My Master is a Boy-witch

My Master is a Boy-witch

By:  Periwinkle  Ongoing
Language: English
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Just like a typical stepfamily gone bad story, Abby was forced to live a life of destitute after her stepmother and step-siblings runaway and took all of her money.Buried in debt that was left to her by her cold-blooded family, she was left with no choice but to go in hiding.Until one stormy night, by some stroke of magical faith, she met Eugene. A warlock who offered her a chance to work for him.Little did she know that her apprenticeship would not only change her life.But it would also turn her entire world, upside down!***A story of love, hope, magic, and adventure all packed together!This is not your ordinary love story!You don't believe me???Then try it out first, and see for yourself...

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Julia Nora
keep going, i can't wait for the next chapter! 😆 if you have any socmed to keep up with your readers, please let me know :) thanks
2021-07-16 19:57:55
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Mandi May Snelling
highly recommend this story! its a nice change from all the werewolf ones.
2020-12-25 07:14:30
user avatar
The twist is interesting!
2020-09-17 11:03:16
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Erika Delevine
Added to my library. The cover grabbed my attention & I'm glad I clicked on it. Looking forward to reading the rest <3
2020-09-15 01:21:26
user avatar
definitely well written!
2020-09-15 00:44:21
user avatar
Nice story
2020-09-10 15:30:09
user avatar
Nice book cover ever! Like it
2020-08-21 11:06:45
user avatar
Hildegard VonHeadache
Needs continuity fixed, bit of grammar issues, the language seems forced at times. Someone with editing skills should be able to make it readable. The bones are there just needs fleshing out.
2021-09-14 14:10:35
465 Chapters
It was such a splendid, Sunday morning. People were walking around the places, minding their own businesses. There were families as they made their way to the church to spend their family-day for that week. Whilst others were groups of friends having a get to together or something after a long stressful week of studying or working. Of course, there were couples who were enjoying their dates too, like love birds that were at large! The place was bustling with activities. At one of the exquisite-looking store that was located at the far end corner of the street, a young lady could be seen standing just before its transparent, yet squeaky clean glass pane. The lady was simply admiring the snow-ball toy glass ball that was displayed in the store. She was wearing a red Santa cap to match her cute elf costume. That was desp
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 Instead of helping Abby to get on her feet, the two sisters only sneered on her. Meanwhile, Abby chose to remain laid on her backIt was as though the combination of frustration and embarrassment was weighing her down and so she stayed lying on the ground for a while; mulling over the reason why she had to endure all of this humiliation and unfair treatment of her family towards her. She inhaled deeply to calm her nerves but that only made her cough hard instead. Because apparently she also accidentally inhaled some from the flavored drink that was spilled on her face. "Are you okay???" Out from the blinding ray of the sun that hung high above the bright sky, a face suddenly peaked and blocked Abby's sight. It was the face of the most handsome man in the town; no other than, Bryan, himself "OMG! I need to put this on my vlog..." Clara sai
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 After that small incident at the streetside, Abby's life went on as usual as well as the others. At the same time, she no longer had a chance to meet Bryan's again nor his elitist and snob girlfriend, Candice, ever since that particular day. But nonetheless, that also worked to her advantage. Because wherever Bryan was around, it would also only spell trouble for Abby. First of all, Bryan came in pair with his girlfriend. Besides, it was not only Candice's presence that Abby should be wary about, if ever. Mara and Clara would certainly be within the scene once Brayn came into the picture. ANYWAYS! Abby already had enough on her plate. She already had a lot of things to worry about as it was from the beginning of time. So the thing about Bryan's ruined shoe nor her 'Frappe Girl' video going viral on
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After having her clothes changed to a fresh one, Abby came back on the first floor to check their kitchen and see if there was still something left for her. Because there were a few occasions when her family would purposely leave her out with nothing to eat, even a single morsel of anything. "How dare you just waltz in here after a night out of the town???" Her Aunt Sarah's voice sounded from behind her. For some reason, the other party was using her heavily accented and sophisticated voice as though she was some sort of royalty. The other party still held that same glass of wine on her right hand just like how Abby saw her when she arrived a couple of minutes ago. "Err??? I've been working." Abby replied flatly as she stated the obvious matter. It was not like she was having a nightlife outside??! Besides, it wa
