The Shambala Chronicles

The Shambala Chronicles

By:  N Chandra  Completed
Language: English
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In a previous Earth of the bygone era. The creatures of the legends walked alongside man. Wizards, witches, sorcerers, and a host of other beings shared our world.The world was divided into 5 continents ruled by some of the greatest nations.The most powerful among these empires was the Vatasya kingdom. Ruled by the ruthless and powerful King Tarekdeo.He had upsurped several kingdoms he is looking for the princess Toshani.The crown Prince Rudra has been assigned with the task of finding her. He has secret of his own. Toshani was his former love. Maya was a warrior who have vowed to kill the tyrant king Tarekdeo and finish his rule. She had lost her family as well as her memory during the raid on her village. When Rudra and Maya came face to face he was shocked by her resemblance to Toshani. However Maya vehemently denied being the lost princess. She couldn't resist him nor his wicked ways.

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Ashish Singhal
Very good story. Interesting and Enchanting
2021-09-26 01:50:24
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Julia Nora
i enjoyed this book a lot. good job author-nim. by the way, if you have any social media that I can follow, please kindly let me know :) thank youuu
2021-07-15 11:08:51
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NAJ Ali Khan
An enthralling plot and a great choice of words..
2020-12-31 19:05:17
user avatar
Thoroughly researched work...
2020-12-02 13:30:43
user avatar
N Chandra
Thanks to all the readers whoever are reading this story, please give me feedback and reviews in comments. To let me know if it's good or bad. I would appreciate all feedbacks to improve my writing :)
2020-11-07 19:07:45
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Hilda du Toit
Easy reading especially if English is not your first language. It is a combination of mystery and fantasy.
2020-09-26 02:10:52
user avatar
The first chapter actually took me back in history about what crime used to take place. I am thankful to god that this world is better comparatively. but we still have lot to improve. Any way I must appreciate writer to bring that type of feeling in the hearts of reader. keep writing.
2020-08-26 18:25:40
user avatar
Amazing! Waiting to read more please update
2020-08-26 18:11:53
80 Chapters
The universe goes through a constant cycle of creation and destruction. It is called Mahapralay.Similarly, the Earth also goes through cycles of creation and destruction. This story is set in one of the previous Earth cycles when legendary creatures like witches, sorcerers, dragons lived alongside humans.The Earth was divided into 5 continents and ruled by powerful nations.Among them, there was a tranquil beautiful nation of Shambhala. It was said to be the oldest. Blessed by the Creator God Brahma himself.It was here that Sage Kashyap and his 13 wives gave birth to the first beings.Kashyap married thirteen daughters of the celestial king Daksha: Aditi, Diti, Kadru, Danu, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, Vishva and Manu.Aditi gave birth to the Gods, the celestial beings. Diti gave birth to the Asuras the monsters. Similarly, different beings originated from different wives.Several millennia later Shambhala continued to remain "The source" for it had th
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Chapter 1 - The battle of Shambala
The pristine capital city of Shambala was burning. War had been brewing for many months but none, not even the oracle Shrushaw, believed there was a risk of its downfall.The king of Shambala, Sachihiro was kind, just, and relied too much on the kindness of "neighbors", he thought they would honor the peace agreement.Sachihero had 2 daughters both beautiful and pure like the moon.The Elder one was called Revati, she was 21 and recently married to Prince Aditya of Lorna.The younger one was just 16-year-old Toshani.Right now, she was shaking with terror as she gazed at the burning city from her balcony.A strange whistling noise could be heard from far away. " Arrows!" She thought.She ducked down immediately as a rain of arrows struck where she was standing moments ago.She crawled back indoors to avoid getting struck again. Leaning against the door she sobbed as her world crumbled around her."Quick Toshani! dress in your darkest clothes, take your bow and arrows, and meet your mo
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Chapter 2 - Losing everything
It was a crazy scene. The city was burning, people were screaming, and the wind was whipping around Toshani.They had only gone a hundred meters before a scream pierced the night. Toshani stopped, recognizing her mother's cry of anguish. Toshani was unable to move from panic- until she heard a roar. her father roared into the night before silence fell. "Princess we need to move." The Oracle said." parents." She cried."They sacrificed their lives for you. Let it not go to waste your highness." The oracle said."Let go of me..." Toshani screeched but was muffled when a large hand covered her mouth."Princess you must be quiet, or you will get us killed!" said Manas, placing a viselike grip on her arm."They are hurt, captain! I must go back... we must try and save them" Toshani sobbed, trying to pry his grip from her arm."The king knew what he was doing and accepted the danger. My mission is to get you to safety princess... I gave your mother my word" said the captain, as he
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Chapter 3 - The wild princess
6 months earlier -The kingdom of Shambala had a peculiar climate. It had snow-covered mountain peaks, vast grasslands, thick woodlands, and a perfectly sunny coastline.It shared its border with the Vatsaya kingdom in the west, Karoliya in the North, and Anatolia in the east. The south side had the sea. Shambala had important seaports and it was on an incredibly significant trade route. Ships from various places regularly docked at Shambala adding to its prosperity. Some people said it was because of the power of mother goddess Aditi that made Shambala so tranquil and prosperous. Her mysterious source lay somewhere in Shambala.The palace in the capital city of Kushan was in an uproar. Queen Kalita was agitated. The first of the suitor princes was supposed to arrive shortly. It was the tradition in Shambala and several other kingdoms that when a princess had too many suitors or she had not chosen anyone on her own. A svyamvar was organized, were princes or kings from various nations
