2 - Chapter 10


I hate to admit this, but the truth Alice revealed to me had smacked me hard in the face. I am finding myself gasping for air when the reality sinks in after Alice leaves.

I drop on the couch with the note still clutched in my right hand. I recognised my father’s handwriting and I know everything is true.

I know he was a monster, but why does it still hurt? It doesn’t shock me like it was supposed to do but it hurts me…why?

I stare at my right hand in a trance.

Family. Love. Friendship. Everything is gone from my life and I am left all alone, but I think…this is a punishment fit for me.

I shouldn’t find excuses for myself to feel self-pity. I am a horrible person, the daughter of a monster. It hurts in a new way every time I admit this to myself.

Tears start sliding down my cheeks without my control as my body trembles

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Helen Grace Hanopol
very sad. truth indeed hurts but that’s life. hope Madison found peace after all even in death 🥲

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