharply and threw another question with an evil smile.But before Rebecca could answer her words, Mr. Wilson groaned angrily."That's Enough!""No more words!""But Dad." Chole tried to speak."Chole! I said no more words!" He angrily glared at her and try to warn her."Honey, Don't be harsh on Chole. It's all happening because of your favorite daughter." She stood in def
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Rebecca immediately finished all her work before the evening was over and went to her room and closed the door. But in a short time, someone knocked on her door and her heart became tense. She didn't want to see that person's face, she just thought in her mind. But hearing the knock again she finally opened the door with some hesitation. After opening the door, she saw her father when she looked in front.Her father is at the door looking at her with a wide smile. Her worry disappeared."Dad!" She smiled and hugged him. "Dear, what are you doing here alone in the room? " Hugging her back."I just don't feel well and I'm resting here!" She made an excuse and apart from her father's hug. "But your brother is waiting for you in the living room. After entering the house, he first announced to meet you! " Mr. Wilson explained to her."No, dad!! I don't feel well!! I'll meet him tomorrow. You can go and eat dinner without me." She tried to refuse her dad without showing any d
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Chapter 9
"Sis, won't you say anything?" There is a sly smile on his face. But Rebecca, seeing the intense smile on his face brings back a terrible memory of that painful night. Her heartache to think all that. She felt terrible and uncomfortable in her heart. She clenched her first tightly with turmoil.Her eyes become bloodshot and she glares at him but her face shows a natural expression. Because Mr.Wilson is also there. She hated his eyes the way he looked at her but she controlled her anger on her own."The...There is nothing like that!" "Dad, I'm coming! You both can go first," She said, completely ignoring Nick, looking at his father with a fake smile.Nick is still drooling over her from head to toe with a smirk. His mind is unreadable. Feeling his eyes over her, she felt uncomfortable and he could also sense that but still, he didn't move his eyes from her. It's like he loves to see her this way. "Alright then, we are both leaving! You come out timely." Mr.Wilson looked at her an
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Chapter 10
Everyone is having dinner, but Nick is occasionally staring at Rebecca.She is aware that someone is watching her and she also understands who is staring at her but she doesn't pay any attention to Nick and only concentrates on her food.Nick gets annoyed seeing her behavior. He clings tightly to the fork in his hand. There is a rage on his face.In no time everyone goes to their room after having their food and Rebecca also goes to her room and closes the door. She lays down on her bed and tries to sleep but tonight still she can't sleep. She keeps turning on the bed. She's still feeling tense and uncomfortable because of Nick.It was still haunting her mind that Nick might try to misbehave with her in private. The way today he looked at her. It's not normal. She knew that very well. She feels so angry in her heart that she can not take a stand for herself. Just because she needs food and shelter. Her tears started rolling down her cheeks. There is helplessness on her face. She just
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