My Billionaire Ex-Husband Wants Me Back

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Wants Me Back

By:  E. Dahlia  Updated just now
Language: English
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Inhaling shakily, I picked up the envelope and gave him a confused look. “What is this?” “Divorce papers,” He snarled. “Sign it before tomorrow ends and leave my house, you fucking leech!” “It’s because of Laura, isn’t it?” I kept my gaze rooted to the floor, as tears rolled down my cheeks. “I don’t have time for your useless questions. Just sign the damn papers and leave!” He barked, before marching upstairs. + Catherine Williams and Alessandro Da Silva used to be a loving couple until Alessandro’s first love waltzed back into their lives and ruined their marriage. On their third wedding anniversary, Alessandro comes home and tosses a divorce agreement at Catherine. She quietly signs it and walks out of his life, secretly pregnant. Five years later, they meet again when Alessandro’s ailing grandmother is in need of a neurosurgeon. Catherine has now become one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. Will she ignore her resentment toward her ex-husband to treat her? What more when Alessandro finds out about their twin sons? Will he ever be able to get her forgiveness?

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so far nice way to go
2024-06-11 17:26:56
default avatar
In my mind. I’m like. How the hell are they moving so fast and she opening up so quick and it was making me mad and then I remembered. People like this exist. Pretty good story though.
2024-06-04 08:12:48
user avatar
Elizabeth Daniel
nice story ...️
2024-06-04 04:54:17
default avatar
Rita Wilson
Hopefully author you don't drag it out like some do and after awhile it makes no sense or make a choppy ending.
2024-06-03 23:12:02
default avatar
Hi author - to binge read this book… when do u expect to finish/complete? Thank you… voted with gems
2024-05-27 15:30:39
default avatar
Is this going to be a long story? I am not really fond of very long stories that eventually just go on circles.. never ending
2024-05-27 06:50:02
default avatar
juddah lowie
Hindi kona natapos tapos to ganda pa nman ng story
2024-05-13 16:24:24
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
65 chapters 4-24-24
2024-04-24 20:01:06
default avatar
Does the book complete?
2024-04-24 11:51:06
user avatar
Love it cannot wait for more
2024-04-24 09:38:49
default avatar
I love this book and I love how it gets straight to the point and does not drag the story line longer than it should! I strongly recommend this book it’s a very exciting and lovely read
2024-04-10 03:14:23
default avatar
I this one of those with hundreds and hundreds of chapter?or is it short and sweet
2024-04-06 07:29:47
default avatar
Ciel Lynox
Just started reading and I love it. The twins are so adorable and funny!!!
2024-03-22 04:10:53
user avatar
Vangie G. Abalos
How many chapters this story until it's finish?
2024-04-27 15:00:38
user avatar
Choo Ai Tan
I like the story only I hope it doesn't drag too long., happy reading
2024-04-17 17:23:31
120 Chapters
Catherine's POV I nervously nibbled on my lower lip as I paced the large expanse of the living room. Sighing, I glanced at the wall clock and exhaled heavily when I saw the time. It was ten minutes past nine in the evening and Alessandro was yet to come home."Excuse me, ma'am," Someone spoke from behind me, and I turned to face them.The head maid of our household, Alice, grimaced as she fiddled with her fingers."Yes, any problem?" "Should I place the food in the refrigerator?" She asked, and my heart cut as a bitter realization struck me.Just like in the past, Alessandro was really going to be absent on our wedding anniversary.It wasn't just an ordinary anniversary; it was our third marriage anniversary and according to what I read on a website some years back, three was a lucky number that signified prosperity.Thus, I had gone over the top by preparing a variety of dishes that I was sure he liked.Since he rarely ate at home nowadays, I had secretly called his grandmother beca
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Forced to fuck
Catherine's POV "W-What are you doing, Alessandro? Please I'm not in the mood," I begged, as he loosened the belt of my bathrobe. He paid no attention to my protests and just smiled wickedly before forcing my bathrobe open, and exposing my nakedness."You are my wife and your sole duty in my life is to ensure that I'm always sexually satisfied," He spat, unbuckling his belt and getting rid of his pants.Interesting. So now, I was his wife because he was in need of a release.As much as I wanted to have the old Alessandro back, I didn't want him like that.He was a predator while I was his prey that was shivering with fear as he pried my legs open.At that moment, I realized that begging him wasn't going to do anything, so I just decided to lie down as take it.He was right.My job was to give him sex whenever he wanted whether I was in the mood for it or not.After all, I lived under his roof and he bore all my responsibilities because I was his housewife.It was my role to ensure th
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The strange man
Catherine's POV As soon as Alessandro left the house the next morning, I retrieved the divorce agreement and perused it.Afterward, I signed on the designated corner before placing the paperwork back into the envelope and placing it on his journal.I wanted it to be the first thing he saw the next time he decided to come home.Exhaling sharply, I gave the study one last look and made my way back to the bedroom where my empty suitcase was laying on the bed.Then, I packed the last bits of presentable clothes that I still had into the suitcase, tossed my hair into a bun and darted the mirror above the dresser a sad look before exiting the room."Are you going somewhere, ma'am?" Alice asked as I walked down the stairs with my packed luggage."Yes," I said. "I'm going far away from this place and never coming back."Alice's jaw slacked in shock. "M-Ma'am, is this a joke? Are you really leaving Sir Alessandro?""My senses have finally come back to me and I've realized just how dense I was
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Reunited with my mother
Catherine's POV Both the man and my ears had to be playing jokes on me.And an unfunny one at that, because how could I have lived twenty four years of my life without a mother and then suddenly have a mother now?No matter the angle I tried to see the whole situation from, it still didn't make sense."You are not saying anything, miss," Thomas said, and I huffed incredulously."Are you an organ trafficker?" I asked, because that seemed to be the only realistic explanation for the whole mess."What? I don't quite get what you're implying, Miss," He raised a puzzled brow."You target vulnerable women and approach them with this cheap lie of yours, lure them to an unknown destination, kill them, and then harvest their organs, isn't it?" I snarled. "Tell me, how long have you been gathering information about me?""I do no such thing, ma'am," He slipped a card toward me.Begrudgingly, I retracted the card from the table and my eyes gaped when I saw that he was the owner of a large restau
