Mr. Enigmatic's Spontaneous Bride

Mr. Enigmatic's Spontaneous Bride

By:  Black Knight  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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Ivy Rosalia Jones, a young and beautiful doctor working at a suburban hospital, is determined to marry a man she met through a blind date, even though he is paralyzed. Originally, the marriage was meant to be symbolic, with both of them intending not to interfere in each other's affairs after the wedding. However, Ivy never expected that she would end up marrying the most influential man in the world. Shawn Dyxon Tate, Ivy's husband, has no intention of letting his beautiful wife go. Once she entered his life, he made a decision to spoil her and gave her the world she never had.

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margie Wilson
This is a great book so far
2024-02-03 12:00:16
default avatar
Absolutely loved it!!! Thank you thank you. Such a fun story.
2024-01-06 03:48:07
default avatar
Susan Quek
Except the chapters should be longer, otherwise it is a 10
2024-01-03 02:16:16
user avatar
For a translated book, the grammar is good. The plot is also good ... so far
2024-01-02 19:13:21
default avatar
5 stars is not enough, love this read!!!
2023-12-26 23:52:19
default avatar
Enjoyed it thoroughly. Suspense, action and sweet romance all in one.
2023-12-26 00:52:00
user avatar
Xola Ndabeni
Great read, well narrated. Kept me curious & entertained right thru. I can't believe greed can be so dangerous
2023-12-21 07:38:06
default avatar
Nice and interesting novel ............ thanks author
2023-11-26 23:17:34
user avatar
Lily Frank
it is really a great book and obviously it is not boring.........I will suggest u to give it a try...
2024-01-07 23:08:55
183 Chapters
The Rush Weds
A coffee shop.Ivy sat down and took a good look at the man in the wheelchair opposite her, slightly stunned.He is extraordinarily handsome, with an air of nobility. It's just his legs... How did he end up in a wheelchair?Ivy's gaze fell on the man's wheelchair. "Grandma Winston only said her grandson is exceptionally talented..."The man smiled faintly as if accustomed to her reaction. "It's not too late to regret now."Ivy waved her hand, indicating that she wasn't concerned. "The Civil Affairs Bureau is in the building next door." Then, she skillfully took out her ID and got straight to the point. "Shall we go get the marriage certificate?"This was Ivy's 101st blind date in nearly a year.Due to something urgent, at the start of every blind date, Ivy would immediately propose to the person she thought was suitable. As a result, all previous blind dates ended in failure.Of course, the 101st blind date caught this man off guard too.He was slightly stunned, and pushed the iced Ame
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I'm Married
Ivy returned to the clinic and received an urgent task to go to the rural areas for medical consultation. She didn't return home until a month later, after seeing the last patient.As soon as she opened the house door, a strong smell of blood hit her.The scene before her eyes was chaotic, with pots and pans scattered all over the floor, and her mother sitting on the sofa, bearing signs of physical abuse.Ivy's heart tightened, and she quickly grabbed the first aid kit from the cabinet above the shoe rack and rushed towards her. "He hit you again?!"Her mother tried to comfort her, "It's okay.""This scumbag!" Ivy cursed, unable to contain her anger. "I've told him countless times that the accident three years ago had nothing to do with you or him. It was my fault, and since he dares not vent his anger on me, he takes it out on you. Mom, you're his wife, he shouldn't treat you like this!""You know your father has always been like this, right?" Mrs. Jones held Ivy's hand indifferently
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Powerful Girl
The assistant coughed a few times, waved his hand to clear the exhaust fumes for Shawn, and suggested with difficulty, "How if I drive you instead?""No need." His gaze fell on the girl in the pickup truck wearing a duckbill cap. A playful glint flashed beneath his deep eyes hidden behind the black sunglasses.Seeing that he couldn't persuade his boss, the assistant frowned. This pickup truck obviously had signs of being in an accident. The rear cover was lifted, the body was dented, and the windshield was cracked.Shawn's usual ride was a globally limited-edition luxury car, and this truck... what kind of junk was it?!Ivy, dressed casually, jumped out of the car. Seeing the displeased expression on the assistant's face, she asked Shawn, "Who is this?""I am Mt. Tate's...""Colleague." Shawn interrupted him, sending a warning look to the assistant. "Thank you for your help. You can go back to work."Helpless, the assistant sighed inwardly. If the boss insisted on enduring hardships, t
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Ivy is My Wife
Harry Jones held a toothpick in his mouth and, seeing the mother and daughter hugging each other, he sneered, "What? Complaining about me to your beloved daughter again?"Hearing his words, Mrs. Jones shivered instinctively.Ivy lightly patted her mother's hand, signaling her not to be afraid.She coldly looked at Mr. Jones, "Why are you back?""This is my home. Why can't I come back?" Mr. Jones sat on the chair across from them, swaying his legs, looking disdainfully at Ivy. "As for you, you're just a money-losing deal. Why did you come back? No wonder my luck has been so bad these days. It turns out it's because of you!"After finishing his words, he casually spat out the toothpick to the ground and extended his hand toward Ivy.Ivy frowned. Her mother said he was on a business trip before... it seems he spent these days gambling in secret and only returned after losing.It was the same when she was a child. Every time he went out to gamble, if he won, it was fine, but if he lost, h
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The Rings