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  "Oh by the way... Aren't you forgetting something???" Aunt Sarah suddenly asked Abby as she presented her open palm in front of Abby's face "We all have to contribute.." She added while waiting for Abby to hand her what she wanted. "Remind me how we are all contributing again???" Abby, on the other hand, could not help but leave a sarcastic remark as she handed to her stepmom her hard-earned money. "You. Are. So. UNGRATEFUL!" Aunt Sarah said that word by word to rebuke Abby's comment. "And how am I ungrateful?! I worked six hours a day at Santa Land. I do holiday singing grams every nigh---" "Quit bragging at my face?!!!" Aunt Sarah refuted her and shouted at her face but unlike before, it was not able to shut Abby up.It seemed that Abby cou
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"For your 25, 000-dollar question, what is the name of the plant that could turn the one who devoured them into some sort of zombie and control its minds???" A. OphiocordycepsB. Wolf's BaneC. Pigweedor D. Resurrecting Plant The bald game show master asked Abby. His extremely white teeth made a great contrast with his dark skin as he smiled at her. Abby at the moment was playing as a contestant at what seemed to be a game show where one would have to answer some questions that were prepared beforehand. Rewards were also decided prior to the start of the game and every correct answer would allow the player to get a specific amount of money. "Was there really a plant capable of doing that? FOR REAL?!!!" Abby asked the game master in return. "Yes, dear. And you have to get the right answer for you
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 Abby had thought about going back to her bed and resumed her sleep but then she remembered that today was her special day! "I am 18 now!!!! This is the day that I have been waiting for." She said as she bolted up straight from her bed. Without even bothering to wash her face or at least combed her hair and fix its hot mess, Abby immediately ran towards her door. But to her surprise, the door seemed lock from the outside! And no matter how hard she tried to push nor heave the door, it just simply would not budge. That was when Abby started to had a bad feeling. "What was wrong with this door?!! Hey! Let me out of here!!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, hoping that it would catch the attention of anyone from the other side of the door, but her efforts had only gone to naught.  ... SI
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Abby briefly dusted herself before running towards their front door. It was left open! "Aunt Sarah???! Mara? Clara?!! Hello?!!!!! Anyone in here? Where are you????" She called out and went to check each of their room but there was no one. Even their closets were empty. "They left me?!!!! Did they run away from home???" When this thought crossed Abby's mind, she started to break into a cold sweat and so without wasting another minute of her time, she took a pair of slippers and immediately dashed to the road. To her haste, she no longer noticed that the pair of slippers that she was wearing were mismatched.  The road was still wet due fro the previous rain and while Abby was running along with the traffic, a car that passed by her accidentally splashed water towards her direction. "HOLY SHEEP!!!"&n
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As Abby made her way back to their house, she could not help but notice how the route seemed to become farther than it previously was. She felt as though she spent a long time walking back home compared to the time that she actually took when she traveled from their house going to the bank. It might sound weird but that was what she could observe so far. Perhaps it was due to the mixture of exhaustion and disappointment that had finally taken a toll on her. But nonetheless, after a while of walking, she still arrived at the front door of their house. The house itself looked exactly the same just like how it was before. The only difference though was that it was now empty. There was no Aunt Sarah to boss her around nor no annoying Mara and Clara sisters to make fun of her. It was only then that everything that happened had finally sunk in at Abby. 
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"Mister... Please, understand my situation as well. As much as I wanted to pay you, I really don't have even a single penny with me right now." Abby pleaded with all earnestly as she tried to make the old man see some sense. Yet her plea only fell on deaf ears. "NO! Give me your money or I swear I will make it sure that you will spend the rest of your dear life inside the cell." "Sir, please. I'm begging you. Please give me some time. I'll look for Aunt Sarah and once I found them, we will pay you back right away. If you want even with interest on top of that." Abby bargained but the other party was really a tough nut to crack "NO WAY! I am certain that you are just trying to dope me exactly like how that filthy wench mother of yours had done to me before. If you guys think that I would fall for the same trick again, you are all wrong! HUH! I am not a pushover!" 
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