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Regrets and sorrows
FIVE YEARS LATERAlessandro’s POV I heaved a sigh of despair as my eyes landed on her dress which was the only memory of her that I had left.Initially, I had wanted to burn it as I did the rest of her belongings, but something from within had restrained me from doing so, thus I had left it in the closet.Nowadays, whenever I saw it, it always awoke a mixture of misery, despondency, and fury that was directed towards myself.The universe had blessed me with the most precious jewel of inestimable value but I had been so indifferent about her and had broken her both emotionally and physically.The memory of how I had forced her to satisfy my sexual needs on the third anniversary of our marriage still haunted me every second of my wretched life.I had it all.And I literally meant it.I had several fleets of cars, five estates, abundant wealth, literally everything the average man wanted yet a hollow pit of sadness still existed in my heart.Fuck, how could I have been so cruel to a pure
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I’m over him
FIVE YEARS LATERCatherine’s POV "Okay, so his blood pressure is now stable," I said, gazing at the waves on the heart monitor. "You did great, guys.""It's all thanks to you, doctor Williams," One of the nurses said, as she handed me a pair of tongs.Currently, I was in the midst of a major brain surgery.The patient had almost lost his life in a car crash some hours ago due to his reckless driving.Thankfully, the surgery was a success but I would make sure to give him a strict warning when he woke up."I will leave the rest to you guys, then," I said, placing the forceps on the instrument table.Afterward, I headed out of the theater where the mother of the patient was waiting and dumped my surgery outfit into the trash can.I was now clad in just a pair of teal scrubs.The poor woman looked exhausted and her eyes were as red as cherry, probably because she had been crying ever since her son was rushed in here."Doctor Williams!" She shot up from her seat and sprinted up to me. "H
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No new development
Alessandro’s POV "Welcome, dear," Grandma grinned, as I embraced her in a warm hug."You look radiant, ma. The ever gorgeous beauty of Santos Island," I grinned, when we broke the hug."Oh, please, dear," She scoffed, but giggled anyway. "It's so nice seeing you again. You know I was thinking; what if I never get to see my Alessandro's children before I pass on?"“Stop thinking like that, ma.” I chided her, and she just gave me a bored look, as we both headed into the dining room, where my mother was sitting and already plating her own food.Upon seeing Grandma and I, she darted us a smile before averting her focus back to her food.You see, Grandma had finished her last dose of chemotherapy a week ago, after undergoing a brain tumor removal surgery a month back.We had all been scared when her neurologist told us that her tumor could metastasize as cancer into her liver and other vital organs.Thankfully, that didn't happen and now, she was up and active on both feet, without the ai
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Back in America
Catherine’s POV "Mummy, we are in America!" Liam squealed, as he bounced down the stairs of the helicopter, with Mr Thomas following closely behind him."Be careful, sweetie," I sighed, tightly holding onto Leo who seemed wary of his new surroundings."This place is strange and hot," Leo muttered. "I don't like America. When are we going back to Canda, mummy?""Soon," I lied, knowing fully well that I had signed a contract to be a neurosurgeon at the America branch for one year, at least."Really soon or far soon?" He scrutinized my expression as if trying to deduce an ounce of lie on my face."Soon soon, baby," I lied again, just as three bald burly men that were identically dressed in black suits and dark sunshades trekked up to us."Welcome to America, ma'am," They bowed in unison to me before collecting our luggage and turning to Mr Thomas."It's been a while, sir," They said to him, and he nodded."It sure has," He said. "Take the luggage to the car. How many cars did you bring?
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Seeing her again
Alessandro’s POV "Do you care for a drink?" I asked my best friend, Ethan, as he plopped onto one of the sofas in my study."Yes, please. Do you have Brandy?" I shook my head in disapproval. "I thought your doctor told you to quit drinking alcohol because of your reoccurring cirrhosis."Ethan waved me off. "She doesn't know what she's talking about. Alcohol is the only thing that makes me feel alive nowadays. Chloe has taken my children to heaven knows where and the court is refusing to grant me joint custody of them."His wife divorced him three years ago due to his frequent abuse of alcohol and how it was causing their marriage to fall apart.It was quite saddening to see Ethan in such a vulnerable state nowadays.Him and I went way back since kindergarten. As we were both heirs from wealthy families, we had gradually bonded and became best of friends.Ethan was even part of the people that had criticized me for maltreating Catherine after the divorce and because of that, we had
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In a dilemma
Catherine’s POV This couldn't be, right?There was absolutely no way in hell that I just saw him in there, right?I was definitely seeing things now, right?Those were the forms of questions that swirled in my head as I trekked back to my office.But then again, I could still smell his woody cologne on myself which meant that I had truly seen the bastard in flesh and blood.I had never thought I would be saying this soon, but Mr Thomas was right.Coming back to America was the worst decision that I ever made.Well, with the exception of marrying Alessandro.I should have just told the director that I couldn't do it, but my good heart had gotten in the way.Fuck, what was I supposed to do now?As I pressed my back against the wall of my office, another thought resonated in my head.Alessandro's grandmother was my patient.I had been shocked out of my mind when she was rushed into the emergency room, some hours ago.The only person that had been nice to me in his family was fatally ill
Read more Protection Status