2 - Chapter 11


I suddenly feel the urge to go behind her, to see if she is fine. I don’t know why I am still like this.

I swore to myself that I will never care about her again, I will never go behind her again, but here I am…Pushing the girl away and making my way out of the club.

Cold air hits me as soon as I step outside and find her nowhere in sight. After looking for her everywhere and asking the guards about her, I realise she must have taken the backdoor.

Stupid woman! Who takes the backdoor right into the alleyway in the middle of the night?

I heave a heavy breath and make my way to the other side of the club which is the alleyway.

I walk in silence, many thoughts running through my mind.

When she saw me earlier, I almost thought she was jealous when I know it’s not possible. She doesn’t love me, she proved this on many occasions.

Suddenly, my feet halt on their spot when I am

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