Seeing Shawn start to call the police, Mr. Jones was furious."You dare!" Mr. Jones snarled and glared menacingly at Mrs. Jones, threatening, "Wait for me; I'll deal with you sooner or later!"Turning around, he looked at the table of good food, swiping it all off with a wave of his hand. Bowls and plates clattered to the floor.Satisfied, Mr. Jones left the house.The iron gate closed, and Mrs. Jones' body went limp. She trembled uncontrollably due to fear, unable to speak.Ivy bent down, gently embracing her and patting her back.After some time, Shawn handed a tissue to the mother and daughter."Clean up; we're going home." Shawn said to Ivy, "Your mother's physical and mental state isn't suitable for staying here. Let her stay at our place for now."Ivy was surprised, "Our place...?"When did they have a house?Seeing her puzzled expression, Shawn smiled, "Our house is in the northern suburbs, close to your clinic, and it's convenient for us to take care of your mom."Ivy, hearin
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Don't Let Him Down
Ivy followed those long and slender fingers as they moved upward. The muscular patterns on the arm were sharply defined, exuding a deadly sensuality.She unconsciously swallowed.Soon, realizing her loss of composure, she shook her head.‘Ivy, get a grip!’ She wanted to sober herself up, but the more she tried, the more rapid her breathing became. Even the clock on the wall seemed to speed up at her thought, as if urging something.She looked around, and the bright light in the study had turned into a warm, ambiguous glow, causing her heart to race and her mouth to go dry."Ah!"Suddenly, the world spun around her, and Shawn lifted her onto his lap. Her small hand gripped the white collar of his shirt, increasing the pressure due to her nervousness.The button on the collar gave way and fell to the ground.‘Oh no!’Ivy internally sighed. She closed her eyes and her ears turned bright red.Shawn was quite pleased with Ivy's reaction. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "Is it
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I'm a Patient Too
Ivy hesitated about whether to tell her mother that she had no intention of having a child. Just then, Shawn suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist."Mom, my body needs some time to recover, so Ivy and I have discussed it. We've decided to wait another two or three years before having a child."He took all the responsibility upon himself.Ivy looked at Shawn in surprise, and he met her gaze. His deep eyes seemed to have already seen through her little thoughts.Hearing Shawn's words, the disappointment in Mrs. Jones's eyes flashed briefly, but she knew very well that rushing into having a child was not the right way to go."Okay," she said with a hint of approval.Shawn suddenly changed the subject, "How about we deal with your divorce during this time? It would also put Ivy's mind at ease.""But..." Mrs. Jones also understood that she was a big obstacle in Ivy's heart. She sighed, "But Ivy's father is not willing to agree to the divorce. You've just gotten married, and you have ex
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Cruel Gene
Ivy took a deep breath and decisively pushed away from Shawn's kiss. "I'll be back... I'll come to save you later."With those words, she didn't dare to look at him and quickly walked out of the door.Shawn watched as Ivy's figure disappeared outside, and his handsome face instantly darkened.First, she had approached and gained his grandmother's trust, and now, meeting this stranger for the first time, she was asking for immediate marriage registration. It seemed like a calculated and strategic move, possibly part of her plan to control the situation.....Fifteen minutes laterIvy parked her motorcycle in front of the clinic but heard commotion from inside."Ivy, get out here!"The voice made Ivy's eyebrows furrow. As expected, as soon as she entered the clinic, she saw her father berating the doctors and nurses in the clinic with his hands on his hips."You bastard, do you know who I am? I'm the father of your Dr. Jones! She will stand there obediently and let me scold her when she
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Ivy continued to calmly observe the patient's condition, paying no attention to the speaking nurses. She replied nonchalantly to their hesitations, and then turned her attention back to the patient's family."Dr. Ticko will take about an hour to arrive here," she answered the nurses. She then turned to the patient's family and reminded them, "The patient's condition is extremely critical. Immediate surgery is necessary, or else the patient will risk amputation. If you wish to wait for another doctor or go to another hospital, you are welcome to do so, but you will have to bear the risks and consequences of delaying the treatment.""I..." The patient couldn't refute her words and persisted in preventing the surgery, but their resolve was beginning to waver.At this moment, a nurse by the patient's side shouted, "Oh no! The patient has lost consciousness!"Ivy leaned down to look at the patient, and her expression turned grim. "The patient is in septic shock and requires immediate surge
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Crazy Woman
The discussion inside was heated, and Ivy stood at the door in silence for a while. In the end, she released her hand and turned to leave.The Ordinary Clinic was the only clinic in the bustling county of the poorest district in the city. Because the patients were all poor, the clinic's revenue was usually not great, and the salaries for the medical staff were naturally low.So, the clinic struggled to hire staff, and the people who worked there were mostly long-time employees.Ivy usually focused on her work and her patients and didn't have deep relationships with them. She always thought that everyone did their own job, and there was no interference. She didn't expect that her image in their eyes would be like this.It was rather strange.Just as she walked to the end of the corridor, a young nurse came running toward her, "Dr. Jones, quick, there's a new patient outside."Upon hearing about a new patient, Ivy grabbed the nurse's hand and headed towards the emergency room, saying, "
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