My Biggest Secret [Blue Blood #3]

My Biggest Secret [Blue Blood #3]

By:  Nikki Larousse  Completed
Language: English
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Timothy Regio was happy to be married well to one Spanish baroness when he met her on his trip to Lacul Rosu, Romania. He met his wife there and instantly got married. He thinks it was love at first sight but Tim barely scratches the surface. Isabella Eleanora Rodriguez, the 15th Baroness of Andalucia, Spain has one month to find a husband or everything will go to her bloodsucking uncle from Romania on her father's side. Unable to see that her inheritance whisked away, Isabella married the first man that she saw in a bar at Lacul Rosu, Romania. Her new husband, Tim, did not know about her true identity. What happened when one day, Tim came home and found out that his wife, Isabella was doing something unimaginable? Would he run away or face the music of getting inside a moment that was vulnerable for blue blood?

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love this book, short and interesting
2021-02-01 20:26:04
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very good story. would love to see s follow up of them with kids
2021-01-13 04:34:19
14 Chapters
Prologue: The Bar
Timothy Regio’s POVI was wiping down the glasses as I was looking outside the window. It was early evening and there were not many customers in the bar right now. I sighed as I was looking at the glasses. I was supposed to be doing some research for my graduate schools but I guess I will be stuck with what I know.
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Chapter 1: The Date
Timothy Regio’s POVI got a text from my sister, Anika, that she will be going to the boutique to model for the fall collection of a fashion designer. I texted her to be safe and she said okay. I was sighing before I heard a text was coming in and it was not Anika.
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Chapter 2: The Cafe
Isabella Rodriguez’s POVI was looking around the cafe as we took out seats before Tim, he said that he preferred I called him that, was going to place our orders. Since it was his idea, I will only wait for what he was going to order for us. I
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Chapter 3: The Walk
Timothy Regio’s POVI was contemplating when Sabel was coming forth with why she was asking me to get married to her. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I would love to get married to a stunning woman like her.Black hair.
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Chapter 4: The House
Timothy Rodriguez’s POVI was holding the certificate that stated that I was a married man now. I cannot think of anything else but the name of my wife’s surname behind my given name. It was a glorious day as I was smiling before I saw that Isabella was talking with the minister.
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Chapter 5: The Engagement
Isabella Rodriguez’s POVWell, I never thought I say this but I did.“You’re ridiculous, uncle. Kade and I never had an agreement to get married,” I said as I was putting the glass down before I was looking at Kade. He was still loo
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Chapter 6: The Transfer
Timothy Rodriguez’s POVI was staring at the back of my wife’s. It was nice that the dip of her small waist and flared out her bust. I was tracing it with my fingertips that she stirred in her sleep and turned to look at me. Her chest was naked and I was feasting on her breasts that my tongue has known last night.
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Chapter 7: The Unfold
Timothy Rodriguez’s POVI have been held responsible to overlook the wealth that has been bestowed to me by Isabella, my wife. I was in the building as I was being greeted by the managers and directors for every floor of the 20 floors of Rodriguez Industrial Inc.
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Chapter 8: The Blue Blood
Isabella Rodriguez’s POVI was breathing hard when I was looking at my husband who was wide eyes when he was looking at me right now. I know that my eyes were not amber anymore as I can sense that my demon was close to getting out, taking control, claiming what was hers.
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Chapter 9: The Fight
Isabella Rodriguez’s POVI was looking at the grand hotel that my uncle was staying with his son. I must say, he has a great taste as this was the exclusive hotel in town. No wonder when my father said that my uncle loved to live luxuriously.I sighe
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