My Little Ruin - Mr. Dashwood's sweet gypsy

My Little Ruin - Mr. Dashwood's sweet gypsy

By:  Liv King  Ongoing
Language: English
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Raised in her father's gang, the young gypsy Emma Ferguson was persecuted all her life by the puritanical society of the 19th century, yet she never felt completely part of the Romani group. Vivacious and intelligent, the beautiful Emma only wished to find her true self and live the experiences she had been denied over the 20 years of her life, when an unsuccessful performance made her worst nightmares come true in that cursed Scottish town. Emma only survives all this with the help of the handsome British gentleman, Henry Dashwood, whom she met during the fateful performance, and when he rescues her from the roadside, she begins a new and dangerous journey. In a society where gypsy origin is considered worthy of capital punishment, Henry has decided to help Emma get back on her feet, and hatches a plan that could be the salvation or ruin of them both.

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19 Chapters
Emma"Emma, are you ready? "Elinor, my mother, asked while I was putting on my earrings. "Right now? "I turned towards her "I thought we'd be longer.”She was standing outside my Vardo¹ watching me as I got ready and sat on the bed."Your father thought we'd better get on with it "she approached the bed "He'd been told that the town wasn't happy about our arrival. He intends to give the last performance today and leave in the morning with the money we've raised.”My father was the leader of our group, which made me a kind of princess among the Romnichal², or at least I liked to think so."I don't like this place," I admitted as I tied my scarf around my head."Wear more gold," Elinor smiled, offering me some bracelets."I don't want to attract attention in this place," I sighed, "can you send Ruby?”"She went yesterday and didn't get much "My mother concentrated on painting my eyes "You know they love to see you dance.”"Will Kadir accompany us? "I sighed in defeat."Not this time, R
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Come on, my little stranger
Emma " You seem distracted " Lash walked beside me." I'm distracted " I watched him out of the corner of my eye.Lash was a boy a few years older than me. My father tried to marry us off a few months ago, but thanks to my mother, I managed to avoid that disaster. He was nice, but I didn't want to share my life with him. That, however, doesn't seem to be a problem for Ruby." What are you thinking, Emma? " He insisted " Aren't you excited? You usually enjoy presentations." I don't like this town, it emanates bad energy " I played with the tambourine in my hand." You haven't even visited the city, are you finally surrendering to the art of divination Emma? " He joked." I visited the city yesterday, I just didn't take part in the performance. And you know how I feel about these things." Yes, I do. It's the biggest load of crap you've ever heard " he laughed " Have you ever tried saying that in front of your father?" Do you want him to die of grief? " I laughed, spotting the entran
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Come on, my little destiny
EmmaI focused on the road ahead of me as I followed Roux in silence through the streets, trying not to attract unnecessary attention. We found the others waiting for us among some trees outside the town. I shook my arm to get rid of the tightness before heading towards the group." Where do you think you're going? " He grabbed me again by the arm, squeezing it again." This is hurting! " I exclaimed in Romani¹, attracting everyone's attention." What were you talking about with that man? " He growled. " I wasn't talking at all " I tried to get free again " Let me go!" What do you want Emma? " He measured me " You always refuse all your father's marriage arrangements, and you always seem to reject our culture." What does that mean? " It means that your father will hear about it! " He pulled me close to his body, lowering his voice " You know how we feel about marriages with them.The way Roux pronounced "them" irritated me. " I don't know if you remember, but my father married on
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Come on, my little gypsy
HenryMy trip to Melrose lasted longer than the initial ten days. I was advising my friend George Thorpe on a farm he was thinking of buying. It was going to be a quick trip, but he insisted on seeing the town, delaying our return to Bibury, a small village in the county of Gloucestershire¹.I was looking in the window of a hat store, wondering if I should get my sister a present, when a commotion took over the town. I watched as a series of gypsies ran past me, starting a performance in the main square. I didn't care, it wasn't something that appealed to me. But George was enthralled by everything that was going on. I returned my attention to the store window when I felt a small body collide with mine.I stopped the young woman from falling, holding her by the arm. She was a magnificent creature, her well-drawn eyes showing an almost wild glint, her long black hair loose under a burgundy bandana and her tanned skin standing out, making all the others look pale and dull. After a bri
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Come on, my little solution
HenryWe couldn't get anything else out of Emma, she remained silent throughout the journey to Preston. We attracted a bit of attention when we arrived at the small inn where we would be spending the night.Emma seemed out of place as I guided her to a private room where we could talk in private. " Are you hungry? " I asked without getting an answer. Emma remained standing in the same spot, observing the place with a certain discomfort." We're going to spend the night here, Ms. Ferguson " I insisted " Why don't you sit down?She took a few uncertain steps, sitting down in a chair that was further away than I wanted. I went over to where she was, taking the seat next to her." I hope your quarters are to your liking," I said, trying to make conversation." I've never been in a room before " she looked into my eyes." Where did you sleep? " I took advantage of the little space she had given me." In my vardo " she smiled." What's a Vardo? " I was interested." A kind of carriage, I
