My CEO wife: Let me be the song that you love to hear

My CEO wife: Let me be the song that you love to hear

By:  Rosechrys  Completed
Language: English
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(The book contains 18+ matured sexual scenes.) Meeting her in his concert in a wasted form, he nearly doesn't recognize her. But when he does, he can't get her out of his mind. He couldn't stop falling for her every moment. She is tough, brilliant in everything but rarely known by public. She hates cameras, she hates to be centre of the world.She is someone who can amaze the world with her personality. They are opposite poles but opposite poles attract with each other. Will she ever fall for him?

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Keep on writing more lovely books author.. Your novels are precious 🤩🤩
2021-03-13 18:50:13
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The storyline is amazing.. The author is so talented.. Love the book💗
2021-03-13 18:48:35
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Dirshti Bhatia
this story is Soooo amazing... this story is like... so heart touching..... about pain.... about ups and downs in the life..... love.... believe....... and so many emotions are there...... ☺☺ give it a try guys and you will definitely fall in love with this story 😍😍
2021-02-04 01:37:56
user avatar
Need more🤩🤩
2021-01-28 21:31:59
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Ami Rodrigo
nice story.. beautiful
2021-06-13 08:21:43
53 Chapters
Chapter 1 •Once upon a time •
~Some people just come back to your life like a miracle~Alex's POV:This was my dream. I always wanted to be here. I wanted to stand in front of these many crowds and hold a mic, string my guitar and sing a song, a song that will make each one of them, to feel the same emotions I am feeling right now.The large crowd was shouting out my name with laughter, excitement and cheerfully. The rhythm of my name was tuning perfectly with their voice and I was loving it so much. It was warming my heart and soul.This day was what I dreamt years ago. This was why I was left alone still I believe my dreams and continued.This was where I wanted to stand and shout out to the world that I, Alexander Anderson is not a useless fellow like someone thinks of me."Finally, you are here Alex. Finally, you are living your dreams,"I talked to myself as I assured mysel
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Chapter 2 • Waiting for tomorrow•
~Waiting for someone eagerly to wake up is as restless as walking along on your dreams~Alex's POV :"Open, the door quickly.," I screamed at my assistant, Brad. He quickly opened the door for me. Both of them sat at the front seat one at a driver seat and another beside him.I was seated on the back seat with her, her head resting on my shoulders and her hair falling off on her beautiful face."What do you intend to do with her? "he asked with the mixed voice.I knew he was scared that I might do something that would ruin my reputation among the public."Brother, you shouldn't have messed with the girl. You know a girl can cause downfall of your career just in an instant, "Risa said placing her hands on her forehead in frustration."I'm not messing with her. Just drive," I assured them that I was doing nothing wrong and I wo
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Chapter 3 • That 18 was painful•
~ Sometimes the most painful of our experience brings out the best that could happen to us~Alex's POV :"Alexander, do you really want to embarrass me in front of my all the relatives and the business partners. Nobody, means literally nobody in this family had chosen their career as musician. That means you also can't," my dad scolded me furiously. The level of anger on his eyes was more than I could have imagined.I belonged to the one of the topmost business families.Since my birth everything of mine was decided.The clothes I wear, the school I go, the courses I take and obviously the career as well.I was bound to walk through the part that my dad had paved me all along but I chose different. I chose to be out if his league and out of his track which he had paved for me."But dad I really love music. I don't feel pleased doing the business. Le
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Chapter 4 •Die hard fan•
~Gentle and tough are contradictory. But I like that contradiction on you. The combination of gentle and tough~ Dorothy'S POV: When I woke up in the morning, a handsome guy was gazing at me.  No, this can't be. I don't want to tag the word  handsome to any of the guys anymore. Handsome guys sucks! I unlocked my eyes slowly thinking that this could all be  a dream, so I blinked them slowly again. But I got  the same view in front of me. I wasn't sure whether I was dreaming or was seeing the things in surreal. Running the fingers on my long hair, I clutched them on frustration as I tried to remember what had happened the last night. Fuck!I was on the conce
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Chapter 5 • Cool me down •
