Chapter 7

"Actually ... I found a slight discrepancy in the financial statements a few months ago."

Mr. Shaw turned back to me. He brushed his right hand through his dark brown hair and gave a small nod, telling me to continue.

"There were about ten rather suspicious outflows, all sent to different accounts at the Bank of Rotterdam, some to Thompson&Thompson-"

"Thomson&Thompson?" all attention Mr.

Shaw turned to me when I said the name. "Are you sure, Eleanor?"

I nodded "That stream of funds wasn't sent directly to the Thompson&Thompson company, but was transferred to an offshoot company owned by Thompson&Thompson. If all the funds were totaled it would probably be about 4 or 5 percent of the value of your company, Mr. Shaw.

Four or five percent is an awful lot if the company is as big as Shaw&Partner. Maybe enough to buy a small office building.

I studied the expression on his face in the dim light of his SUV's headlights, the wrinkles on his forehead deepening. Which means only one; So far he
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