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Come, my little sorrow
EmmaI was just finishing getting ready after breakfast. The sun had already risen, and we would soon be leaving for Bibury, so I didn't want to delay my benefactors. They were extremely attentive to me, and their manners were so kind. I think gentlemen are all like that.They must consider me a savage."Why does this have to be so difficult? "I groaned as I tried to follow Mr. Thorpe's advice and fix my hair.The fact that my hand was burnt didn't help either, it was stinging badly, in some places it had blistered, in others it was raw flesh.I stared at the burn for a few moments, thinking about everything that had happened. In a matter of hours everything had been taken away from me, my home, my family, my whole life. The only thing I have left are a few changes of clothes and jewelry that I can't wear. A knock on the door brought me out of my reverie. I opened it, finding the maid who had helped me yesterday, I had never even dreamed of having a maid before. She was a few years o
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Come on, my little gentleman
Emma "Ohhh... I'll go... "Mr. Thorpe looked disconcerted "I'll find a place for your bag."Sorry "I turned away immediately when I heard the door close.Don't forget that you're no longer with your family, Emma."It's all right "he looked away."That was completely inappropriate "I continued "Forgive me."Shall we get a suitcase? "He suggested after a few moments in silence."Yes "I bit my lip, trying to wipe my face as best I could. "We can go."Please "He offered me a tissue.I took it, wiping away my tears, feeling a little disconcerted. None of this was supposed to happen. We were supposed to be heading for the next town, all my family, all together. But here I am, heading for a life that I can't even imagine."Come on "he led me to the door "let's get you some things.I followed him in silence, holding his handkerchief. I'd have to give it back at some point. But if only I could keep it.We left the inn and walked side by side towards the town. His handkerchief was still in my
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Come on, my little reason
HenryI felt bewildered after Emma's short walk around the city. That young woman had affected me more in two days than any of the young women in Bibury or Bath in my entire life.I went back to my room trying to put her out of my mind, but that moment alone only served to make me replay those moments. She seemed rather embarrassed when she found out that I was going to present her with a hat, and as we walked through the city, I constantly admired her as she watched everything with fascination. Emma was convinced that she didn't attract any attention, but I noticed every glance at her, her unique and beautiful features set her apart from other young English women. No, she would never go unnoticed.I opened my suitcase, locating the small tambourine she had dropped the day we met. I should give it back.I put it back, deciding to get out of there to get rid of those thoughts. My only intention is to help her. I need to keep that in mind. I joined George in the living room, absent-mi
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Come on, my little conscience
HenryIn the end, we decided that Emma had been left in the care of an old, sick lady after losing her family in a fire. She begged us to bring her with us because she wouldn't be able to support her for so long. If they asked for any other details, we could make them up on the spot.We tried to teach Emma everything we could, answering all her questions, and towards the end of the afternoon, we went for another walk around the city. George once again offered his arm as a support for the young woman. The gesture bothered me a little, but I tried to push those feelings aside and concentrate on Emma's way of walking.She had a unique way about her, which helped her stand out from the others. Every step she took was graceful and fluid, it was as if she was all the time in the middle of one of her dance performances, where every movement was calculated to attract everyone's attention.I shouldn't let my attention get caught up in so many details. George is right, I'd better get away and a
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come on, my Little fear
Emma I felt a little reluctant to follow Ms. Crawford. What gave me some comfort was knowing that Henry would be back the next day. But I couldn't help feeling out of place in that house. Why does a single family need so much space? My whole old gang could live comfortably in this place. "How do you like it here? "Georgiana Crawford asked as we walked up the stairs. "It's a beautiful place "I commented "but I don't know it well enough to form an opinion. "I'll introduce you to everything "she opened a door "But for now, you can settle in here. Your quarters. "Really? "I looked around. My room at the inn was spacious and simple, but I didn't even know where to begin to describe this place. I walked over to an armchair next to the bed and put my suitcase there. "Perhaps you'd like to change," the young lady suggested. "It's still early, I can introduce you to the house and gardens until dinner time. I felt my face flush at the suggestion. Change your clothes? How can I, if this
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