~First love and crush always makes us little like a child~ Alex'S  POV: I have never encountered a woman like her. She was a woman of such a strong character, such great virtue and and amazing persona. The day I first met her was the first time I had known that woman could be of such virtuous attitude.  Her voice was still the same-loud strong and powerful.  I can't compare her voice with a nightingale. It would be a lie but her voice was the most influential voice in my whole life. I have never heard a voice that carries so much power and so much order in it. Her rudeness and her arrogance with my outfit designer Risa scared even me too. I didn't know what should I answer and to which side I should belong. With her dominant voice even I was scared to cut her off in between. How can a woman have such a effect? 
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Chapter 6 •I can't answer you•
~Sometimes we need something more than eyes to see the things~Dorothy'S POV :"You should have brought one for me too,"I said to him when he returned with a cold drink in his hand. He gave the one in his hand and went back again to get another drink. This man his intelligence level is so low. He returned back with his drink. "Stupid,"I whispered that to him in a low voice so that he would rarely her it."By the way can you help me one more time,"I asked him."What is it? "he asked. "Can you lend me more money? I had my everything in that purse and I need to get something," I requested."Okay, I will get that for you,"he said back to me.I lead the way inside the mall again and walked to the video games shop. I picked some DVDs for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. He was staring
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Chapter 7•She has a boyfriend•
~ First love might only be a beautiful experience sometimes~Alex's POV :This girl Dorothy, she is really something. She went alone to tackle the guys who robbed her. I couldn't still believe my eyes but the way she handled the problem.Oh! my God, I was awed. I was madly unknown why she wanted that old purse of hers?But the way, she left alone her robber made me more than just shocked.Why search him when you don't want your money? I couldn't just understand her and also how could she become friendly to that guy, why? Are they accomplices? Both of them have same vibe, the vibe of danger. The vibe is violence in them.I was never soft to anyone, never. I got to see myself so pitiful in this two days. Ahhhh, but I was loving being pitiful just because it was her. But even after staying along with her for these days, I really couldn't understand her. We got into the car
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Chapter 8•Who gifts snakes?•
~Sometimes people need different treatment~Alex's POV: The whole night was sleepless for me. The sleep denied to give it's presence to me. I laid on the bed and covered my eyes with my hands to get sleep but I couldn't. I also put the headphone on my ears and listened to the music to get a sleep but I couldn't. I just woke up, from my bed and looked outside. I was supposed to be fine. That's just my crush. There are thousands of young girls who are ready to throw themselves at me. Yes, I can be okay. I returned back to the bed and laid and covered myself with the quilt. But, I couldn't get sleep again. I just got out of the bed again and started writing a lyrics.......I don't know why, but after writing the lyrics, I felt, it was so good.The words my heart was pouring were so beautiful, thought it was a sad song but the lyrics came from the heart...... I felt so happy
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Chapter 9•Sightseeing•
Alex's POV:I twisted my ear again and again to make sure if she had told something by mistake. "What? What did you just say? "I asked her again to make sure whether the thing I heard was wrong or right."Snakes! It's snakes. Do you get it now? " she said again. "Are you sure, you want a snake? Why?" I asked again because that was the first time I have ever heard someone to have a pet as snake or to gift someone as snake. "No, mam, we don't have. We don't keep snakes. We have other varieties of other animals. You can see dogs, cats, rabbits...," before she could finish she interrupted raising her index finger, "No it's alright. I just want snakes. "Now, I'm more scared of this woman. Why snakes? We walked out if the pet house and then, walked to the toy house. Oh! she wants to buy him something else. That's good. 
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Chapter 10• Trying not to show off•
DOROTHY'S POV :I came here, just to meet him on his birthday . I came here to tell him that I'm not okay without him. I need him, for my upcoming days of my life,I wanted to marry him. But, when I came here, I saw him, with a girl. A girl lingering on his arms and walking together lovey dovey with each other. That day, I simply followed him to the concert. That day, I saw the girl was none other than my high school classmate. The classmate, who I used to hate so much, because she was pretentious as always. The more shocking was how did she get to know him and how dare he cheat me?How dare he play with my feelings? I never got the love that I wanted, from anyone. He was nice. He seemed as if I can trust him but he was same too. He cheated me. And, I hate cheaters. It was greatest luck
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