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Chapter 4 - Rudra
Prince Rudra yawned as he rode along with his brother Anbir, and the entourage of about 50 soldiers and staff. He was not really interested in the Svayamvaar of princess Revati.He was just 18, too young to participate anyway. His half-brother Anbir was one of the contestants. Rudra had just tagged along to give him company.Anbir's mother the former queen had died years ago. The current queen of Vatsaya and Rudra's mother was Queen Chitralekha."Rudra are you sleepy? We can take a break if you wish." Anbir said.At twenty-two, Anbir stood a good six feet one inch tall, only an inch taller than his dad. His body was lean and muscular from his active life. Hunting, riding, and sword training filled his day, as studies in politics, arithmetic, reading, and writing filled his night.King Tarekdeo doted on Anbir; it is said he deeply loved his former queen Jyoti until a mysterious illness took her away.He was never the same after that. He used to wander alone in the woods, caves, met seve
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Chapter 5 - The tree climbing princess
Rudra and his entourage were now in the capital city of Kushan, the home of the royal family, and therefore the capital of the Shambala Kingdom. Looming marble towers grew from the city's center like white tree trunks into the heavens. The streets were lined with old trees and bright flowers. The finest artists and craftsmen worked along with them in grand shops and houses. Endless gardens sprawled across the city, interspersed with inns, eateries, and tea houses that took the form of gazebos and houses.People walking around looked happy and content. The palace had architecture like no other in the district. Several centuries earlier the royal family of Shambala had shipped in an architect from an overseas city. They wanted something exotic to inspire awe in the population. So instead of the peaks in the roof, it had gold-domed towers. It had an open porch at the front, held up with most ostentatiously detailed pillars, painted in brilliant white and blue. Inside there were no door
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Chapter 6 - The ball
"He's not going to be pleased." Malcolm cast a look over the aftermath of their chaos - a splatter of papers and scrolls.Four knocked out Shambala guards were slumped at the entrance. He exhaled deeply, "This was a mistake.""Perhaps we are in the wrong room?" Gopi said."This is the royal archives room and as per my Information this is where the suitors' challenge had been put," Malcolm said."The prince is not going to be happy," Malcolm said moodily."You're being melodramatic." Gopi a commander, was far more at ease."I don't understand why the prince needs the challenges in advance. He is competent enough to win anyway." Gopi continued."Careful! Any word against the prince would be treason." Malcolm had a stern expression.Gopi rolled his eyes. He was apprehensive about their whole stealing the challenge mission right from the beginning. Anbir had got tipped off by some internal source from Shambala that the blueprint of the challenges was stored in the archives.Hence, he sent
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Chapter 7 - The card game
"Sure, why not? Shall we have stakes?" she answered cheerily, between sorting out her cards."Stakes? How mercenary," Rudra commented, though it was clear that this was meant to be a joke."Certainly. Perhaps, if I win..." He quieted, thinking before his smile returned. "If I win, I'd like you to tell me more about the challenges.""Are you trying to wriggle out information from me to make your brother win?" She asked."I want him to win so that we can be related and get more opportunities to meet." He gave his most dazzling smile which quickened her heartbeat."But that would be duping. Your brother should win fairly." She spoke."Hmmm, perhaps I should change my stakes. How about if I win you tell me just the first challenge?""It's still unfair." She replied." You just need to tell me what the challenge is. I am not asking for the key to solving it. It's still fair." He insisted.She pondered over a moment."Ok. And if I win...I want you to tell me something about you, which no on
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Chapter 8 - Deal
Rudra strode towards the noise which he had heard while playing cards with the princess."Malcolm! What are you doing here?" He asked the Vatsaya guards who were dressed in formals for the party."Prince Rudra! We were just returning from an errand for his highness." Malcolm replied while Gopi rolled his eyes."I think I know what that errand might be," Rudra said wryly.He did not approve of his brother's erratic ways to win the contest. However, Anbir was headstrong and would do whatever he wished."This way he'll get disqualified before the contest commences." Rudra thought.He went back into the party which was wretchedly boring as described by Toshani.At the thought of her, he sought her around in the crowd. She was dancing with someone he did not know, and she had a scowl on her face.He smirked.She was amusing. Though he could not point out why he was so taken with her. It was like being pulled by a magnet. He just watched her glide around the dance floor.He joined his brothe
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Chapter 9 - First contest "The riddle"
"Fifteen contestants, fifteen greatest warriors, princes and kings have gathered here to vie for my daughter's hand" King Suchihero paused."It truly an honor. The ancient system of Svyamvaar was established to choose the best man for a princess. There are 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 continents on this blessed Earth. Hence there would be 5 challenges. They will be revealed as we proceed." The first contest was taking place in a hall which was the size of an average auditorium. There was a central stage where the contestants were seated.The highest pavilion, near it, was filled with the royal family. Then the guests, and courtiers.Rudra shifted in his seat. He was not interested in the contest really. He was scanning the pavilion for Toshani.Anbir bristled in anger having to appear for such a childish contest for the foolish king but he restrained himself. As per his father's order, he had to win.The oracle took over from the king as she approached the stage to brief the contestants a
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